French Connections; Networks of Influence

French Connections; Networks of Influence




They were born in the same region, went to the same schools, fought the same battles and made the same mistakes. They share the same morals, the same fantasies of success and the same taste for money Behind the scenes they help each other, boosting careers, monopolizing business and information, making money, conspiring and, why not, becoming Presidents!

Jews and Protestants, former collaborationists and Freemasons, homosexuals and aristocrats, hunters and golfers, they all belong to a network, and sometimes to several. These places of complicity draw a hidden geography of French society. They explain more surely than a press release the decisions, the nominations, the deals that take place.

To write this secret history, Sophie Coignard and Marie-Therese Guichard questioned participants and observers of these secret groups in every milieu and every class. From the mountain red-necks to the brothers of the Mediterranean Coast, from the Charente clan to the new capitalists club, heirs to the thieves cloaks and plotters in priests' robes, they lift the veil from all these subterranean understandings that glue together France.

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ISBN-13: 9781892941022
Publisher: Algora Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/1999
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.99(w) x 8.99(h) x 0.84(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Making It17
The "Red Collars" from the Mountains19
The Chouchen Connection20
The Corsicans' Floor23
Correze, the Capital City of the Presidential Palace30
Chapter 2A Helping Hand37
Neither Rightists Nor Leftists: The Gays39
The Vacillating Gays42
The Good Works of Pierre Berge43
"Maoist Cells" versus "Gay Cells,"45
If All the Gays in the World...46
The President's Jews49
Very Catholic Alliances51
The Universal Law of Pulling Strings53
The "Calf's Brains Right-wing" Against the "Caviar Left,"55
The HSP Isn't What It Used To Be58
Who Goes Hunting?63
The "Make Yourself at Home" Brotherhood65
The "Crocodile Club,"67
"Handicaps" Transformed into Assets69
Chapter 3Socializing Together73
A Place At the Table77
Hen and Chicks80
A Mafia by Birth83
Luxuries, Delicacies, and Antiques88
Chapter 4Making a Career93
A Very Small World97
Little Bankruptcies Between Friends100
The "Miners" Are Always There, in the Background103
The Detergent Gang108
Got A Problem? Dial "3615 Krivine,"112
The Club of Repentant Bruisers116
To the Extreme Right of the Father120
Chapter 5Getting Rich125
Family Scenes133
Food Freemasonry137
"Brothers" at the Coast139
A Flock of Canaries141
Poor Victor Scholecher!142
"Concrete" Lodges148
The Charentais Clan154
Chapter 6Monopolies161
The Rake Technique162
The Young Man with the Address Book165
A Strategy: "Buy at the Bottom,"167
Bosses in Adversity169
Years Go By, Ambroise Roux Remains173
The Bebear Gang175
"Godsons" of the Third Generation178
Our Literary Friends179
The "Salon des Refuses" against the "Club of the Established,"182
The "Torcello Diners,"185
The Real Chic of Risoul187
Chapter 7Conspiracies193
An Odd Duck197
Rifles, No More "Social Psychology"!199
The Fan Strategy202
As for "Models,"207
The Cuckoo Method210
The Reds and the Browns: A Marriage of the Extremes213
A Nasty "Old Crone,"217
Chapter 8Protecting Each Other221
The Plot of the Cassocks222
The Perfume Clan226
On Sinecure Street234
A Funny Sort of Appendix241
The Pen-Pushers' Bunker243
Le Pen, Here We Are248
Chapter 9Militants253
The Left, For Christ256
The Cardinal's Shock Troops261
"Christo-Marxist" Methods265
The Son-in-Law and His Friends268
Catholically Incorrect271
Chapter 10Becoming President
The Stalags as a Hunting Ground278
Protectors with Heart and Protectors with Cash281
Le Pen's Closest Friends285
Juniors at the Elysee288

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