From Burned Out to Fired Up: Teachers Reignite Their Passion to Inspire!

From Burned Out to Fired Up: Teachers Reignite Their Passion to Inspire!

by Elizabeth Rosado-McGrath


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What We Attract To Ourselves Matches What We Radiate Out!

The words we speak not only carry meaning, they carry a vibration and energy. Our speech contains the power to create our reality. Direct your energy consciously with clarity, so you can create the experiences you desire.

Foreword by Shajen Joy Aziz, M.Ed., International Bestselling Author of Discover the Gift - It's Why We're Here
"From Burned Out to Fired Up - Teachers Reignite Their Passion to Inspire! is timely and pertinent. I strongly recommend this for all teachers, school administrators, and parents."

Many of us begin our teaching careers with stars in our eyes, fire in our bellies, and passion in our hearts. We enter the profession brimming with optimism, waiting to receive our first group of students and charge full steam ahead. Somehow, we feel we bring necessary hope to the schools of today, and may revel a bit in the important role a teacher plays in the lives of others. And yet, over time, those feelings of joy and positivity can become a bit diminished, or may disappear altogether. The "realities" of teaching are not long to emerge, causing us to question why we selected this career, or in some cases, leave the profession entirely.

You will find several ways to relieve and alleviate stress that is triggered by various events in our teaching careers. Obviously, these suggestions also serve to do the same when the triggers are generated in our personal lives as well. In order for these tools to be effective, we will need to commit to practicing them with enough frequency that they become new habits. Perhaps a more important reason we want to develop these routines on a daily basis is because with regular practice, we are then able to inoculate ourselves from the triggers. Put another way, we begin to develop an immunity to simply reacting to the stressors. Not only are we able to better manage our stress, we actually begin to attract less of it.

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