Freedom. You Can Handle It. But hurry!

Freedom. You Can Handle It. But hurry!

by Gary L. Henderson

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The United States has been moving away from Constitutional government for a hundred years, and now appears to be on the brink of a headlong rush into socialism. The American Dream is about to evaporate. What can be done? "Freedom... You Can Handle It" sketches that dream, reviews the Constitution, describes various ways that founding document has been violated and ignored, and encourages the states to take their proper role in protecting their citizens from a rogue federal government. Sprinkled with quotations from the founders, it is especially written for those recently arrived in America and those who missed the basics of freedom in their educational journey.

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ISBN-13: 9781937975029
Publisher: RNWC Media LLC
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 72
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About the Author

Gary Henderson was not born in Texas, but he got there as quickly as he could. A Christian, technologist, writer, software consultant, artist, family man, photographer, videographer, and banjo picker, he's just a man who loves his country and, like George Washington, wants to preserve the freedom of America for the "unborn millions" yet to come.

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THE DREAM But what is that? What are we about to lose? What do we have that is so special, that no other country has ever had? We created a country based on the idea that your life, your freedom, and your ability to pursue your own plans and dreams and goals are the most important things. The job of the government is to protect your rights and that freedom, so you can safely do whatever you want — learn skills, create a business, travel, live where you want, raise a family, teach your children, help your neighbors, follow your dreams, build cities, absolutely whatever you want to do, as long as you respect the rights and freedom of others to do the same. The job of the government in America is not to control your family, your business, your travel, your education, your healthcare, or your choices of what to eat or drink or say or think or do. None of that is their business. That’s the dream. Freedom. That’s what they fought for, and delivered into our care. It’s never happened before. If we lose it, it may never happen again. Part of the dream is that you are free to follow whatever religion you wish, and that you have the right to the property, the things and places, that you build or acquire by your own honest efforts. We also believe that about the person next to you. So you have the responsibility to allow them – the people around you -- that freedom, just as they allow you your freedom. This means you can’t do things that wrongly take away their freedom, or their life, or their property, and they can’t take away yours. And the role of government is to protect these rights for you; nothing more. In order to protect those rights for you, government has to have laws and the ability to punish people who harm you. So we elect people to make those laws for us, and we need the courts and the police to enforce them. In order to keep other nations from taking these freedoms from us, we need a strong military. That’s it. But what’s so special about all that? No other nation on Earth believes it. Essentially every other country believes that the state or the ruler or the central government is the most important thing, and that you must do what they say. Some countries believe their religion is the most important thing, and will kill people who choose another religion. We don’t. Your freedom is the most important thing, and the only reason to have government is to protect it. That’s why people come to America any way they can get here, and people do not very often leave America to go live anywhere else. Now, look around you. Is your government doing everything it can to control you, or everything it can to protect your freedom so you can live your life as you please? Where does it say this? Where is it written that your freedom is the most important thing, and that the job of the government is to protect your freedom and your rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? The Declaration of Independence, the founding document of this great country. Read it again; it’s all there. A couple of other things are required, for this to work. The government has to be strong, but controlled. So the people that make the laws have to do only what we want – they can only do things with “the consent of the governed” – rather than trying to control us, making us do what they want instead of what we choose ourselves. And to prevent a single person or group from taking control, we have to divide the power: the people who make the laws cannot be the same people who enforce the laws, and neither of those can also be the people who act as judges when we are accused of breaking them. This is called “separation of powers.” The core idea behind all of this is that we are in charge, not the government. They work for us. “Sovereignty” is not in Washington, or in the capitol of your state, but in you and me, in the people. Any time we want to do so, we can change the government and do something else, just like they did in 1776. No other country has that idea built into their system, that requirement that the people must have authority over their “rulers.” England used to, but today an Englishman cannot even defend himself against the criminal who breaks into his home. His rulers won’t let him. Why do we want to lose the dream, and become just another bankrupt, broken, corrupt, socialist state … like all the rest who never had the freedom you have today, or have been careless and let it slip away? When the central government of a country becomes overwhelmingly strong, bad things happen. In the last hundred years or so governments have killed about 100 million of their own citizens. It has happened everywhere else, and it can happen here as well. Why do you think it won’t? We need to get busy. So here are the basic things. This is not hard. The Constitution is easy to understand, and you have as much authority to decide what it means as anyone else. We, “the people,” created the federal government. They work for us. We are in charge, but we don’t directly run things. We elect people to represent us, so we’re not just a mob rushing to fix whatever we’re upset about. This gives everyone time to think before acting. If the government does not obey us, we need to fix that problem. As soon as we can. When we let the same people make the law, and enforce the law, and be the judges when the law is broken (for example, in the regulatory agencies, like Health, Education, and the EPA), it becomes a nightmare. Congress has betrayed us by giving their authority to agencies that are not accountable to us. Men are not angels, as the founders reminded us, so we cannot let any one person or group have such unrestricted power. The primary purpose of the government is to protect our freedom and rights. It is not to tell us how to live our lives. But keeping it within its proper role requires constant attention and effort, and we have not been paying attention. We’re in trouble.

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