Friends 2 Lovers

Friends 2 Lovers

by Jonathan Anthony Burkett




Strong relationships come from well-bonded friendships. The best foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a deep-rooted friendship. This is the time when two people get to know each other - and accept each other despite and in spite who the person is. In an emotive and touching story that will surely evoke a gamut of sentiments and thoughts, author Jonathan Anthony Burkett portrays how friends can end up as lovers - and how that can last a lifetime. From Friends 2 Lovers, you will experience how exhilarating and wonderful the ride can be, even if there are challenges and obstacles along the way. In a compelling narrative that will touch your heart and make you think dearly of your friends and loved ones, you'll surely experience an overwhelming ebb and flow of emotions as you leaf through its pages.

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ISBN-13: 9781436394055
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 04/05/2010
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 0.86(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

About the Author

Jonathan Anthony Burkett was born in 1987. He is a bright writer inspired by many, as he continues to struggle in life. Devoted for achievement in his lifetime, he is willing to take any test. He told himself, that he would never give up no matter the trials and tribulations. He decided to write to help him move towards a bright future for himself; and because he knows that's what his Grandparents want for him.

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Friends 2 Lovers 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
Without warning, Claude's life is changed forever when his father, brother, and close friend are all shot and killed - and his mother and another friend commit suicide. Were it not for the undying love and support of Kelly, his best friend from childhood, Claude may not have made it through the devastating tragedy intact. Consequently, as time goes on, the bond between Claude and Kelly grows and deepens, eventually transforming into something neither of them ever before imagined: genuine romance. However, when unforeseen challenges soon darken the horizon, can the new lovers maintain their burgeoning passion without losing their lifelong friendship in the process...? Throughout the pages of Friends 2 Lovers, author Jonathan Anthony Burkett explores the depths of what makes for true, lasting friendship. In Claude and Kelly, Burkett has crafted highly relatable characters whose everyday trials and tribulations readers are sure to find more than familiar. Flawed though they may be, the lifelong friends' virtues far outweigh their shortcomings, and Burkett does a commendable job of highlighting just how important it is to learn to transcend the petty differences that divide us in favor of our shared common humanity. The road of life is rife with cumbersome obstacles, but if we trust ourselves within the open, supportive arms of our loved ones, we may be surprised to learn just how much easier the journey can often be. Engaging, heartrending, and deeply emotional, Friends 2 Lovers is a touching tale of learning to give - and receive - real, lasting love. A recommended read. Karynda Lewis Apex Reviews
ReadersParadise More than 1 year ago
As childhood friends Claude and Kelly shared there cereal to their innermost secrets. As the years pass, growing up was not easy with the different dilemmas and challenges that seem to find there way into there lives. But through it all, the good and the bad times they stuck together no matter what. As Claude and Kelly grew closer their feelings and emotions grew stronger for each other. Certain circumstances arise that make them question and really think about taking their relationship to the next level. Will these two lovebirds be able to mend what has become broken? Friend to Lovers is such a beautiful story about true friendship and love. I believe that in any relationship you have to be great friends before becoming lovers or even making a marital commitment and this novel is a great example. I became very emotional reading this novel; it was very good. The author captured my attention from the very start and it was hard to come up for air. The storyline was great; it flowed throughout and was easy to keep up with. A wonderful read that I will recommend to others. Tangerine Reader's Paradise Book club
Renaissance-Man More than 1 year ago
Inspirational, Loving, and Unbelievable is how I could describe this book, I had gotten it the day I read a bulletin about it and I didn't regret it in the end because the story had it all, drama, encouragement, funny moments, and loving moments. And I'm surprised about it all because he is such a young writer. I loved all of the scenes and I could tell that the story isn't over. So I will be waiting for part 2 of Friends 2 Lovers. I would recommend this book to everyone wanting to know how understanding, honesty, friendship, real love and faith can make a relationship last a lifetime.
john50 More than 1 year ago
"Friends 2 Lovers" Who wouldn't love a wonderful connection like this knowing the best for one another in every time of struggle and pain, to help bring a bright and shining smile back on the others face. A connection that will not only have many others amazed but inspired to be just as great and understand towards the love of their life. Feeling that it'll amaze not only young people but also adults but also the older as the story begins. I've chosen to share it with everyone that will love a dramatic yet inspiring and uplifting love story that will bring a smile on everyone's face in the end with a part of everyone's mind wanting to know, what and who's next. Inspired to write this story not only by life experiences but also by dreams and hopes of that special someone arriving in my life. Friends 2 Lovers I feel has brought out another side of me. Claude, one of my main characters of my story personality and interests in life I feel best describes also myself. Encouraged and inspired by many to prosper in life, deep inside loving however on the outside express himself differently towards others, strong belief and faith in God, and so much more. Kelly, my second main character whom is Claude's best friend is a calm, loving, understanding, well-minded and intelligent young adult that deeply inside cares for nothing more but her best friends accomplishments and happiness in life. A dramatic and wonderful love story I must say. Read more about it at
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
"Friends 2 Lovers" is the story of two teens and best friends, Claude and Kelly. Hesitant, unsure and nervous, after a life-altering event, this duo decides to transform their relationship, going from friends to lovers. "Friends 2 Lovers" chronicles that transformation while detailing their emotions, internal and external struggles, and the outside forces that surround them, possibly affecting the couple. This novel just didn't do it for me. I tried to like "Friends 2 Lovers." I really tried; I just couldn't. Jonathan Burkett has a story to tell, but he could use assistance in telling it. The language was awkward. While I appreciate that this novel was written minus all the slang and Ebonics we see much of our youth using today, this use of language was not practical. I constantly asked myself, who talks like this? These characters spoke like greeting cards. If the characters' names were omitted, I would not have been able to distinguish one from another. All the characters sounded alike, young and old, male and female. There weren't any distinct voices/personalities. As the tale unfolded, some scenes were unbelievable and not true to life. Events/situations were stretched and dragged on unnecessarily. There was a lot of back and forth resulting in repetition. The phrase "friends to lovers" was beat into the ground. Also, I had to keep reminding myself that this book's setting was current as I kept feeling like I was in the past. Not my high school/college years past, but this book gave me the feel of movies like "Grease" and TV shows like "Happy Days" with the language and the actions of the characters. It was as if this novel was displaced. I don't know the rule of thumb, but I question the author's decision to include a table of contents and index, as this is a work of fiction. I'd strongly suggest the author seek the assistance of a developmental editor. This book could have been more readable and enjoyable with some help. The potential is there.
Adrienna More than 1 year ago
In this book, there are some major issues and challenges covered inside such as Troy, 20-year-old, high school student (which he is nearly passed the age limit of 21 or number of years to be in school versus obtaining his GED); parents rely on Claude, 17-year-old senior to graduate and be the successful one of the family; and how family's secrets lead to rivalries between the next generation. Troy Daniel is the bad boy; some would view as a split-image of his father's past behaviors growing up at his age. He is willing to lie down his life if anything ever happens to his brother, Claude. Claude cares deeply for his best friend, Kelly, who is unable at first to see beyond their friendship. Their father, Charles, even hides the fight that broke-out between Stanley and his son, Robert, because Stan rammed into his BMW. This was so immature and childish for men to fight over a car bump, when they could have handled this in a more civilized manner such as call the police, report the accident, and contact their insurance providers. This fight between grown men, later involved their children too. We have to be mindful of our actions and responses since it also has a bearing on our offspring (children). I hope the author was trying to point this out in the book as well. Overall, this book exemplifies a teenage love affair that displays love in words, expression, and poetry but love takes action as Kelly's mother, Latoya, mentioned in the reading (Show Me motto). In the earlier readings, we see friends become lovers or friends-with-benefits and Claude admits that he loves Kelly like family (sister). However, we see love without commitment and Claude prefers to remain friends and not lose their close-relationship but making love is on a deeper level than just friends, or sister-like relationship he expressed to Latoya. Later, he can't deny no matter how hard he tries that he has to be with his first love. This book would be great for older teens (15-19). It was well-written as far as descriptive, some characters sounded similar and had to re-read on some parts to make sure who was speaking, and very proper-speaking characters versus Ebonics or slang with some teenagers today. Even great writers/authors are still learning the differences between 'showing and not telling' and read many authors works in some capacity still tell us the story in their narrative voices or descriptions. As an author too, I still work on this notion in my fiction writings. This book was over 350 pages, which the college life was slow and could have been written shorter to keep the grips of the reader (or eliminated); easily could have been 250 pages or less. Dream 4 More Reviews, Adrienna Turner What a Dream!
FeatheredQuillBookReviews More than 1 year ago
With this contemporary fiction work, Mr. Burkett brings us into the Daniels' family household. Charles and Susan Daniels are working parents who spend a great deal of time watching over their two boys, Claude and Troy. Claude is entering his senior year as we begin our story, and his parents are so proud. They don't want anything to happen to him at school; they are looking forward to his graduation and entering college. His brother is Troy. Troy is twenty years old and still a senior in high school. Nice enough, Troy is simply missing some math credits in order to finally get that elusive diploma. Unfortunately, Troy also has found himself in some violent situations; and Claude - all summer long - has been hanging out with Troy's friends, going to parties, and basically acting as ridiculous as his brother. The one upside? Troy is completely protective of Claude. He, like their parents, wants nothing to jeopardize Claude's future. Even his own father makes a point to let Troy know that he needs to stand in front of Claude if necessary to keep him from fights, etc. The first day at school a slight fender bender happens in the parking lot between Claude's father and the father of another young man. All of a sudden violence erupts and Claude and Troy watch their father get beaten by the other driver and have to rush to take him home and out of harm's way. When they find out from their father that this is all based on a vendetta that happened years ago, Claude and Troy find themselves in the midst of something they shouldn't have been a part of, and Troy knows that revenge will be sought. The horrific violence that happens ends up taking Claude's brother and father from his life, and the hands of fate take his grandmother with a heart attack, and his mother at the hands of suicide. What Claude does have left is his absolute best friend, Kelly, who has stood by him for a long, long time. In the back of both their minds they have always thought that their friendship would someday grow into a relationship that would lead them down the aisle as man and wife, but life's hardships and circumstances must be overcome before even knowing if there will even be a future. The author takes us through Claude's experiences in college, working storylines of other females, other love interests for Kelly, college parties, and youthful mistakes that are made in order to enter the world of adulthood. Although the story is uplifting at times, and seeing the courage that Claude has in his soul is overwhelming, the dialogue needs a bit of help from an editor so that the manuscript can read easier and be more understandable as one makes their way through. Quill says: A touching story of romance that is enhanced by a collection of poems inserted throughout. These wonderful odes center on the subjects of friendship, love, and life and are extremely heartfelt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago