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Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act

by Susan Dudley Gold

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Kris Sauer
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), passed into law in 1966, was a key piece of legislation that had, and continues to have, a lasting impact on the ability of a nation's people to stay informed of what its government has been or is doing. While Congress is required to publish its activities, neither the Constitution nor any other law until this one in 1966, gave American citizens access to the activities of the federal agencies and departments under Executive Branch control. Exempted from FOIA are documents related to national security as well as proceedings of the courts and the president. Passage of the legislation has given consumer advocates, the media, and concerned citizens access to government documents that otherwise would have remained hidden. Requests under the FOIA have led to the exposure of corrupt politicians at all levels of government, and forced corporations to own up to dangerous errors in production from a safety as well as a health and environmental standpoint. Well-written and concise, the text provides the social, legislative and legal background relative to the passage of the act. Part of the ten-title "Landmark Legislation" series, the book offers a glossary between the introduction and first chapter as well as the more traditional bibliography, resources for further research and index at the end. A guide to the legislative process ably summarizes the complexities of how a bill becomes a law, and a substantive notes section complements the work done by this accomplished social studies author of non-fiction texts for students in middle school and beyond. Reviewer: Kris Sauer

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Cavendish, Marshall Corporation
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Landmark Legislation Series
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6.38(w) x 9.09(h) x 0.52(d)
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14 - 17 Years

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