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Free Bird: A Memoir

Free Bird: A Memoir

by Amber White

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A heartfelt memoir about the relationship between a daughter and her drug addicted father. The story spans from the author's earliest chaotic childhood memories into her adulthood and as the story unfolds, so does the author's understanding of her father and herself. In the author's quest to understand her father's destructive, bizarre behavior, she discovers forgiveness, the power of loss, and self-love. The author's perspective is unique in that she pursues a career in law enforcement, arguably in an effort to somehow save her father. The story is told mostly from the author's account, but becomes very powerful when her father's voice is introduced in the form of personal letters. In the end, the author is able to reconcile her past and appreciate that although her father was her biggest saboteur, he was also her greatest teacher.

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ISBN-13: 9781543960600
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 226
File size: 602 KB

About the Author

Amber White is the author of "How to Raise a Juvenile Delinquent." The book's unique perspective on parenting is based on her experiences working as a juvenile probation officer. Her second book, "Freebird" is an honest, heart wrenching portrayal of her own chaotic childhood and the complicated relationship she shared with her drug addicted father. "Freebird" is an inspiring true story about overcoming difficult family dynamics and learning self-love. Amber resides in California with her husband and two children. She hopes her story lends insight and healing to addicts and their loved ones.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 "Kids, get in here!" 1

Chapter 2 Your daddy was like the "Pied Piper" 11

Chapter 3 Mom liked to "rough it" 19

Chapter 4 Dad's favorite sport- fighting with strangers 25

Chapter 5 "Do as I say, not as I do" 29

Chapter 6 Sink or Swim 35

Chapter 7 "Spam" is a food group…Mom is certain of it 43

Chapter 8 Lord of the Flies 49

Chapter 9 The Void Strikes Again 55

Chapter 10 Dad was a drug addict, but he was crazy before that 63

Chapter 11 "I'll love your father till the day I die." 71

Chapter 12 Sometimes the Universe has no mercy 77

Chapter 13 Dad gave me flowers once 83

Chapter 14 Do something…even if it's wrong 91

Chapter 15 "Amber, I'd love you even if you were a hooker with crabs." 97

Chapter 16 Enter Dean, my hero 109

Chapter 17 I think there are two types of people in this world 117

Chapter 18 Triple Crown Winner 129

Chapter 19 Dad led a messy life. No wonder Mom was always cleaning 139

Chapter 20 How can something that feels this good be bad? 145

Chapter 21 Ruminations of a mad man 149

Chapter 22 "You know, I did the best I could with him" 155

Chapter 23 Death Protest 161

Chapter 24 "Juice Talk" 177

Chapter 25 Free Bird 191

Chapter 26 The Hawk 201

Chapter 27 Final Chapter 209

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