Fringe 2005: The 5th International Workshop on Automatic Processing of Finge Patterns

Fringe 2005: The 5th International Workshop on Automatic Processing of Finge Patterns

by Wolfgang Osten (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2006)

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ISBN-13: 9783642065330
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/09/2010
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2006
Pages: 714
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Key Note.- Optical Measurement Techniques.- New Methods and Tools for Data Processing.- New Challenges for Optical Metrology: Evolution or Revolution.- Interpreting interferometric height measurements using the instrument transfer function.- Are Residues of Primary Importance in Phase Unwrapping?.- Experimental Study of Coherence Vortices: Birth and Evolution of Phase Singularities in the Spatial Coherence Function.- Properties of Isothetic Lines in Discontinuous Fields.- Heterodyne, quasi-heterodyne and after.- Robust three-dimensional phase unwrapping algorithm for phase contrast magnetic resonance velocity imaging.- Signal processing of interferogram using a two-dimensional discrete Hilbert transform.- Recent advances in automatic demodulation of single fringe patterns.- Comparison of Techniques for Fringe Pattern Background Evaluation.- Deformed surfaces in holographic Interferometry. Similar aspects concerning nonspherical gravitational fields.- Dynamic evaluation of fringe parameters by recurrence processing algorithms.- Fast hologram computation for holographic tweezers.- Wavelet analysis of speckle patterns with a temporal carrier.- Different preprocessing and wavelet transform based filtering techniques to improve Signal- to-noise ratio in DSPI fringes.- Wavefront Optimization using Piston Micro Mirror Arrays.- Adaptive Correction to the Speckle Correlation Fringes using twisted nematic LCD.- Random phase shift interferometer.- Spatial correlation function of the laser speckle field with holographic technique.- Fault detection from temporal unusualness in fringe patterns.- The Virtual Fringe Projection System (VFPS) and Neural Networks.- Fringe contrast enhancement using an interpolation technique.- Some remarks on accuracy of imaging polarimetry with carrier frequency.- Application of weighted smoothing splines to the local denoising of digital speckle pattern interferometry fringes.- Investigation of the fringe order in multi-component shearography surface strain measurement.- Metrological Fringe inpainting.- Combination of Digital Image Correlation Techniques and Spatial Phase Shifting Interferometry for 3D-Displacement Detection and Noise Reduction of Phase Difference Data.- Photoelastic tomography for birefringence determination in optical microelements.- Optimization of electronic speckle pattern interferometers.- Properties of phase shifting methods applied to time average interferometry of vibrating objects.- Depth-resolved displacement measurement using Tilt Scanning Speckle Interferometry.- New Phase Unwrapping Strategy for Rapid and Dense 3D Data Acquisition in Structured Light Approach.- Determination of modulation and background intensity by uncalibrated temporal phase stepping in a two-bucket spatially phase stepped speckle interferometer.- Resolution Enhanced Technologies.- EUVA’s challenges toward 0.1nm accuracy in EUV at-wavelength interferometry.- Some similarities and dissimilarities of imaging simulation for optical microscopy and lithography.- A Ronchi-Shearing Interferometer for compaction test at a wavelength of 193nm.- Simulation and error budget for high precision interferometry.- Progress on the wide scale Nano-positioning and Nanomeasuring Machine by Integration of Optical-Nanoprobes.- Through-Focus Point-Spread Function Evaluation for Lens Metrology using the Extended Nijboer-Zernike Theory.- Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) applied to Optical Metrology: A resolution enhanced imaging technology applied to inspection of microscopic devices with subwavelength resolution.- An adaptive holographic interferometer for high precision measurements.- Spatio-Temporal Joint Transform Correlator and Fourier Domain OCT.- Subdivision of Nonlinearity in Heterodyne Interferometers.- Wide Scale 4D Optical Metrology.- Progress in SAR Interferometry.- New calibration procedure for measuring shape on specular surfaces.- Fringe Reflection for high resolution topometry and surface description on variable lateral scales.- Full-Field Shape Measurement of Specular Surfaces.- Numerical Integration of Sampled Data for Shape Measurements: Metrological Specification.- Fringe analysis in scanning frequency interferometry for absolute distance measurement.- Surface Shape Measurement by Dual-wavelength Phase-shifting Digital Holography.- Phase-shifting interferometric profilometry with a wide tunable laser source.- Opto-Mechatronic System for Sub-Micro Shape Inspection of Innovative Optical Components for Example of Head-Up-Displays.- 3-D profilometry with acousto-optic fringe interferometry.- Phase-shifting shearing interferometry with a variable polarization grating recorded on Bacteriorhodopsin.- Quasi-absolute testing of aspherics using Combined Diffractive Optical Elements.- Selfcalibrating fringe projection setups for industrial use.- 3-D shape measurement method using point-array encoding.- 3D measurement of human face by stereophotogrammetry.- Fast 3D shape measurement system based on colour structure light projection.- Hybrid Measurement Technologies.- Tip Geometry and Tip-Sample Interactions in Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).- Applications of time-averaged digital holographic interferometry.- Spatio-temporal encoding using digital Fresnel holography.- High resolution optical reconstruction of digital holograms.- Application of Interferometry and Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) for Measurements on MEMS.- Full-field, real-time, optical metrology for structural integrity diagnostics.- 3D Micro Technology: Challenges for Optical Metrology.- Interferometric Technique for Characterization of Ferroelectric Crystals Properties and Microengineering Process.- Holographic interferometry as a tool to capture impact induced shock waves in carbon fibre composites.- Two new techniques to improve interferometric deformation-measurement: Lockin and Ultrasound excited Speckle-Interferometry.- Testing formed sheet metal parts using fringe projection and evaluation by virtual distortion compensation.- Fatigue damage precursor detection and monitoring with laser scanning technique.- Analysis of localization of strains by ESPI, in equibiaxial loading (bulge test) of copper sheet metals.- Laser vibrometry using digital Fresnel holography.- 2D laser vibrometry by use of digital holographic spatial multiplexing.- Fatigue Detection of Fibres Reinforced Composite Materials by Fringes Projection and Speckle Shear Interferometry.- Multifunctional interferometric platform specialised for active components of MEMS/MOEMS characterisation.- Laser Multitask ND Technology in Conservation Diagnostic Procedures.- New Optical Sensors and Measurement Systems.- Progress in Scanning Holographic Microscopy for Biomedical Applications.- The Dynamics of Life: Imaging Temperature and Refractive Index Variations Surrounding Material and Biological Systems with Dynamic Interferometry.- Microsystem based optical measurement systems: case of opto-mechanical sensors.- White-light interferometry with higher accuracy and more speed.- Novel white light Interferometer with miniaturised Sensor Tip.- Challenges in the dimensional Calibration of submicrometer Structures by Help of optical Microscopy.- A white light interferometer for measurement of external cylindrical surfaces.- Pixelated Phase-Mask Dynamic Interferometers.- Tomographic mapping of airborne sound fields by TV-holography.- Dynamic ESPI system for spatio-temporal strain analysis.- Digital holographic microscope for dynamic characterization of a micromechanical shunt switch.- Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM): Fast and Robust 3D measurements with interferometric resolution for industrial inspection.- Digital Micromirror Arrays (DMD) — a proven MEMS technology looking for new emerging applications in optical metrology.- Optimised projection lens for the use in digital fringe projection.- Absolute Calibration of Cylindrical Specimens in Grazing Incidence Interferometry.- Digital holographic interferometer with active wavefront control by means of liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator.- In-Situ-Detection of Cooling Lubricant Residues on Metal Surfaces Using a Miniaturised NIR-LEDPhotodiode-System.- Chromatic Confocal Spectral Interferometry — (CCSI).- A simple and efficient optical 3D-Sensor based on “Photometric Stereo” (“UV-Laser Therapy”).

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