Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe: A Field Guide

Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe: A Field Guide

by Gyïrgy Kriska


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This up-to-date guidebook on freshwater invertebrates of the central European region is a richly illustrated work, providing an excellent source of systematic information on freshwater macroinvertebrates. Numerous colour photos and additional vector graphic figures allow readers to identify specific species at a higher taxonomic level (family). The book is supplemented by electronic material including pictures and short video sequences. Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe – A Field Guide is a must-have for all those interested in the freshwater animals of central Europe such as animal scientists and ecologists, as well as students attending classes on freshwater invertebrate.​

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783709115466
Publisher: Springer Vienna
Publication date: 09/13/2013
Edition description: 2013
Pages: 411
Product dimensions: 6.61(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.02(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction of the Book.- Fresh-water invertebrates – Identification key.- Sponges – Spongillidae.- Hydras and jellyfishes – Cnidaria.- Flatworms – Platyhelminthes.- Hairybacks – Gastrotricha, Water bears – Tardigrada.- Rotifers – Rotifera.- Roundworms – Nematoda.- Snails, limpets and mussels – Mollusca.- Segmented worms – Annelida.- Water spiders and mites – Chelicerata.- Crustaceans – Crustacea.- Springtails – Collembola.- Mayflies – Ephemeroptera.- Dragonflies and damselflies – Odonata.- Stoneflies – Plecoptera.- Water bugs – Heteroptera.- Beetles – Coleoptera.- Sialidae, Osmylidae, Sisyridae.- Caddisflies – Trichoptera.- Moths – Lepidoptera.- True flies – Diptera.- Moss animals – Bryozoa.- Captions for photographs.- Identification key for cellular phone.- Glossary.- Bibliography.

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