Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever

Freedom: True Freedom Lasts Forever

by Wendy Cohen


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Wendy Cohen, born to atheists shortly after WWII, knew, from her earliest memories, that her parents’ atheism was wrong. Because of ongoing, supernatural, encounters with Jesus, she had a rich, personal relationship with God. Her heart yearned to bring her parents, whose atheism was born from the Holocaust, out of their darkness into the light of God’s Love. When she was six years old, she promised the

LORD she would do that. Within months, her world was demolished. Left with a babysitter who practiced Satanic Ritual Abuse, she spent two weeks, within a coven, watching people be tortured to death. Somehow, at that early age, she realized that the same spiritual force that created Naziism had created this death cult. She promised God to do her part to end this horrible nightmare.

After a lifetime spent in the arts, including theatre, music, writing, and teaching the above, it has finally come time for her to testify of her recovery, and to offer God’s hand of help, as she experienced it, to others. She hopes this book will open doors for much healing. Wendy pastors through an Assembly of God church, and works internationally, encouraging Christian visual and performing artists to enhance the intimacy of their personal relationships with the LORD. For information on her work as a musician, on her international arts center, and on her other work with artists, please contact her at

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ISBN-13: 9781647733087
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Pages: 354
Sales rank: 947,134
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