Freemasonry: The Reality

Freemasonry: The Reality

by Tobias Churton


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ISBN-13: 9780853183303
Publisher: Allan, Ian Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2009
Pages: 548
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Tobias Churton is a film maker and the founding editor of the magazine Freemasonry Today. He studied theology at Oxford University and created the award-winning documentary series and accompanying book The Gnostics, as well as several other films on Christian doctrine, mysticism, and magical folklore. He lives in Lichfield, Staffordshire and lectures

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements     ii
List of Illustrations     xi
Introduction     xvii
Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge Idea     xx
The Problems of Modernism     xxi
Common Questions and Common Answers     xxvii
The Degrees     1
Emulation Ritual     2
The First Degree - Entered Apprentice     4
The Mason Word     7
The apron     10
The Second Degree - Fellow Craft     18
The Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science     20
The Second Degree Tracing Board     25
The Third Degree     27
Hiram Abif     37
Ishtar and Tammuz     39
The Breeches Bible     41
The Name Hiram Abif in the Bible     43
As High as the Heavens - Entering the Lodge     48
Inside the Lodge     50
The Oldest Known Lodges     54
The 17th Century Symbolic Lodge     58
The Lost Symbolic Lodge     59
The Meaning of 'Acception'     60
The Blazing Star     62
The World's Oldest Artifact of Symbolic Freemasonry?     63
The Oldest Known Symbolic Freemason?     65
Towardsthe Modern Lodge     70
King Solomon     71
Lodge Symbols     75
The Pillars     75
The Letter G and the Blazing Star     80
The Pentagram     80
The Jewels     82
The Ladder     84
The Point within the Circle     85
The Heart     89
The Tools of the Craft     89
On the Square     91
Genesis of Freemasonry     92
The Charges     100
Euclid (c.330-260BC)     103
The Sabian Legacy     106
The Secret of Euclid's 47th Proposition     108
Henry Yevele (b1320-30 - d1400)     109
Attempts to control masons     110
Masons under Attack     116
Masons shall not confederate themselves in Chapiters and Assemblies     117
The Old Charges and Gnostic Lore     120
The Cooke Manuscript     120
Gnostic Traditions     130
The Holy Chapel of St John     140
The Knights Templar and the Freemasons     145
Calcutta, 1824     152
Accepted Freemasonry     155
The London Freemasons Company     156
Nicholas Stone (1586-1647)     159
The Accepcon     161
Elias Ashmole and Robert Moray - A Curious Anomaly - or two     165
Elias Ashmole - Free Mason     167
The Warrington Lodge     172
Randle Holme and Chester's Society of Freemasons     179
Poor Robin's Intelligence     184
Rosicrucians and Accepted Freemasonry     188
British Rosicrucianism     192
A Merchant of Light     197
A Fraternity of Knowledge     198
Cornerstones at the Royal Society?     199
The Mountain of Light     201
The Holy Stone     203
11 March 1682     205
A Holy Mountain of Venison     210
The Scottish Evidence     212
The Schaw Statutes     219
The Schaw Statutes of 1599     222
The Art of Memory     223
Rosslyn     228
The Hoax Begins     229
A Brief Account of the Making of a Myth     234
The Grand Lodge of Scotland     238
Kilwinning     241
The Mason Word     246
The Muses Threnodie and Second Sight     250
The Great Masonic Hijack     254
Accepted Freemasons before Grand Lodge     254
The Takeover     258
Rev James Anderson DD (1679-1739)     262
Momentous Events at the Apple Tree Tavern     265
The Political Background to Anderson's Constitutions     273
John Desaguliers and the Recruitment Drive     274
William Stukeley - in Search of Ancient Mysteries     277
A Change of Dynasty     281
The Arrival of the Duke of Wharton     282
Anderson's Idea of Masonry     288
Jacobites in the Craft     291
The Anderson Revolution     297
The Philosophy of the Constitutions     297
So, were Anderson's Constitutions Heretical or Revolutionary?     309
Edward Jenner     311
Made in Britain for Export     313
The Spread of Freemasonry     314
Freemasonry heads for the Continent     316
Freemasonry in France     318
Hermetic Freemasonry in Europe     325
The Scottish Master     325
The Elect Cohens     328
Rose Croix     329
The Unknown Philosopher     334
Neo-Rosicrucian Orders     338
Freemasonry in Germany     339
Masonic Rosicrucians in Poland      341
Russia     342
A Fecund Marriage     345
Freemasons around the World     347
Belgium     348
Eastern Europe     349
Turkey     353
The Middle East     355
The Far East     358
South America     359
The Caribbean     361
Prince Hall     363
The United States of America     366
Canada     371
Spain     371
Portugal and Greece     373
Africa     374
China     375
Additional Degrees of Freemasonry     377
The Royal Arch     380
The Wonder Working Word     389
Mark Masons' Hall     392
The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons     395
The Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners     395
The Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan in the British Isles and Territories Overseas     396
The Grand Council of the Order of Royal & Select Masters of England and Wales and its Districts and Councils Overseas     396
The Grand Council of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees (St Lawrence the Martyr; Knight of Constantinople; Grand Tilers of Solomon; Red Cross of Babylon; Grand High Priest)     397
The Grand Imperial Conclave for England, Wales and Territories Overseas of the Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine & the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre & of St John the Evangelist     398
The Great Priory of the United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and Provinces Overseas     399
Last Orders     400
Women's Freemasonry     402
Seven Pillars of Wisdom     405
Freemasonry and Religion     411
The Roman Catholic Church     416
The Methodists     425
The Anglican Church     426
The Mysteries of Freemasonry     433
Stone Theology     436
Freemasonry Tomorrow     440
The Image and Status of Freemasonry     440
Another Freemasonry There I See     447
The Future Calls     455
Bibliography     458
Index     462

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