Freyja Seidrkona

Freyja Seidrkona

by Robert Blumetti


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Freyja Seidrkona is the third book in the series of books Robert Blumetti is writing on the Germanic Gods. Freyja is the most popular of the Germanic Goddess and her worship survived the death of Germanic Heathensim in Northern Europe. For centuries her worshipers were persecuted by Church authorities as "witches" and "devil worshipers." In the pages of this book you will learn of the high place she held in Germanic Heathenism and discover some new ways to look at her. Blumetti explores new perceptions of the Goddess and her place in Germanic Heathenism, based on thirty-six years of scholarship and meditation on all aspects of Germanic Heathenism. Freyja holds a special place in Blumeeti's heart. Thirty-six years ago she appeared to him while in a trance and led him to Odin. The experience was an epiphany that changed his life. Blumetti hopes that after reading this book you too will learn to love and appreciate Freyja as he has all these years.

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ISBN-13: 9781716137860
Publication date: 03/30/2020
Pages: 104
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