French. Learn the Easy Way

French. Learn the Easy Way

by Jacques Boucher


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Learning to speak French is not a daunting task. It should be a pleasurable effort and one that could bring you enormous rewards. One of the main reasons for which French is an easy language to learn is because it is well organised. This book is dedicated to help you construct the French language from building blocks that I will provide for you. It will also demonstrate how you can "train" your brain to speak French such as a toddler would, and how it is not necessary for you to attend any course to learn to speak the language.

The most fun you will have with learning French is perhaps when you speak to yourself. In fact, I recommend that you do so, on a regular basis. Getting used to the pronunciation of every word is one of the most important things that you can do when learning this language. Besides which, your brain needs to familiarize itself with the sounds of the French language. This "training" is a type of immersion, but one that you can do easily at home in your own time.

Therefore, this book will provide you with the guidelines and assistance that you will need to make your journey into the learning of the language a lot easier and much more effective.

I have perfected and used this self-immersion training system for over 20 years while tutoring English students of various ages in Canada and abroad.

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