French Vanilla & Felonies

French Vanilla & Felonies

by Erin Huss

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From author Erin Huss comes an "uproariously funny" (InD'Tale Magazine) new mystery...

When Cambria Clyne—klutzy, twenty-something single mom—takes the job of an apartment manager at an LA complex, she hopes her run of bad luck is finally coming to an end. She's got a nice home for her daughter, a steady source of income, and the cute maintenance guy is certainly a nice perk! But her luck takes a bad turn again when a dead body turns up, a crime spree takes over the community, and Cambria finds her complex squarely at the center of it all!

With her dream job suddenly on the line, Cambria dons her detective hat to get to the truth—after all, she's watched enough crime shows on TV to know how to catch a perp! Or so she hopes as she wades through a streaker in apartment 40, an ex-con with a shady agenda, an overly frisky retired couple, and the suspiciously sneaky dealings of the dentist in apartment 36. But will Cambria be able to catch a killer... or will she get caught up in his game and lose it all?

Note: A previous edition of this book was released under the title "For Rent."

Cambria Clyne Mysteries:
Strawberry Swirl & Suspicion (prequel short story)
French Vanilla & Felonies (book #1)
Rocky Road & Revenge (book #2)

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BN ID: 2940155097457
Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Series: Cambria Clyne Mysteries , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 107,759
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About the Author

Erin Huss is a blogger and best selling author. She can change a diaper in fifteen seconds flat, is a master overanalyzer, has a gift for making any social situation awkward and yet, somehow, she still has friends. Erin shares hilarious property management horror stories at The Apartment Manager's Blog and her own daily horror stories at She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and five children, where she complains daily about the cost of living but will never do anything about it.

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French Vanilla & Felonies 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite With her livelihood at risk, a novice apartment manager clumsily blunders her way through murder, exhibitionists, relationships, and cartons of ice cream in her desperation to maintain her new position in the hilarious sleuth mystery novel, French Vanilla & Felonies (Cambria Clyne Mysteries Book 1) by Erin Huss. Cambria needs to find a job and a place to live, as she and her small daughter are days away from being evicted from their home. Ignoring the fact that she knows nothing about property management, Cambria takes on the new position of apartment manager. Thrilled with having an income together with a home, Cambria figures she can Google how to run a housing complex. However, things don't go as smoothly as Cambria expects. On her first day, she falls into a dumpster while trying to retrieve a wallet and stumbles onto a dead man. From there, Cambria tackles midnight skinny-dipping, public urinating, illegal trade, and noisy lovemaking. The tenants are not impressed with her skills. They blame her for the calamities that have befallen their community and are threatening to move out. The police don't seem to be convinced of her innocence, and her boss isn't happy with the chaos. Believing the murderer is the culprit for most of her problems, Cambria sets out to unmask him. French Vanilla & Felonies (Cambria Clyne Mysteries Book 1) by Erin Huss is a slapstick comedy involving murder and mayhem. With Cambria, the protagonist, literally stumbling from one absurd situation to the next, the story is laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end. Her personality is lovable, easy to relate to, and quirky. Cambria may be a real klutz, but her clumsy tactlessness mixed with her compassion for others gives her a genuinely human aspect, thus making her a fully fleshed-out character. The story structure is sound, the plot is well-formatted and keeps a nice pace, the story line is engaging, and the story arc is satisfying. The suspense escalates from the beginning and keeps you guessing until the disclosure. All these elements make this a stunning novel and an enjoyable read. It is a fun and entertaining cozy mystery, and will delight those who love amateur sleuth mysteries complete with humor and homicide.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadingInMyFreeTime More than 1 year ago
what a great start to a series. Cambria and the tennants at her apartment complex are fun to read about. can't wait to see what mystery she solves next.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
For Rent (or French Vanilla & Felonies) was a really fun read. Light-hearted, at times ridiculous, with just enough of the feels to string your emotions along a little. Cambria is a struggling single mom. And when she lands the job of a lifetime, she'd do anything to keep it. Bad luck follows her though, and she finds herself under attack (verbally) from the apartment residents that are convinced she's responsible for the recent crime spree in the building. The residents are just beyond belief. They are some of the best secondary characters I've read in a long time. Each is very unique and stands out (some are ridiculous - but it's a comedy so that's ok) and has their own reasons for wanting Cambria gone. But job of a lifetime remember? Cambria's attempts to solve the serious crimes around the building, along with the ones she seems to make up as she goes, never turn out well. And of course, the cute maintenance man is always there to see her fall. The sparks begin to heat up here but they do take a little longer to actually fly than some romances. The mystery part of this book is just as prevalent as the romance and really adds that extra layer to the story. But please remember - this is a comedy - so don't get upset when things go crazy.
Missisue4 More than 1 year ago
In French Vanilla and Felonies by Erin Huss, everything takes place in one spot.....and that is awesome !! You have Cambria Clyne getting a new job as apartment manager for a 39 unit , no make that 40, unit apartment complex and on her first day, she stubbles across a dead body. And the dead body just happens to be a tenant !! So before Cambria is even unpacked and settled in her new apartment that came with the job, everyone in the apartment complex is already leary of her and wondering if she had anything to do with the dead tenant. You cannot help but fall in love with Cambria and feel sorry for her. All she wants to do is have a good job, safe place to live and be able to take care of herself and her three year old that too much to ask for ? Well no is not in her vocabulary and neither is keeping quiet and to As she tries to learn her new job, unpack her belongings and try to seetle in, she finds herself caught up in a lot more than collecting rent and trying to keep the tenants happy. Even though everyone did tell her to stay out of it, she cannot. After all , this is where she is going to live and raise her daughter...she has to make sure its safe !!! You will love how Cambria runs to ice cream to help with every situation. You will love the colorful and assorted tenants that live in the apartment complex. You will love her best friend, Amy, and her "baby daddy" Tom. And you cannot help but like Chase the maintenance guy even if he sucks at the job. But I think the best thing you will like is that the majority of the story keeps you front and center at the apartment complex. You don't have to travel very far for a good story. So grab a drink, a snack and hang out with Cambria.....just don't go into courtyard three......
singneon More than 1 year ago
This is hilarious. Cambria is from the school of too much crime tv show watching. I laughed out loud my way through this fast paced and entertaining mystery as Cambria decides it is her duty to discover whodunnit.
marlenacb More than 1 year ago
Fun, fun, fun! Wacky, quirky characters and an equally wacky plot make "French Vanilla & Felonies" simply entertaining. I must admit, I didn't think the title matched the book very well. This is NOT another one of the cozy mysteries with recipes, but main character Cambria's dive into vats of ice cream as she works out how to solve her problems will have you craving some French vanilla. :D
paytonpuppy More than 1 year ago
I had never read anything by Erin Huss, but really enjoyed this book. Ms. Huss’ writing style reminds me of the Janet Evanovich “Stephanie Plum” character – funny, quirky, witty dialog and an endearing main character who keeps trying no matter what is thrown in her way. Cambria (as she says is pronounced Came-bree-ah) Clyne, a single mother, is in desperate need of a job and a place to live for both herself and her three-year old daughter. She responds to an ad for an on-site apartment manager and the fun begins. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the thoughts that Cambria has and the predicaments that she gets in to as she is dealing with her new job. She meets Chase the handsome maintenance man along with the many quirky tenants of the apartment complex (Joyce, the previous manager is a hoot!). Oh, by the way, there is the dead body that she finds before she can even officially begin her job…oh, well, another day in the life of Cambria. Of course, she is going to try to find out what happened to the dead man, after all, how hard can it be? (lol). I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to give an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
tjbg More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book!
McMary More than 1 year ago
This is the first book of new mystery series called appropriately Cambria Clyne mysteries. The main character is Cambria and she is a single mom who seems to have a lot of bad luck. She thinks her luck has finally changed when she accepts a job as an apartment manager. Great place to live, cute guy and then boom a dead guy. Cambria is a very enjoyable character she is a klutz and her antics and the entire story made me laugh. Definite winner when you can read a good mystery and laugh at it as well. Already looked to see when the next one is coming out!!