From Baggage to Balance: Unshakable Foundations for Elevated Living

From Baggage to Balance: Unshakable Foundations for Elevated Living

by The Adam Channel


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At the airport, when you exceed the baggage weight limit, you’ll be forced to stop your journey. Eventually, you’ll pay an unwanted charge, which can dampen your experience. This is the same in life. If you are ascending, travel lightly, and balance the things you want to take with you. In From Baggage to Balance, author The Adam Channel offers a path to help you balance your life.

The Adam Channel introduces the Divine Scale, a unique system using a set of tools designed for finding inner-world balance by identifying five key destructive behaviors that sit at the root of emotional pain and frustration. The system teaches what you can do to achieve balance through practical and simple steps that can be integrated into even the busiest of lifestyles. Making small daily choices from the space of balance assists you in aligning yourself with your heart center and universal flow.

Offering empowerment and hope in place of grim despair, From Baggage to Balance helps you explore your imbalanced behaviors, perceptions, and actions to guide you to living in balance.

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ISBN-13: 9781504363273
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/17/2016
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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From Baggage to Balance

Unshakable Foundations for Elevated Living

By Adam Frewer

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Adam Frewer
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6327-3


My Journey to Balance

Today, I am fortunate to have found my path and live in my space of balance, being of service to those seeking balance. But this was not always the case. Looking back in time, the first time I remember feeling out of balance was around the age of six. Back then, of course, I knew very little of what balance meant. However, I still knew that what I was experiencing did not feel right. I kept hearing the arguments my parents were having with one another. I cannot recollect having a family meal or having the love and care that a normal child would have had.

By the time I was eight, the one source of comfort I found in nature – living close to a river and the woodlands that I loved – was removed from my life. We moved into a colder, harder, and more concrete environment, where I started public schools. I was placed in an environment with other children with whom I did not fit in. Striving to adapt to my school and changing myself to do so, I soon forgot about the nature I loved as I disconnected and fell out of balance.

This led to drastic changes in my behaviours as I sought attention and validation. I would get into fights with other children and end up closing down to emotionally separate myself from my family. I got involved in shoplifting and smoking and became a gang member for two years.

One day a young girl came to my house and told my parents all that I was doing. This came as a shock to my parents. They sat me down and talked to me in order to instil right and wrong in me. From that day on, I saw how being in gangs wasn't for me, and although I left the gang, there was nothing to replace it.

This empty feeling inside led me to become even more isolated. I continued to attract violence, which back then I thought of as a misfortune that happens to everyone.

At the age of eleven, we moved three more times. This stifled my sense of belonging and brought me even further away from feeling in balance. Wherever we moved, I ended up becoming a protector for many of the kids who were being bullied, which put me in the spotlight and attracted a lot of unwanted attention. I started martial arts and learned to fight to be able to survive as well as to be able to protect those around me.

Even at this age, I knew my strongest point wasn't going to be school and learning the normal subjects. My passion then was to learn martial arts and acrobatics and be able to survive on the streets. I wanted to feel I was somebody and that I had accomplished something, and through pushing my limits and going to extremes, I thought I could show the world I had done something.

From the age of sixteen, I had already experienced what it was like to feel betrayed and cheated and to lose those close to me. I moved out of my parents' home and started making my own way in the world. My physical passions I used to numb myself while growing up had become my life. I achieved my black belt in tae kwon do, training every day to reach my goal of entering the Olympics with the help of my coaches. My acrobatics, stunts, and free running became a big part of my life and my only known release from the deep pain I held silently within – feelings of aloneness, worthlessness, anger, and deep sadness.

It was also from the age of sixteen that I had broken nine bones in my body. I could never do any of the sports I loved or be without pain again in my life. I was on my own, with my coping mechanisms gone. That's when I started the long and painful journey to learning all about myself, how I came to be in this position, and more importantly, how I could get out of it.

I dropped out of college and took a full-time job in an office to support myself and pay my bills. I remember that for the first six months, I had to travel on my crutches up to six hours a day just to get to my job and back. That left little time for myself. This situation, of course, was not sustainable, and I eventually stopped going. I felt I was falling ever deeper into a hole, but I could not bring myself to express it to anybody. I felt ashamed. On a few occasions, I would spend nights on the streets and sleeping on rooftops, not wanting to be seen and keeping the struggle to myself.

I would steal the food I needed to eat, and I fell ever deeper into a pit of low self-worth, hopelessness, and feeling disconnected. My sole aim was to get through each day, with no thoughts of the bigger picture. I held a deep-down belief that I would never amount to anything in life. That's what I had been told on many occasions, so I lived my life to those standards.

The only things I had ever come to feel passionate about were nature, my performance, and helping people. I felt I had ruined my physical body, but I decided I wanted to try to rehabilitate it as much as I could, and in the process find a way to give back to others. With that vision, I got back my drive and worked hard. I invested in courses to become qualified as a personal trainer and sports and Swedish massage therapist. I also became qualified in nutrition and trigger-point therapy, and I started working and learning from other therapists, healers, and coaches from all around the world.

From the age of sixteen, I started working with my first massage clients and looking at the physical aspects of releasing stress and tensions. Within one year, what I was learning and applying not only helped me feel of worth by giving back, but it also helped me rehabilitate my body. I was up and running again. By the age of eighteen, I had my body back to full strength and beyond. Through my mental and emotional conditioning over those two years, I quickly gained back all of my physical ability.

In addition to my work with people, I became a professional performer and developed my urban acrobatics, stunt, and martial arts skills to global standards, performing in live shows around the world and appearing often in music videos, on TV, and in the cinema, as well as setting a world record in strength. I also was starting to feel the first signs of balance returning to my life.

At the age of eighteen, I got my first real place and entered my first long- term relationship. To support myself and my lifestyle, which was slowly but surely becoming more responsible, I found a job working in a running store. Within six months, I was managing the place. I was also running my massage business and working as a performer.

For the first time in my life, the people around me – my friends and family – were proud of me and considered me an unlikely success. For a while, I felt comfortable with what I was doing, and I enjoyed living up to the standards of those around me. I planned to continue building as I was. I planned to one day marry the woman I was with and make my family proud.

However, after time, I began experiencing signs from my body that something wasn't quite right. I couldn't shake it. I started to tune in and realise that what people wanted for me might not be what I wanted for me. I became curious about what more there could be.

I made some tough decisions to stay true to myself from that point forward. I started by quitting my job and leaving my place, my relationship, and even my country, deciding to try out a life living on the Greek island of Corfu. I left for Corfu with very little – just enough to buy a hat, which I used to collect coins as I hit the streets in forty-degree heat and performed acrobatics and martial arts for six hours a day on the scorching concrete.

There were good days, and there were bad days. On the bad days, I would sleep on the streets and try again the next day. Other than that, I was living, breathing, and eating self-development. I started to meditate and develop my energetic connection. I read book after book and listened to countless hours of coaching, healing, and expanding audios to apply directly to my life as I worked hard to find myself.

One day in Corfu, in between my shows, after I upgraded to performing in nightclubs, I decided to go for a swim. I chose to swim to a miniature vertical island out in the ocean. I wasn't a good swimmer. By the time I got there, a couple of hours later, I felt I was on the edge of consciousness. Still, a compelling force drove me to continue. I climbed the vertical rock face with my remaining strength and looked back at the faint shoreline in the distance, realizing I had just thrown away my life. I had barely enough energy to stand, let alone get back.

As I accepted my fate, a strange sense of peace washed over me. Many revelations rushed into my mind in what felt like blissful madness. As I dropped my head, below my feet I discovered the most beautiful fig tree with many perfectly ripe figs. It all made sense. I loved nature, and it had once again saved my life and brought me to balance. I firmly reconnected with our mother and father found there.

I returned to England. Over the next few years, my life continued to shift, and I reinvented myself on another five occasions. Each time, I came closer to understanding what creates the space of balance in me as well as the forces that disturb our balance through destructive behaviours.

My development went into high gear after meeting my own personal coach and mentor. For two years, I worked intensively with internationally acclaimed elite life coach Tony J. Selimi. From our joint coaching and healing journey, combined with my work with over five hundred private clients, I came to connect many dots on the map, which developed into the balancing manual you are reading.

I found my authentic flow, my path of personal expansion, as I then began a unique journey. That journey led me to unlearn all I thought I knew, and I became humble and flexible to the ways of the spirit. I experienced an opening, and I became a full and direct channel, but that is the topic for another book.

In my own journey, I pushed the exploration of duality, energy, and balance to the furthest edges of the mind, body, and spirit. I managed a complete exit from "the normal" to what some might call "insanity". When I returned, however, I brought a very simple wisdom and light truth: that we are each free to do what we want here. We are free to enjoy what we have here and now, to respect each other and to take our time. I learnt to love unconditionally, without the ego seeds that lead us to intrude on others and to crash ourselves on every level. This leads us all the way into the cosmos and to the energy that we know as spirit.

I felt the principles in this book hold true from top to bottom, and they have helped me achieve balance, love, and respect for every being. After all, we are all here together as one big family – I would even say what truly connects us transcends that.

As you can see from my personal journey, pain was my friend – and so was being out of balance. At times, I was aware of it; at other times, I expressed it by pushing myself to extremes. Pain was essential to writing this book, it brought about the balance and creation of a unique methodology to help people bring their lives back into balance from that pain.

In the next chapter, I will share with you what creates the pain you feel, how it affects your emotions, behaviours, and relationship with yourself and others. You will learn how to manage your perceptions – those that create pain – as well as how our expectations to live pain-free lives causes us even more pain.


Know Your Pain

Pain lets us enjoy the things we do, through its contrast. — The Adam Channel

The pain we experience is like the wrath of something unknown to us, and it is the unknown that makes it painful to us. There are things we must understand about our pain to master it. In fact, we must strive to gain control over our lives ...

We can ask questions. How do you use it? Can you hear what it is telling you? Do you know its purpose?

So many people out there don't think any remotely constructive thoughts with regard to their pain. They simply know that it hurts, and they continue searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that "perfect" pain-free life.

If you find yourself searching for a pain-free life – that is, if you have a desire to be free one day of all pain and challenges – you could be setting yourself up for more of the pain you're trying to resist. This is because your pain contains information and lessons for you to learn.

The more you fail to listen, the more the teacher shouts. It will escalate until your attention is forced. These teachers are not bound by the same rules and regulations as the teachers we know in society. They are cosmic and are only interested in the bigger picture of your growth.

Perhaps you thought that if you could learn enough, become smart enough, become good-looking enough, become rich enough, or gain enough wisdom and experience, then you could transcend pain.

You may have already experienced what it is like to hurt on many levels, to feel the pain of your physical body, to feel the pain of your emotions – such as loss and rejection – and at some stage, you may even have experienced deeper pains. Those are the pains of broken trust, abandonment, and deep emptiness. You may even have experienced not feeling worthy of love.

Are you wondering how something that feels so dark, wrong, and heart- wrenching can have a purpose? Perhaps you understand intellectually, but what about your heart? Does it not still ache with non-acceptance?

The pain cycles

On some level, perhaps, we all like the idea of a pain-free life. We're wired to continually strive for the unattainable. It's like the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics. We often see the Fibonacci spiral in structures all around us – two points in space continuously spiral closer to each other yet never touch, and this continues for infinity. Many of the things we strive for in life are the same – always closer but never perfect. Or so it seems, until you realise that the design itself is perfection because it allows for continuous and limitless growth.

For many of us, avoiding pain is our number one driving force. Yet when the question is asked if we believe it possible to live a life without pain, most of us would know that it is not. We know this through experience. If you're one of the logical people among us, you may already have given up the fantasy and saved yourself some trouble. Others among us, however, never stop seeking perfection, and that can be frustrating.

When we resist one side or the other too much, we experience an ever-intensifying cycle. Like a pendulum, we swing between pain and pleasure in life, and the swinging puts our lives out of balance. I call this the "rocking effect". You may experience inconsistencies in these cycles. The cause is the instability within you, the difficulties that come from being out of balance.

You could be on an incredible high, for instance. You could feel inspired, loved, spirited, or generally happy about life. This might continue for a few days, weeks, or maybe even months. At some point, however, you experience the inevitable reversal. Out the blue, for whatever reason, you crash. You then find yourself experiencing the exact opposite and you ride this low and downright depressing wave. Does this sound familiar?

If we enter a space where we think we should be more balanced than we are and that we should be in greater control of how we feel, we simply judge for ourselves, hold unrealistic expectations, and make ourselves feel even worse. The shoulds – self-expectations and unrealistic fantasies – only create more pain. It is a vicious, accelerating cycle.

You can try to ride out the cycles of pain and happiness. In doing so, you will experience stress, worry, and anxiety, which are ultimately all forms of pain. No matter how long you ride a high, pain always seems to creep back up again inevitably, like a silent and deadly assassin in the night, and often it comes vigorously. The greater the high, and the more time you spend resisting pain, the other side of the duality, the greater the low you will experience.

This pattern runs to varying degrees and intensities, and you can see how the difficulties naturally balance themselves through this rocking effect.

Personal responsibility is your power

A belief many people share is that they are powerless with regard to their experiences. On a good day, we consider ourselves lucky. On a bad day, we chalk it up to just one of those things or just another one of those days. In both cases, you can see the absence of personal responsibility and therefore power and the ability to control personal balance.

To take power back over your day-to-day experiences, you must reclaim responsibility for it. Break through the narratives you tell yourself and bring it back home. Bring it back to yourself. We spin our stories to justify, accounting for the daily pains we experience, and that serves to release some of the pressure. However, when doing this, we avoid learning, and the pain teacher only shouts louder.


Excerpted from From Baggage to Balance by Adam Frewer. Copyright © 2016 Adam Frewer. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Introduction, 1,
My Journey to Balance, 6,
Know Your Pain, 13,
Distribute Your Weight, 39,
Balance Your Relationships, 57,
Fear Is Yours – Conquer It, 81,
From Judgement to Joy, 100,
Harmonise with Nature, 122,
Balance the Physical, 144,
Accept the Demon and Angel in You, 177,
Balance Your Senses, 202,
Love Is Energy, 223,
Choose to Live in Balance, 242,
The Energy Rebalancing Process, 251,
The Next Steps, 281,
Reviews, 283,

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