Free To Fly

Free To Fly

by Rev Dempsey Harshaw


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Free To Fly by Rev Dempsey Harshaw

As Gandhi did with a people for you there is an unfolding discovery of your full and absolute ownership of your world. From a Biblical view point, discovering why responsibility and its consequenses was created. That there is nothing to resist because all is actually an illusion; nothing is real but you the beleiver-Consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781452532479
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/23/2011
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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By Dempsey Harshaw

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2011 Rev Dempsey Harshaw
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3247-9

Chapter One


The story below is about a man I consciously created to appear in my world in Palm Springs. My brief experience with him has been a continual reminder as to the real meaning of freedom, well-being, abundance, and who I am. I cannot tell you in words the deep effect this experience had on me at the time—has on me still. But, it is my full and complete joy to attempt to do so.

Over a period of about five years, I was the general contractor for some dear friends remodeling their Palm Springs homes. The project necessitated periodic trips from my home in Santa Cruz County. My friends were extremely instrumental in supporting me, not only emotionally at the time with huge changes happening in my life, but also with years of constant spiritual support and instruction.

The last time I went to Palm Springs to work, I got sick and decided to take some medication that I had taken before to help me out. The short story is I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and began to experience symptoms of vasculitis. I began to break out with blood boils and blisters all over my legs and upper body. I could barely walk without tremendous pain.

I continued to try to work between seeing many doctors and going to the emergency room. Each doctor gave me a small dose of prednisone, but none provided a high enough dose to resolve the building inflammation.

One day while waiting for a new prescription to be filled, I drove a few hundred feet from the pharmacy to a fast-food place to grab a salad. A man wearing a filthy jacket sat atop an unzipped, pinkish sleeping bag against the wall near the restaurant door. Dark blotches covered most of his skin, as if he'd been in a smoky fire and gotten residue all over what I assumed was Caucasian skin.

As I passed by, his smile revealed darkly stained, broken, and missing teeth. "It's been kind of cold lately," he said cheerfully and with a slight Southern accent.

Without wanting to connect with him I replied, "Yeah, it's been pretty cold." I went on inside and got my salad and came back out, intending to pass him by. I was preoccupied, thinking about eating my salad in my truck while listening to some music and then picking up my prescription. But that's not what I did. Instead, without any seeming conscious plan to do so, I walked over and handed him my change.

"Thank you," he said, again in that cheerful, warm, kind voice.

"You're welcome," I said and turned to walk away.

I was only a couple of steps away when I heard him say with an upbeat, fluxionally toned and rhythmic quality to his words, "I'm doin' the best I can."

Something in his tone of voice seemed to indicate that he wasn't saying it to make excuses to me. He just wanted to let me know he was honestly OK with himself. It was very powerful. With a quick and slight turn of my head, I called back to him, "I know." I walked two or three more steps and had an experience that I really don't know how to convey fully. It was as if everything I was and everything that was in me stopped. I became deeply and powerfully aware of what the man was saying. I was connected to him beyond any possible comprehension.

This time, before I spoke to him, I turned to look him in the eyes. This time, I said the words with conviction, "I know." At that moment, it was as if the world stood still. I was him, and he was me. Reality had nothing to do with personas or appearances. I was taken deeply into my core. It was a timeless and powerful moment, a moment of complete self-consciousness.

With this man's words reverberating within me, I went to my truck and cried. I cried for joy over the beautiful experience and the honor I had of meeting this wonderful conscious being, who popped into my life so unexpectedly and who had such a profound effect on me.

I carried this moment with me for months. At times, I cried again, newly amazed by that moment and all it said to me. His words, "I'm doin' the best I can," told me that man was at peace—rich, living in abundance with all that he needed. He was perfectly fine. It was a moment that was as authentic as it gets. He simply and freely wanted me to know that all was well, that he was just fine, and that, on a deeper level, he knew who he was. And that was all he needed.

I am in love with this moment. I often refer to this man as the dear angel I created to be there just for me. I am in appreciation for this moment.

Chapter Two


Consciousness is all there is. It is all you really are. From the very beginning of infancy, Consciousness is. Consciousness is your life. It is probably never more obvious than to those watching a small child's spontaneous emerging awareness that pure consciousness is all we are. As a child, everything is about you, and everything that you experience is known in relationship to you. A child's simplistic nature of awareness is who you are and in no way implies an absence of maturity. As we accept the notion that a child experiences themselves as the center of its universe, so this is true of you. It is the reality of who you are and who you always will be.

I was brought up from a very early age with a belief in a loving God. This was expressed not only in the words of my father but by his loving actions toward me. Often, as my father laid me down to sleep, he would tell me stories of his childhood and how he felt and understood God through biblical stories a child could understand. A child's goodnight prayer was spoken with the words, "I love you," before he left the room. This was the consciousness that was. It was felt, known, and experienced as me, to me, and through me from a very early age.

Almost every Sunday as a child, I attended a now-popular evangelical branch of Christianity. In my teens, I was deeply into the church's biblical teachings and often attended ever-popular youth events, seminars, rallies, and weekly crusades. I spent a short time in an evangelical ministerial university after I graduated from high school. It was taught that you are fallen from the grace of God and need to be saved, or you will go to eternal Hell. The Hell wasn't always greatly emphasized, but it was slipped in and given as the reason that one needed to be saved. I am not saying any of this to denounce another's beliefs or teachings; it is not my intent or my calling to do so.

I constantly experienced myself as falling so short with what was being presented to me from my youth. I was taught that I was saved by Grace and could live eternally happy. I was unable to apply the teachings of Grace to a working, living, and joyful life that I wanted. Joy is the common thread and ultimate desired result of most religions and spiritual teachings. Once again I am not discrediting another's experience.

I left the church in which I was raised and was compelled to look further and deeper for answers that I wanted and felt I needed. I discovered the teachings of a small, Christian-based group. It taught there is only one God and that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were the same one God playing different parts. Or, more precisely, they were perspectives in which one saw this Spirit called God. I began to understand that Jesus was not a third part of a trinity called God. In time, even that became limited in my need and experience, and I decided to forget all of it and just try to live my life the best I could, with all my seeming flaws.

At one point, when I was about thirty-eight or thirty-nine years of age, I decided to just start from the beginning, as if I were the first person on the earth, and see what life was for me. Many inspirational thoughts and insights came to me. There was a very special voice of inspiration that I heard around 1991, which I will share later. It was the first time that I knowingly heard what I have come to call my voice of Consciousness speak to me. Some might understand this as "Spirit Voice."

Around 1989–1992, I would, with a heavy heart and sometimes tearfully lying in bed, sometimes say under my breath, "Jesus, I need you to show me who you really are. I can't let anybody else. I've done that. I need you to show me." I wanted an answer and real help with what I deemed my imperfect human condition. I knew that it wasn't going to come from any of the teachings I had heard, although there were nuggets that I gleamed from everything as I allowed myself to read between the lines. Fourteen or so years later, I finally did get the answer to my question; it was undeniable, obvious, and powerful. I hadn't seen it, though it was staring me in the face.

Over four or five years, with the help and guidance of not only some friends but spiritual teachers, I learned a variety of Eastern philosophies and American Indian teachings. I learned to allow things I had not yet conceived. This was when I was ordained under the Universal Brotherhood by these friends and teachers. I did so at my teacher's encouragement and as my own joy of embracing who I really was.

I am in large part saying all of this about my journey for two reasons. One is that there is an end result that is attempted in these philosophies and, truly, in all philosophies. This end result that they point to is the experience of unlimited and infinite joy and freedom of your being. So, in that respect, I am in agreement with the desired end result. That result is that you are eternal, infinite, and unlimited.

The second reason is to demonstrate the teaching of the belief that unlimited joy and well-being is accomplished with the help of another. That is to say, there is a need for a Savior, a mediator, a sacrifice of some kind, or a denial of the world and flesh. Any of these beliefs in a higher power than you—like nature, the Universe, or any created thing—is a belief in duality. What is known as duality is the belief that there is anything else but one Consciousness, this one life, and absolute, Infinite, and only being. This is what I will refer to as duality. To not have a belief in duality is to say that you are the Divine and that you cannot be separate under any condition from the only Consciousness that you are, that is and only is. I will address this much more in the coming chapters.

I became open to more New Age thought and scientific laws of the Universe and quantum physics. I was reading much at this time, all the while knowing that there was something I had not yet fully seen. But as I said, I began to listen to what I was hearing within me and writing it down. As I heard more within, I also began to trust it more and more, no matter what I heard or how far out of my concept of thought it seemed.

A turning point for me was when I received messages showing me that I was feeling as my experience all of all life through and as me. That meant all life that could have ever been, that was, and that could ever be. I didn't know how to deal with this, yet I knew for certain that it was the Truth. I got messages that all that was called Spirit-Consciousness was who I was. This was wonderful, yet I didn't quite know how to use it to empower myself.

Then I read Robert Scheinfeld's Busting Loose from the Money Game. This was what I would call the cornerstone that brought everything of my conscious journey together.

I won't go into great detail, but he spoke from a quantum physics perspective, showing that everything was created by the power of your consciousness being put into an unlimited energy field. Mr. Scheinfeld states, "... a gigantic Field of intelligent energy that has many names but is most often called The Zero Point field referred to as the field in the scientific community." He continues, "Your consciousness approaches The Field of infinite possibility with the intention to create something and make it appear physical or real in The Human Game amusement park." Although he says you could call this field "beliefs," he calls it, "The field." Scheinfeld claims that nothing was real but your consciousness in your world. And everything that you experience and see is like a holographic illusion, similar to what is seen in the television show and movie Star Trek. He claims that the unlimited power of your consciousness in the infinite field of possibilities creates everything, down to the smallest of particles and including all the laws of physics that allow them to be. He backs this up with a quote from The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot:

"Physicist William Tiller, head of the department of Materials Science at Stanford University and another supporter of the holographic idea, agrees. Tiller thinks reality is similar to the 'holodeck' on the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation." Talbot goes on to say: "Tiller thinks the universe is also a kind of holodeck created by the 'integration' of all living things. 'We've created it as a vehicle of experience and we've created the laws that govern it. And when we get to the frontiers of our understanding, we can in fact shift the laws so that we're creating the physics as we go along.'"

Scheinfeld, as well as Talbot, are saying that the power of consciousness creates everything in the Universe from nothing. In other words, no thing is actually real.

And yes, one has to be ready and open even to begin to accept that at face value. Fortunately I was, with all that had been revealed by my Consciousness-Spirit Voice.

Scheinfeld states, "All is simply a holographic creation, created by your powerful unlimited consciousness in the field of unlimited possibilities. Even your persona is not real but just a holographic image and not actually who you are." He says that it is, in reality, no more than a magnificent illusion; it simply appears to be so very real, just like on the holodeck. And since you as consciousness are the only actual power and all that is real, there is never a need to try to change any of the holographic appearance of your world. But, when you are triggered by feeling any discomfort from any circumstance that pops up to you by appearing in your holographic world, you feel it as fully as you can and claim your conscious power back from it. Your power of consciousness is the only thing that is real anyway, and the only thing that makes something appear and feel so real. This was the key I was looking for.

In the coming chapters, I have added my own understanding and used and adjusted it according to how I am authentically here designing, playing, and experiencing my life. My Spirit Voice, showing me insights and revealing things to me in my own descriptions, has profoundly given me ownership of my consciousness and world. I do incorporate what Scheinfeld presented but with some different twists, understanding, and revelations. For instance, what he calls "the field," I call consciousness believing, and that will be explained in the coming chapters.

I am tremendously appreciative to Scheinfeld and how he has supported me on my journey and experience. There is a comprehensive and detailed explanation and what he refers to as "the process," as well as support in a quantum physics approach to consciousness and reality in his book, which I highly recommend.

As I said in the preface, the Toltec and Hindus did not need physics to expand their consciousness and open up to this world being a dream state, as well as the physical world called Maya being the illusion. Even if all of this is a stretch, simply know that all that is real and infinitely real is consciousness. Consciousness is felt and experienced.

Since consciousness is all there is, it is all you really are. This allows complete ownership of all you feel, all you experience, and your entire world. Get ready for ownership, and appreciate your openness to receive all that you really are.

Chapter Three


Ownership is absolutely fundamental to what is presented here. There are many perspectives that I lay out for you to embrace consciousness as who you are and what is and is not real. Yet with the many perceptions that are given, understand, it has actually been purposely kept conservative in the explanation of expression.

Ownership, Oneness, and Unity go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. They are inseparable, for they are really all the same thing. They are perspectives of the one idea. I truly think that I first heard the word "ownership" deeply within me, if not the understanding of ownership, after watching on TV, the movie called Gandhi. I realized that the conscious process that I was doing and what Gandhi did with a nation and people were core to the same principle. Gandhi took a people and their nation and did what I call ownership. I will show how Ownership is an important part of my basic premise of being. In Ownership Gandhi never resisted the British. He never took their believed rule of power seriously. He never gave into the belief and assumption that there was a responsibility owed to the British government for the people of India's own land, clothes, salt, and so on.

These qualities or ideas are key to the basic understanding that has been given to me by what I have come to call my Infinite Consciousness that I truly am. Some might call this my Higher Self or Expanded Self. I will relate more of this perspective of self as we go along. If you stay with me and follow this as it opens, I believe that it will become clearer to you all the time. Remember, this is only about what is real and your absolute and unconditional freedom. Is that what you want?

I must explain here that I do hear my true self and inner infinite voice within, my all infinite and only Consciousness, that which I am unto myself. Sometimes, the message is so strong and emphatic that I not only find myself compelled to write it down but it also shows up throughout my experience and understanding. There are just a handful of major key messages that I wish to share, and they are by their real nature very simple. The first one that is part of my foundation is resist nothing. I heard this for the first time when I was in Sedona. I heard it so strongly that I was compelled to say it to a particular individual there for their support.

The second one is there is nothing to take seriously. Or, as I sometimes say it, there is not a thing to take seriously.


Excerpted from FREE to FLY by Dempsey Harshaw Copyright © 2011 by Rev Dempsey Harshaw. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


My Unnamed Angel....................1
A Journey of Consciousness....................5
Claiming Your Power The Prodigal Son....................33
The Myth of Ego....................43
Reality and Truth....................49
Letters of Infinite Consciousness....................59
Nothing Is Real....................67
Additional Letters of Consciousness....................79
Walking on Water....................85
Your Feelings, Your Experience....................95
You Are not a Singularity....................99
Final Statement....................107
Books of Reference....................113

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