From Birth To Eternity

From Birth To Eternity

by Lee M Harris


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As I think back to the reason that this book came into my heart to write, I have to give credit to a very close friend of mine, Mr. Willie Pratt. On the return from a fishing trip, Mr. P. sat and listened to me talk about the love I had for the works of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone else went to sleep on me, but poor Mr. P. let me finish. He told me that no one was going to let me unload on them, and the only way I was going to be heard was to write it down and let them read it. Through a lot of praying and sleepless nights, the name From Birth to Eternity came to my heart because I knew I couldn't tell some of it; I had to start from the beginning. This book describes some of the things that occur in the lives of many of us that ends up either right or wrong when it concerns living for Christ or not. The parents have so much to do with whether their children learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. Whether they stray or not, at some early point in their life, they need to know him. We face many challenges by the devil in this lifetime as he tries to make us and our children his personal apostles. This book is prepared to show us some of the many traps that are set for us today to try to pull us in. We have to know which way we're headed in this temporary world so that we're on the right track headed toward eternity with Christ. This book is not meant to put anyone down or make anyone feel that it's too late to turn from the wrong things in their life, but it is to let them know that if we want eternal life in heaven, then the only path to walk is the righteous one, so give up on that chance that we gave the devil to come into our lives and replace it with a chance for God to show us thatHe is real and cannot lie.

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ISBN-13: 9781425917890
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Pages: 112
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