by Bob Masters Sr.


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The Vision from the LORD

I was standing on a platform in a huge stadium filled with thousands of young people of every color, race and nationality. The LORD said I was to preach to them the gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. The devil was there and he told me that teens are naturally rebellious and would not be interested in being confined by Christianity and I would be wasting my time. I said, "No, devil, you are a liar and a thief; they need the LORD and I must tell them."

I stepped up to the microphone and said for all to hear, "Jesus loves you and I believe you are worth telling you how you may be set free of sin and have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Do you believe you are worth knowing this? "The entire stadium was totally silent for the longest moment.

Then a solitary voice was heard saying, "Yes." -- and then another "Yes." Then another and another and then "Yes." - "Yes."-  "Yes!"- "Yes!" - "Yes!" as the entire stadium exploded with emphatic agreement.

The world is that stadium and those who read this book and all who believe in the LORD Jesus Christ are those who the LORD says are worth His dying for them. "Yes, you are worth it!" Jesus welcomes you to enjoy your adventure with Him into eternity. 

This writer is proud of you. God bless you richly from Brother Bob, graduate of Holmes College of the Bible, Greenville, S.C., with a Bachelor's degree in Bible and Missions, and 32 years experience teaching weekly teen Bible studies.

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