From a Broken Land

From a Broken Land

by William R. Herr


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Something in the mist is alive—or is it the mist, itself?

Kiranae is a girl in flight, carried through the mists to escape a marriage she cannot abide. Gidon is a simple messenger, sent on a mission he is never expected to survive. Through coincidence, fate, or something stronger, they are brought together—bound to each other.

But, deep within the shadows and mist, a wicked and threatening force watches them. Gidon must protect the girl, his men, and himself from a force and presence he cannot explain. Together, they are thrust into war, intrigue, and impossible love, never realizing that their lives are part of a larger, and darker, plan.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781495186912
Publisher: William R. Herr
Publication date: 04/15/2016
Series: Broken Throne , #1
Pages: 408
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Three Beginnings
Part I
Chapter 1: Out of the Mist
Chapter 2: The Picture Window
Chapter 3: Te Barracks Brotherhood
Chapter 4: Into the Mistwood
Chapter 5: Decisions
Chapter 6: Rinkins on Point
Part II
Chapter 7: An Unexpected Event
Chapter 8: Trial by Sword
Chapter 9: A Cairn by the Road
Chapter 10: The Traveler's Home
Chapter 11: New Recruit
Chapter 12: The Face of the Blight
Part III
Chapter 13: Revelations
Chapter 14: To East Carwich
Chapter 15: Scoundrels
Chapter 16: Ultimatum
Chapter 17: The Tower in the Road
Chapter 18: Te Hand of the Trapmaster
Part IV
Chapter 19: The Fall of East Carwich
Chapter 20: The Voice of Reason
Chapter 21: Afterword

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From a Broken Land 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very captivating. I could hardly put the book down. One of the best books I've ever read! I'm definitely recommending it to everyone I know.
amethystc More than 1 year ago
I love a good fantasy book and I am always looking for new authors to read. “From A Broken Land,” by first-time novelist William R. Herr delivers a mystical and dark read, perfect for those who love stories that have a magical appeal to them. Good versus evil, with an intertwined, per-destined love story serves to captivate the audience while drawing them into a realm that feels medieval. The author has an eloquent way with words. The descriptors from the very beginning set a scene that the reader can easily imagine, with the way that the dark mist overtakes the realm, you feel a sense of dark foreboding. The characters are interesting and well developed. The author creates a world in such a refreshing way that you feel you are a character in the novel, that you are part of the heroes journey, and that you are partaking in the action and adventure. The story flows naturally and at a steady pace. This book is full of magic, wonderment, intense sword fights, charming wit, roll on the floor dialogue, and suspense that has the reader at the edge of their seats. This is a must read for any fantasy lover.
Shannon_Luster More than 1 year ago
An intriguing story set in a fantastical land… From a Broken Land, written by author William R. Herr, centers around Kiranae wishing to escape from a marriage and the messenger, Gideon. Together, they are drawn into an adventure where an unseen and yet dangerous force threatens to tear them apart. And the more that Kiranae and Gideon struggle to stay together, the more the looming threat becomes even more menacing, resulting in a war. But at the risk of revealing too much about this book’s plot, I will say no more about that though. The cover design is dynamic with the characters appearing in mid-conversation and in the backdrop of a cold, snowy town. The cover alone drew me, as the reader, into wanting to pick up this book and discover more. In addition, the overall editing was also clean. For example, Herr uses commas, semicolons, and periods correctly. The tone of the book, from page one, drew this reader in, making me inwardly wonder what was going to happen next. Careful editing is needed to remove details that may bog down the story, and Herr has done just that, creating a story that is engaging in this reader’s opinion. Switching gears away from editing, the plot structure also helped plunge me into the true story of the book. What made the book come alive, in this reader’s opinion, was the rich description of the land and the people. While reading From a Broken Land, I felt transported to the medieval, fantasy like world that Herr has created centering on the daily lives of mostly ordinary people. And focusing on ordinary people inhabiting a magical world is a great transition into a discussion about the character development but keeping in mind that I do not want to give away too much about the plot of the book. Gideon, for instance, shows tremendous growth as a character marking his passage into manhood by the end of From a Broken Land. For the reasons already explained above, I rate From a Broken Land 4 out of 5 stars.
MelissaMcLeod8484 More than 1 year ago
I cant believe this is William R. Herrs debut novel! A lot of debut novels Ive read seem very immature in writing sutyle and editing, but this one was amazing! Great writing style that kept me intrigued the whole time! From a Broken Land is a great story of a mysterious seemingly alive mist that is everywhere, thickest in the Mistwood, but it is also in the cities, curling around peoples feet and whispering chants to them. Theres a blight that randomly wipes out entire cities, threatening to end all life. Gidon a young Sidhean soldier who has seen what the blight can do, is charged with entering a rival land and seeking out help to find the cause of the blight and end its horrors. A common soldier and having seen no battle in his young life, Gidon finds himself disguising as a hammatian soldier then later is thrust into leadership of the hammat guards. Another main character Kiranae is a princess from a distant land that escapes her homeland and disguises herself as a commoner. She finds herself swearing an oath to Gidon and becoming a soldier under his command. She desperately wants to find what it is she is meant to do with her life and wants to prove herself to everyone that she is determined and strong. It took me a couple chapters to really get into this book, but once I did, I didnt want to put it down. I cant wait to see what the next one has in store for us. What I especially liked about this book was it focused on the few main and supporting characters and didnt jump around like a lot of other fantasy books Ive read lately. I loved that I got to know the characters very well, got to know their serious side, as well as the joking that went on in between them also seeing the deep friendships that were formed. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new epic fantasy series. I cant wait to find out what happens in book2!
AlexandraJ More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fantasy lover, and I am always on the lookout for new and exciting novelists within the genre, who present readers with something unexpected and enthralling. This first novel in a new series did not disappoint, and I am thrilled to come across a new author to keep my eye on. I especially love stories which have a medieval style to the setting, and “From a Broken Land” appealed to me in this regard also. While the story follows the classic struggle between good and evil, the plot did not feel mundane or boring, and I soon found myself immersed in the story, and eager to read on. The world-building is good, and the story has a dark, mysterious, intense feel to the narrative and descriptive passage, which brought the image of the world and the characters to life in an easy manner. As with all great fantasy novels there is plenty of action, drama and intrigue, and some danger, mystery and romance is thrown in for good measure. With unknown authors there is always the risk that the story might be a disappointment, but that was not the case with this novel, and I will certainly keep my eye out for the next novel in the series and am eager to witness how the author’s writing, and the series, evolves.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Listen to the very opening lines of this mysterious, powerful tale: The mist moved, and the world moved with it. It drifted between trees and along well-worn pathways, across rivers and the chatter of brooks, and through hamlet and city alike. The reader may think like this carefully crafted opening is merely to lure readers into buying the book, but the truth is that you cant stop reading. You are drawn into the book with this sense of something extraordinary, drifting in the air you breathe, something sinister --- and it is really sinister. Immediately, your curiosity is awakened. You want to find out what it is. Such is the atmosphere that permeates the gripping story in From a Broken Land, the first and brilliant opening to The Broken Throne series by William R. Herr. Fate brings together two unusual characters and puts them before challenges and a power they never could have imagined. Gidon the Sidhean is traveling to accomplish an impossible mission among his own, sent by the Church to get the help of a group of Seers. It is on this mission that he meets Kira, a young woman of noble birth running away from a marriage she doesn't want. They are both watched by something so powerful it could be the cause of the downfall of humanity itself. William R. Herr is an author that I root for and his seductive writing, the powerful descriptions, and the strong plot points will keep your eyes riveted on the pages of this book. Prepare to enter into a dark and frightening world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Intriquing tale with interwoven plots and likable characters. Full of details about the story's world which provide hints at the future and left me with wondering what happens next for Gidon, Kira and Rinkins. Who is the Shadow man? What causes the blight? When will the next book be released so I can get answers?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
William R. Herr’s debut novel, From a Broken Land, was a great read and exciting setup for what promises to be an engaging fantasy book series. For fans of mystical adventures, this is a treat. The slow reveal of the mysteries surrounding the hero, Gidon, and the horrific blight that threatens to destroy everything in its path, introduces us to an intricately built world of prophecies, shadows and mist. The diverse characters are readily recognizable, yet individual and fully developed. The story builds to an exciting climax full of action and just the right amount of romance. Gidon is a true, reluctant hero who doubts his own gifts and abilities. He is likeable from the start, but as his confidence grows, he remains an honorable man, worthy of his new found authority. Kira, the feisty, courageous princess, is a wonderful female character full of depth, spunk and all the heroic characteristics young women need to read about - a terrific role model. I’m eager to see what Mr. Herr comes up with next. Great job! I truly enjoyed your book. Elizabeth Gracen Flapper Press
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kris Moger for Readers' Favorite From a Broken Land by William R. Herr is an epic adventure about a soldier and a princess from opposing countries, drawn together to face an impending disaster. A devastating blight is destroying everything and everyone in its path -- regardless of rank or allegiances. Gidon is commissioned by his superiors to discover the source of the blight, a journey that leads him to a place and a position he never imagined he would be. Meanwhile, Kira is trying to escape an arranged marriage to a brutal man. While this may seem like a typical fantasy story, the way Herr plays the tale out is creative and engrossing. In From a Broken Land, William R. Herr creates a world that is well-developed and interesting. At first, I wasn't certain I was going to like it as it is very patriarchal, but this actually serves the story well by enhancing Kira's role. She is one of my favourite characters and does not fall into the spoiled princess stereotype. Gidon, too, is appealing and well handled. The author's writing is really good. From a Broken Land is rich with vivid images, well thought-out social and political structures, monsters, magic, mysteries, and intrigue. From a Broken Land is definitely an enjoyable read for those who like fantasies filled with battles, rogues, royalty, minstrels, soldiers, and more.
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
From a Broken Land (The Broken Throne) by William R. Herr is a great debut novel and one that must be read. The imagery was so good it makes you feel as though you are a part of the story. Once you begin reading it's hard to put it down until you have finished reading it. This book would make a great addition to your book shelf. It would also make a fantastic gift to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy and supernatural. I gave this 5 stars but it clearly deserves many more. I highly recommend this to everyone and I wait for more great reads from William R. Herr.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a lover historical fiction I found this book to be a gateway drug to fantasy. The initial feel is very realistic as the characters unfold but soon magic and adventure reveals its self. With both male and female heronies this book touches on all levels of power dynamics and inteliect. Already looking forward to the next book in the series!
Mary_Fan More than 1 year ago
In FROM A BROKEN LAND, Will Herr creates a dark, mysterious fantasy world where the mist is alive and a supernatural blight threatens to end humanity. Gidon is a young Sidhean soldier who has witnessed the blight's horrors first-hand. Though well-trained in combat, he hasn't exactly been battle-tested yet. The Church sends him to Hammat, a rival land that believes all Sidheans are monsters, on a desperate mission: Gidon is to seek the help of the College of Seers, whose mystical powers may be able to stave off the blight. Since the Hammat are known to kill Sidheans on sight, Gidon disguises himself as a Hammat guard and winds up in East Carwich, a small village nestled in the snowy, misty woodlands, where he seeks Seer Renault, an old mystic with a tenuous relationship with the College. To maintain his guise, Gidon joins the local guard and soon finds himself drawn into their conflicts and politics. Meanwhile, a young noblewoman named Kiranae flees an unwanted marriage, disguised as a commoner called simply Kira and determined to define her own fate. When her journey collides with Gidon's, forces of fate are set in motion, culminating in an epic battle for survival against the dark monsters within the mist. The mysterious tone, dark worldbuilding, and steady pacing of FROM A BROKEN LAND make it a hypnotic read. The setting really comes to life, with intricate details about the magic, religion, lore, and politics woven into the narrative. The story takes place in a medieval-esque high fantasy world, with swordfights, taverns, and codes of honor. I love stories that take place in reimagined medieval worlds, so this book was like catnip to me. I also loved that Herr's book focused on the rank-and-file citizens of the world. While the nobility does play something of a role, the story is really about the everyday guards and citizens trying to survive in a harsh world. This book is something of a coming-of-age story for Gidon, who starts off as just a simple messenger, posing as a simple guard, but soon finds himself thrust into a position of leadership, having to make decisions he never thought he'd face. His journey is reminiscent of the classic hero's journey we all know and love. And so is Kira's. Though she doesn't turn up until several chapters in, once she arrives, she makes a big splash. Stubborn, intelligent, and tougher than she seems, Kira quickly defies expectations and becomes a hero in her own right. She's determined to be "one of the guys" in a world that expects her to play the role of damsel-in-distress, and her tenacity makes her a fascinating character to read about. Also worth mentioning is the colorful supporting cast, which includes the cantankerous old guard Rinkins, the roguish gambler Bergeran, and the icy Countess Damarc. And the mist itself. There's a creepy, atmospheric quality to this book, with the mist having a life of its own and an ominous voice that hums in the background of several scenes. Herr's writing reminds me somewhat of Ursula LeGuin's in the Earthsea books, with its flowing phrases and sharp descriptions. And the atmosphere reminded me of the Battle of Helm's Deep in the Two Towers... where you have supernatural darkness closing in on a group of ragtag underdogs. I always know I love a book when I find myself having trouble writing a review, because I feel like my review can't do the book justice. And I find myself in this predicament right now, since there are so many layers to this story that
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An Epic Fantasy Adventure That Will Transport the Reader to Another World In his debut fantasy novel, William R. Herr brings us an epic story of the battle between good and evil in From a Broken Land, the first installment of The Broken Throne trilogy. With a poet’s finesse for description, Herr magically crafts a world where the elements of nature have a will of their own. A dark mist that is very much alive encroaches upon people, twining amongst their legs like a cat, listening into their conversations, whispering thoughts to them. While the mist lingers, a strange blight has struck the land, leaving death and destruction in its midst. Desperate, the Cardinal sends a young man in search for help. Gidon, trained to fight but untried in battle, is sent on a mission from the church into the land of the enemy. He is charged with the task of finding help to stave off the blight – and not expected to survive. Met with adversity as soon as he leaves, he is forced to kill another man for the first time. What he doesn’t know, is this is just the beginning of the fate that awaits him as he seeks aid for his fellow men. Herr introduces two other sets of characters at the beginning of the book. Kiranae, a beautiful young girl in flight from an abusive prince, and Tertoillane and Bergeran, a lovely minstrel and her gambling escort. When their paths cross, the story only gets more interesting, and a bit distracting for Gidon as he develops feelings for Kiranae. Herr does his world building as the reader moves through the book, introducing us to things through action and story development, which is an entertaining way to enter the lands of the Broken Throne series. He also inserts a division between church and science in the novel, and each chapter begins with a quote from the “Book of the True King” that is reminiscent of scripture. Readers will find Herr’s book entertaining, filled with battles, romance, humor and memorable characters. I only wished we had seen more of a stronger Kiranea earlier in the book, and it would have been fun to include a map. Maybe in the second book? The cover is beautiful, and the eBook cover is a special delight, in that it has falling snow. Readers can download it for free from his website. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves an epic fantasy filled with battles, romance, seers, kings and minstrels. The world in From a Broken Land is an adventure from a writer I think we’ll soon hear more about.
Susan-Keefe More than 1 year ago
In his epic debut science fiction/fantasy novel, the first book in the ‘Broken Throne’ series, William R. Herr has created an imaginary Kingdom, where battles are fought against a terrible, evil, enemy, one which can be seen only as shadows, and mist. The story opens as a horrific blight sweeps through the lands, killing everyone and thing. In desperation, Cardinal Richmond sends, Gidon, a soldier and church emissary on a quest, one he is not expected to return from… he must travel to the land of Hammat, find a seer, and beg for aid against the blight. Then there is Kiranae, a princess, fleeing from an evil prince with the help of her aunt the Countess Elna Damarc. To escape capture she finds herself freely entering the mist, not knowing what her fate will be. The future however sees her stumbling from the forest in front of Gidon, Tenant, Seer Renault, and Guard Rinkins, on their quest, travelling through a land facing disaster and fighting the creatures in the shadows. Fate it seems has thrown them together, and as this epic adventure unfolds there are fierce battles, terrible creatures, and untold dangers ahead for the group. However, fate dictates that Kira and her aunt are to be reunited. When this happens, secrets are revealed which could change everything. The author has created an amazing kingdom, with well-defined characters and a fantastic plot with danger, excitement, twists, and a hint of romance. Reading it, one very quickly becomes absorbed into the story, so much so that it is very difficult to put down. I highly recommend it for lovers of science fiction, fantasy and of course adventure.
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Gidon has been sent on a mission to discover the cause of the blight plaguing the land. He doesn’t expect to come home alive, but things never quite turn out the way you plan. All he is trying to do is find the local Seer, not join the local Guard or meet the most enchanting woman he has ever his limited experience growing up in a monastery, of course. Surely she could not help him accomplish his mission, but why won’t she leave? From a Broken Land is Book one in the Broken Throne series, and it does a great job of setting the scene and explaining some of the politics and back story of the fictional countries of Sidhea and Hammat without resorting to long monologuing or awkward exposition. The main characters of Gidon and Kira were developed well, as were some of the more interesting aspects of this world’s spiritual realm, such as the extremely binding nature of oaths. I thought it was a really well done first book in a series and look forward to reading more soon!
JLaper More than 1 year ago
Two people faced with their mission come together in a twist of fate, one on a mission and the other escaping a marriage she can no longer live in. Together they must face a evil that is spreading across the land and protect the people while forging a bond. From A Broken Land is the first book in The Broken Throne series written by William R. Herr who has created a colorful world and even more colorful characters. What I like about them is that each have their own personalities and backgrounds that played a hand in them being the person they are. The story is paced with the events and takes it’s time to the reader digest what they just read before jumping on to the next section and so forth. It’s written well and keeps your attention without letting you grow board. When you think it i gone to get dull it picks right back up. The book cover is not all the interesting but it get’s the point across and shows you what each character is based out as at the start. The guy standing in the middle looking around as the girl hides behind the fountain with a guard in the background. It tells you one is searching, one is hiding and one it waiting. When it starts out there is talk of ‘Shadows’, which is quite confusing and it stays on this road for a while. It is unclear if they are sentient beings, spirits from a darker realm or literal shadows that are just moving around from the light source that happens to by fire. There are a few parts were word are missing when people are talking and in some sentences but, it dose not that away from the book and what is happening at the time. I enjoyed the book and other than a few parts that are confusing and unclear it was an excellent read as a whole. I don’t connect with characters, I don’t make a point to connect with characters as I see them as their own person. They may do something I agree with, or say something in a manner I would but that is. This is a book of fiction that would be perfect read for teenagers and adults alike. I would recommend this book for anyone that want’s to add to their fantasy book collection