French Cinema in Close-Up: La Vie d'un acteur pour moi

French Cinema in Close-Up: La Vie d'un acteur pour moi

French Cinema in Close-Up: La Vie d'un acteur pour moi

French Cinema in Close-Up: La Vie d'un acteur pour moi


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Illustrated mini dictionary of actors and actresses of the French Cinema.

An insight into French film through its actors: profiles of 175 actors and actresses of the French Cinema, illustrated with caricatures of each actor by Jenny BATLAY and Igor BRATUSEK. - Not just biographies, but personal sketches of the actors and actresses, looking at their personalities, acting, and careers. The book is presented alphabetically in mini-dictionary form, and its contributors include academics from around the world - from universities in Australia, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States - as well as journalists, film curators, and lovers of French cinema, both francophones and Francophiles. It contains a comprehensive alphabetical Index of 2,200 Films - mostly French Films (with their alternative English titles where these were issued), as well as American and European films in which the profiled French actors have appeared. Accurate biographical details (from original records) are provided, including birth names for those actors with a stage name different to their birth names.

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ISBN-13: 9781908420114
Publisher: Phaeton Publishing Limited
Publication date: 04/30/2015
Pages: 452
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.91(d)

About the Author

Dr Michaël Abecassis (DEA Grenoble; D.Lang St Andrews) is a Senior Instructor in French and a College Lecturer at the University of Oxford.
His academic career includes a D.Lang from the University of St Andrews in 2000, in the field of language variation and change in French, concentrating on the Parisian vernacular of 1930s French cinema.
Commenced tutoring French in 1988 in the French Department of Dundee University, and subsequently employed by several British universities (Abertay, Glasgow, Nottingham, Edinburgh, St Andrews, OxfordBrookes). In 1999, Dr Abecassis was appointed both as French Instructor (working mostly in Oxford Language Teaching Centre), and as College Lecturer at the University of Oxford (Christ Church, University, and Wadham Colleges).

Marcelline Block was graduated with a BA from Harvard (magna cum laude) in the History and Literature of France and England and received Certificates in French and Swedish languages and literatures. She received an MA in French from Princeton as well as a Graduate Certificate in the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality.
Currently living in New York, she has taught courses in several departments at Princeton since 2003, including the Departments of French and Italian; the Department of English; the Department of Comparative Literature; the Department of Politics; the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies [formerly known as the Program in the Study of Women and Gender]; and the Program in Visual Art.
Her intellectual interests are 20th century French literature, film theory and women's studies, as well as feminist, psychoanalytic, and trauma theories. She has both French and American citizenship.

Table of Contents

Foreword & Index of Actors;
Profiles of:
Adjani, Isabelle; Aimée, Anouk; Amalric, Matthieu; Anconina, Richard; Ardant, Fanny; Arditi, Pierre; Autran et autresArestrup, Niels; Arletty; Artaud, Antonin; Ascaride, Ariane; Audran, Stéphane; Auteuil, Daniel; Azéma, Sabine; Aznavour, Charles; Bacri, JeanPierre; Baer, Edouard; Balasko, Josiane; Balmer, JeanFrançois; Bardot, Brigitte; Barrault, JeanLouis; Baur, Harry; Baye, Nathalie; Béart, Emmanuelle; Bekhti, Leïla; Belmondo JeanPaul; Berléand, François; Bernhardt, Sarah; Berry, Jules; Berry, Richard; Binoche, Juliette; Blanc, Michel; Blanche, Francis; Blier, Bernard; Bonnaire, Sandrine; Bohringer, Richard; Bohringer, Romane; Boon, Danny; Elmaleh et autresBoujenah, Michel; Bourvil, André; Bouquet, Carol; Bouquet, Michel; Boyer, Charles; Bozzuffi, Marcel; Brasseur, Claude; Brasseur, Pierre; Brel, Jacques; Brialy, JeanClaude; Canet, Guillaume; Carette, Julien; Carmet, Jean; Carrière, JeanClaude; Casarès, Maria; Cassel, Vincent; Chabat, Alain; Chevalier, Maurice; Clavier, Christian; Cluzet, François; Cocteau, Jean; Cotillard, Marion; Coluche; Cornillac, Clovis; Cowl, Darry; Darrieux, Danielle; Dalio, Marcel; Dalle, Béatrice; Darmon, Gérard; Darroussin, JeanPierre; Debbouze, Jamel; De France, Cécile; De Funès, Louis; Delon, Alain; Delpy, Julie; Deneuve, Catherine; Denner, Charles; Depardieu, Gérard; Depardieu, Julie; Devos, Emmanuelle; Dewaere, Patrick; Dreyfus, JeanClaude; Dubas, Marie; Dujardin, Jean; Dupontel, Albert; Duris, Romain; Dussollier, André; Elmaleh, Gad; Fernandel; Feuillère, Edwige; Fossey, Brigitte; Fréhel; Fresnay, Pierre; Frot, Catherine; Gabin, Jean; Gainsbourgh, Charlotte; Galabru, Michel; Garcia, Nicole; Gillain, Marie; Girardot, Annie; Godrèche, Judith; Green, Eva; Guitry, Sacha; Bardot et autresHallyday, Johnny; Hands, Marina; Huppert, Isabelle; Jaoui, Agnès; Jouvet, Louis; Jugnot, Gérard; Kakou, Elie; Karina, Anna; Kiberlain, Sandrine; Lafont, Bernadette; Lambert, Christophe; Léaud, JeanPierre; Lebeau, Madeleine; Ledoux Fernand; Ledoyen, Virginie; Lemercier, Valérie; Le Vigan, Robert; Lhermitte, Thierry; Lindon, Vincent; Lonsdale, Michael; Luchini, Fabrice; Magimel, Benoît; Marais, Jean; Marceau, Sophie; Marielle, JeanPierre; Mesquida, Roxane; Meurisse, Paul; Meylan, Gérard; MiouMiou; Mitchell, Eddy; Montand, Yves; Moreau, Jeanne; Moreau, Yolande; Morel, François; Morgan, Michèle; Noiret, Philippe; Paradis, Vanessa; Philipe, Gérard; Piaf, Edith; Piat, Jean; Piccoli, Michel; Podalydès, Denis; Poiret, Jean; Poelvoorde, Benoît; Préjeant, Albert; Raimu; Reggiani, Serge; Reno, Jean; Richard, Pierre; Riva, Emmanuelle; Rochefort, Jean; Romance, Viviane; Sagnier, Ludivine; Scob, Edith; Seberg, Jean; Seigner, Emmanuelle; Seigner, Mathilde; Serrault, Michel; Seyrig, Delphine; Signoret, Simone; Simon, Michel; Simon, Simone; Tati, Jacques; Tautou, Audrey; Testud, Sylvie; Trintignant, JeanLouis; Vanel, Charles; Ventura, Lino; Vian, Boris; Villeret, Jacques; Weber, Jacques; Wilson, Lambert; Zylberstein, Elsa;
Comprehensive Index of 2,200 Film Titles;
The Editors and Artists, and the 67 International Contributors.

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