Free Solar Powered Cars: How To Win, Win, Win

Free Solar Powered Cars: How To Win, Win, Win

by Michael Mathiesen


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Free Solar Powered Cars: How To Win, Win, Win by Michael Mathiesen

Free Solar-Powered Cars - How to Win, Win, Win means that when you go with a Solar-Powered car, you win, the country wins and the planet wins. - For More Info.

Because the cost of solar energy electric generation has come down in price, today anyone can afford one on their roof. Not only that but the entire system is free if your electric bills are higher than around $75 Per Month - what the vast majority of us are paying currently especially if we own a larger home and/or have a family.

What's even better is that the cost of electric vehicles has also come down in price so that they compete easily with the gas-guzzlers of yester-year technology. No more huge repair costs to maintain a gas-guzzler, and the government rebates, once again make the cost of owning a solar-powered car more than affordable and in fact, if you are in the market for a new car today and you stubbornly choose a gas-guzzler, you are making one of the worst economic decisions in your life.

Why would anyone want to continue to pay for gasoline that is constantly going up in price and is also poisoning our planet when you could just as easily own an electric vehicle where there is no cost to drive it - NONE - and you are helping to reverse the worst climate disaster in history and thereby helping to save our planet?

We prove to the readers of this book in undeniable facts that running around in a solar-powered car is now a huge benefit and it saves the average homeowner at least $500 to $1,000 per month. No cost to own one of these systems and start saving this kind of money each month.

Why would that be a difficult decision. Oh, and adding one more item to the long list of benefits covered here in this book. Imagine all of the intangible savings to you in terms of time saved because with a solar-powered car, you are going to get preferential parking spots, you will get onto the Diamond Lanes too that saves you time moving about the community AND Uncle Sam wants to PAY YOU to achieve all of these benefits.

If you optionally choose to join our business - the sunniest and happiest business in the world - because w'ere doing so much good for our community, our planet, our customers - the sky is also the limit in terms of how much money you can earn.

Solar today can not only buy you a new car for free, provide you with a completely free cost per mile, cut your electric bills in half or more - but it can also pay off your mortgage. If you're like most Americans you want to get started today. This book is your introduction into a completely new economy and a completely new kind of financial and energy independence. That's why we call it a Win, Win, Win.

The dream of free energy has finally arrived, but you need to learn how and why you want to make your move today. In this world nothing this good lasts for long. It could easily become more difficult to get as Free Electric Car or Free Solar Power for your home in the very near future due to incredibly inept leadership in Congress. You never know when they may be convinced by Big Oil to take some of these benefits away from the American people. As of the publishing of this book, these benefits are all in play. Solar Power Tax credits of 30% paid to you by the U.S. Treasury and an Electric Car tax credit of $7,500 and more credits coming from many of the states.

All these things make driving a solar-powered car today a thing of real beauty and life-long enjoyment as you sail past all of the gas pumps for the rest of your life and pay the smallest of electric utility bills at home if at all - making for a positive kind of energy in your home, an energy that could also propel you to make millions as you become as big a Solar Energy Fanatic as myself. Don't worry - although contagious - extremely healthy and rewarding.

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Pages: 58
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