Frederic Mompou: Piano Music, Vol. 6

Frederic Mompou: Piano Music, Vol. 6

by Jordi Masó


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Frederic Mompou: Piano Music, Vol. 6

Catalonian pianist Jordi Masó's complete cycle of Federico Mompou's piano music has consistently displayed the quiet subtlety that is the key to Mompou, and any of the albums in the set can be recommended. This, the sixth and presumably final volume, consists of early, unpublished Mompou pieces that were part of Mompou's personal library and of a collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya. They were composed in the early and middle 1910s when Mompou was in his early twenties. This clearly isn't a place to start with Mompou (the first volume, containing Mompou's late masterpiece "Música callada" [Music That Has Fallen Silent]) would be a reasonable choice). But those hooked on this unclassifiable composer will find much of interest in this collection of short pieces. Some of them were rejected parts or have some other connection with Mompou's early published compositions, but the majority were little experiments in which Mompou pushed against his models. Those included Fauré, and many of the pieces begin with a pure Fauré melody that is diverted into an economical treatment of itself, an entirely delightful effect; Mompou does not so much reject his teacher as quietly comment on him. Another influence, not much discussed by Mompou but apparent in multiple places here, is Erik Satie. Mompou is enamored of parallel harmonies that contain fine shades of color, and check out "Petit cementiri a la tarda" (Little Cemetery in the Evening), track 10, the last of the "Five Impressions" of 1918, which greatly resembles Satie's neo-medieval pieces. If it was not a question of direct influence, it may have at least involved common inspiration. An interesting appendix all in all to Masó's fine set.

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Release Date: 06/28/2011
Label: Naxos
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  1. Les amigues retornen del camp, for piano
  2. Camí de muntanya, for piano
  3. Pastoral salvatge, for piano
  4. Pastoral en la boira, for piano
  5. L'ermita de La Garriga, for piano
  6. Five Impressions (Impressions [set] 2), for piano
  7. Camins de sorra, for piano
  8. Barri de platja (Al mar), for piano
  9. Record de platja, for piano
  10. Les fàbriques prop de la platja, for piano
  11. El plany del captaire (Gitanos), for piano
  12. Ball pla, for piano
  13. Les hores, for piano
  14. Cançó i dansa del pessebre, for piano
  15. Dansa dels tres reis que han caigut del camell, for piano
  16. Estanys de paper de plata, for piano
  17. Dos arabesques, for piano
  18. Preludi, for piano
  19. Work(s): 2 petits preludis. 1. Oració d'ermita
  20. Pensament, for piano
  21. Impressions de muntanya, suite for piano
  22. L'eco, for piano
  23. Montseny, for piano
  24. El camí del jardí, for piano

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