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Friction Stir Welding and Processing VIII / Edition 1

Friction Stir Welding and Processing VIII / Edition 1


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119082491
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/30/2015
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Rajiv S. Mishra, University of North Texas.

Murray W. Mahoney, Consultant.

Yutaka Sato, Tohoku University.

Yuri Hovanski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Table of Contents

About the Editors ix

High Temperature Materials I

A Study of Friction Stir Welding for Clad Pipelines 3
T. Katayama, Y. Kisaka, F. Kimura, Y. Sato, and H. Kokawa

Fatigue Assessment of Friction Stir Welded DH36 Steel 11
A. Toumpis, A. Galloway, H. Polezhayeva, and L. Molter

Use of High-Power Diode Laser Arrays for Pre-and Post-Weld Heating during Friction Stir Welding of Steels 21
B. Baker, T. McNelley, M. Matthews, M. Rotter, A. Rubenchik, and S. Wu

High Temperature Materials II

Performance Enhancement of Co-Based Alloy Tool for Friction Stir Welding of Ferritic Steel 39
Y. Sato, M. Miyake, S. Susukida, H. Kokawa, T. Omori, K. Ishida, S. Imano, S. Park, I. Sugimoto, and S. Hirano

Stabilization of the Retained Austenite in Steel by Friction Stir Welding 47
T. Miura, R. Ueji, and H. Fujii

Study of Mechanical Properties and Characterization of Pipe Steel Welded by Hybrid (Friction Stir Weld + Root Arc Weld) Approach 55
Y. Lim, S. Sanderson, M. Mahoney, A. Wasson, D. Fairchild, Y. Wang, and Z. Feng

Improved Temperature and Depth Control during FSW of Copper Canisters Using Feedforward Compensation 69
L. Cederqvist, O. Garpinger, A. Cervin, and I. Nielsen

Friction Stir Welding of Steels Using a Tool Made of Iridium-Containing Nickel Base Superalloy 77
T. Nakazawa, Y. Sato, H. Kokawa, K. Ishida, T. Omori, K. Tanaka, and K. Sakairi

Heat Input and Post Weld Heat Treatment Effects on Reduced-Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel Friction Stir Welds 83
W. Tang, J. Chen, X Yu, D. Frederick, and Z. Feng

Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys

FSW of High Strength 7XXX Aluminum Using Four Process Variants 91
X Huang, J. Scheuring, and A. Reynolds

FSW of Aluminum Tailor Welded Blanks Across Machine Platforms 99
Y. Hovanski, P. Upadhyay, B. Carlson, R. Szymanski, T. Luzanski, and D. Marshall

Natural Aging in Friction Stir Welded 7136-T76 Aluminum Alloy 107
I. Kalemba, C. Hamilton, and S. Dymek

The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Properties of Friction Stir Processed AA7075-0 with and without Nano Alumina Additions 115
M. Refat, A. Abdelmotagaly, M. Ahmed, and I. El-Mahallawi

Dissimilar Materials

Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Lightweight Metals with Addition of Adhesive 127
W. Yuan, K. Shah, B. Ghaffari, and H. Badarinarayan

Dissimilar Aluminum-Steel FSW Lap Joints 137
E. Aldanondo, E. Arruti, J. Garagorri, and A. Echeverría

Fatigue Behavior of Friction Stir Linear Welded Dissimilar Aluminum-to-Magnesium Alloys 145
H. Rao, J. Jordon, W. Yuan, B. Ghaffari, X Su, A. Khosrovaneh, and Y. Lee

Friction Stir Lap Welding of Aluminum - Polymer Using Scribe Technology 153
P. Upadhyay, Y. Hovanski, L. Fifield, and K. Simmons

Friction Stir Scribe Welding of Dissimilar Aluminum to Steel Lap Joints 163
T. Curtis, C. Widener, M. West, B. Jasthi, Y. Hovanski, B. Carlson, R. Szymanski, and W. Bane

Coating Design for Controlling (3 Phase IMC Formation in Dissimilar Al-Mg Metal Welding 171
Y. Wang, L. Wang, J. Robson, B. Al-Zubaidy, and P. Prangnell

Friction Stir Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel to an Aluminum-Copper Alloy 181
S. Babu, S. Panìgrahì, G. Ram, P. Venkitakrishnan, and R. Kumar

Friction Stir Processing

Friction Stir Processing of Direct-Metal-Deposited 4340 Steel 191
B. Jasthì, T. Curtis, C. Widener, M. West, M. Carriker, A. Dasgupta, and R. Ruokolainen

Manufacturing a Surface Composite Material Made of Nanoceramic

Particles of TiC and Aluminum Alloy 7075 by Means of Friction Stir Processing 199
D. Verdera, P. Rey, F. Garcia, and R. Saldano

Microstructural Evaluation of Cold Spray Deposited WC with Subsequent Friction Stir Processing 207
T. Peat, A. Galloway, T. Marrocco, and N. Iqbal

Friction Stir Related Technologies

Friction Stir Welding Technology for Marine Applications 219
J. Martin and S. Wei

Simulations and Measurements

Prediction of Joint Line Movement and Temperatures in Friction Stir Spot Welding of DP 980 Steel 229
M. Miles, U. Karki, T. Lee, and Y. Hovanski

Application of Acoustic Emission as an Effective Tool to Monitor FSW of AA2024-T3 Aluminum Alloy 241
B. Rajaprakash, C. Suresha, and S. Upadhya

On the Material Behavior at Tool/Workpiece Interface during Friction Stir Welding: A CFD Based Numerical Study 251
G. Chen, Q. Shi, and Z. Feng

Friction Stir Welding of AZ3 IB Magnesium Alloy with 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy: Influence of Processing Parameters on Micro structure and Mechanical Properties 259
B. Mansoor, A. Dorbane, G. Ayoub, and A. Imad

Poster Session

Assessment of Friction Stir Weld Quality by Analyzing the Weld Bead Surface Using Both Digital Image Processing and Acoustic Emission Techniques 269
R. Rajashekar, B. Rajaprakash, and S. Upadhya

Development of FSW Simulation Model-Effect of Tool Shape on Plastic Flow 281
Y. Miyake, F. Miyasaka, S. Matsuzawa, S. Murao, K. Mitsufuji, and S. Ogawa

Temperature Distribution and Welding Distortion Measurements after FSW of A16082-T6 Sheets 289
I. Golubev, E. Chernikov, A. Naumov, and V. Michailov

Author Index 297

Subject Index 299

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