French Finances 1770-1795

French Finances 1770-1795

by J. F. Bosher



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ISBN-13: 9780521077644
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/02/1970
Series: Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History Series
Pages: 386

Table of Contents

Part I. The Central Administration of Finance and How it Worked: 1. Introduction; 2. King and Council; 3. The Minister and his Department; 4. The Accountants and their Caisses; 5. Private Enterprise in Public Finance; 6. The Chamber of Accounts; Part II. The Bureaucratic Revolution: 7. Thoughts of reform; 8. A Decade of Reform (1771–1781); 9. Six years of Reaction (1781–1787); 10. The Financial Crisis of 1787; 11. The Founding of the Modern Treasury; 12. Struggles for Control of the Treasury; 13. Towards a Single Caisse; 14. Nationalizing the Debt; 15. Towards Public Administration; 16. Conclusion.

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