French Politicians and Elections, 1951-69

French Politicians and Elections, 1951-69



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ISBN-13: 9780521077095
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 04/02/1970
Pages: 332
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Introduction; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Principal dates; Part I. The Reign of the Parties: 1. The balance-sheet of the Fourth Republic (1958); 2. De Gaulle frustrated (the 1951 election); 3. Antoine Pinay and the revenge of the Right (1952); 4. Pierre Mendès-France and the revolt against conservatism (1953); 5. An old Parliament and a new majority? (1954); 6. 'Throw the rascals out!' (the 1956 election); 7. Political compromise on Seine and Potomac (1957); 8. Provincial, pressure-group and presidential politics (1959); Part II. The Algerian Settlement and the New Regime: 9. The fall of the Fourth Republic (1958); 10. A new political world (the 1958 referendum and election) Martin Harrison; 11. Algerian self-determination (the 1961 referendum); 12. Algerian independence (the April 1962 referendum) Martin Harrison; 13. The General triumphs (the autumn 1962 referendum and election); Part III. The Tribulations of the Left: 14. Cautionary tale for Socialists (1960); 15. The Republican collapse (1958); 16. First signs of recovery (1961); 17. De Gaulle's challenger: Gaston Defferre (1964); 18. The Communist riposte (1965); Part IV. The Struggle for the Succession: 19. Party, presidency and parish pump (the 1965 municipal elections); 20. The rivals emerge (the 1965 presidential election); 21. A precarious majority (the 1967 election) David Goldey; 22. Change in the Conservative west (the 1967 election in a region) David Goldey; 23. A precarious regime: the events of May 1968 David Goldey; 24. The party of fear: the election of June 1968 David Goldey; 25. Gaullism without de Gaulle? The 1969 referendum and presidential election; Index; Maps 1–21; Tables 1–22.

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