From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #8)

From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire Series #8)

by Charlaine Harris
4.4 2187

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From Dead to Worse 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2187 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From Dead to Worse is the 8th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I really enjoyed the latest book. So much action taking place in this novel, lots of different plots going on. Sookie's boyfriend Quinn has disappeared in this book and is no where to be found. Vampires Eric, Bill and Pam are back. Bill is still asking Sookie to forgive him and Eric is remembering the time he spent alone with Sookie. There is a Werewolf War and a hostile Vampire takeover. Sookie still has a roommate that has the cat (man) that she used magic on to turn into said cat and can't change him back. The action opens up right away along with the many twists and turns in this book, it is sure to keep your interest until the end. I am looking forward to book 9.
sand7s More than 1 year ago
Very good book. I loved the characters. The cover. can't wait to read more
Mithy1 More than 1 year ago
I thought Sookie was really one dimensional in this book. In her others I have found her to be lacking in emotion and way too deep in denial about things but the books were quite enjoyable. This book however had me thinking of her as a completely unforgiving, emotionless, self-centered snot. For someone who started off as being non-judgmental and compassionate to others "crosses to bear" she sure isn't portraying that in this book. Also, aside from pretty much ostracizing all the men who care for her right out of her life, there are no romantic moments...none. She just keeps finding reasons (very selfish ones at times) to keep dumping on the men who want to love or at least like her.
I don't know, maybe Charlaine wanted to show how jaded she is becoming by being indebted to all the Supes. This book had too many plots going on, and because of that, it was rushed and had no feeling.

I'm sorry, but this was not nearly as good as the prior books.
boomer51 More than 1 year ago
After really enjoying books 1-7 this book, From Dead to Worse, was a disappointment. Don't you hate it when a good character, one you really think you've come to know, goes sour? In this book heroine Sookie seems off-key, shallow, definately less likable than earlier books - frankly out of character with the sweet, southern gal personna. The plot is very busy but large and small things seem to get the 'light' treatment equally, there's no build up or depth and since most of the action is fairly early in the book, it almost feels more like an info dump than a complete story. More noise than substance. There's no romance in this installment, just Sookie dumping on the men who still - inexplicably - like her. New readers to this series will wonder why. For example, it's 'too soon' for Sookie to say if she loves Quinn, he saves her life, takes a bullet for her and worse, crawls on broken legs to kill a wounded vamp who poses some sort of threat to Sookie's future freedom (not exactly heroic)- but it's not enough because this fairly new boyfriend won't forsake his family? Aren't the good guys suppose to love their mamma and defend their little sisters? In some ways it feels like this plot got so crowded that the important things didn't get enough attention and perhaps the writer lost track of what made her main character engaging. There are contradictory issues with secondary characters too, perhaps editing errors. The end is so anticlimatic that this book feels more like an installment than a complete story. Ealier books in this series were good enough to stand alone, this one really isn't. I don't plan to buy the next book but might read a library copy.
MicheleLeesBookLove More than 1 year ago
ISBN-13: 9780441015894 I have to admit I found this addition to the Sookie Stackhouse series less than stellar. The writing is solid, of course, and Harris is excellent at creating real-feeling character as usual. But there wasn't any overlapping plot, instead there were a series of wrap ups of ongoing plots, like a checklist, one after the other. First, Sookie discovers a long lost relative who approaches her through Eric. Then on the way home someone tries to kill her, revealing a full scale assassination attempt not just against her, but against everyone linked to the warring local werewolf packs. By 140 pages in the whole packs-at-war situation is mostly resolved, thanks to Sookie, but the vampire situation flares up. This conflict too, not only ends far before the actual end of the book, but there's a closed-eye approach to the adventure and fight scenes that renders them weak. The book isn't bad, as far as furthering the adventures of Sookie, and reflecting the massive changes that she and the people around her are going through while trying to recover from Katrina. But it's not necessarily interesting to people who aren't already emotionally invested in Sookie and her crew. Perhaps From Dead to Worse is a cleansing book, clearing away the slate of old loose ends and making way for dramatic new adventures. But it just feels like the progress is minimized and halting rather than being an exciting new volume of a typically bardic tale.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book read like a sitcom. Each chapter wrapped up like a nice episode of the HBO series. I love the books and have read them all so far, but have to admit I was disappointed in this one. If you are a "real" fan you'll have to suck it up and read this one like me just to keep up with all of your favorite characters and hope the next one will rise above!
cryptaknight More than 1 year ago
In the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel, we find Sookie caught in the middle once again as both the Were Pack and the Louisiana vampires face threats from the outside. In the midst of all the turmoil, Sookie still has to deal with small town dynamics, her confusing relationships with Eric, Quinn, and Bill, a flighty witch living in her home, and her regular shifts at the bar.

I love this series, I really do. There were many things I liked about this installment, particularly learning more about Pack/shifter politics and inner workings. Ditto the vampires and the witches. And I know poor Sookie has been put through a lot in the last few books, but that's probably why I felt things were a little too easy in this one. Still, I'm a big Sookie/Eric fan, so all the little flashes of that were wonderful for me, and I always like more insight into Pam, which we get. There was a lot of good Sam stuff, as well.

I was a little put off by the Jason/Hotshot parts, though. Yes, the Hotshot weres are strange, and Crystal is a bit skanky, but I never really found Jason hateful before, and I felt he was this time around. The other aspect of the book that I didn't care for was all the "Ooh, look, I'm current references" to Carrie Underwood and so on. It just jolted me out of the world Harris had created a little bit, and I think in the long run will date the series a little, whereas before it was a bit more timeless.

Overall, though, I always love to return to Bon Temps and Sookie's life, and this was no exception. When I finished, I wanted more, and for me that's the ultimate test.
TrueFan1 More than 1 year ago
This was the 8th in the Charlaine Harris, Sookie series for me. I found this one my favorite of the 8. There is more of Eric and Sookie in the back ground and I find them hotter and more real then the Bill and Sookie romance. In this we see the result of a deadly Vampire political take over and discover Sookie has more relatives then she thought. Her sleezy brother Jason remains selfish and causes her more pain with his weaknesses. She finds out her family has some surprising genetic make up that explains a lot. The ending left me wanting for more and more is coming on May 5, 2009. All though the ending wraps up almost every issue left standing, it doesn't tell us what happens with Eric and Sookie, although she saves his life as well as that of the new Vampire King. Sookie's affair with Eric is one that I hope continues in the 9th book. I couldn't put this one down as each book gets better and better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love, love, love this series by Charlaine Harris but this book was a bit of a disappointment. Although it did have a few good moments, I finished the book in a funk. This is not the Sookie Stackhouse I have come to know and love. Sookie seems to be in a perpetual bad mood throughout the entire novel. Eric's character was, well, kind of boring. It's as if he was hit with a stupid stick. I usually love his character because he is really sharp and occasionally sarcastic. Where was the humor?!?! One of the main reasons I love this series is because they are funny - this book made me, like an earlier reviewer, laugh out loud only once. By no means is this a terrible book. It's just not Harris' best to date.
AngieRPR More than 1 year ago
Love the Sookie books. However, they are starting to get a bit old to me. I like this one a lot better than #7, mainly because of Sookie and Eric renewing their relationship in a sense. Hope that keeps up til the end. LOVE ERIC! Love how Sookie finds out about the fairie history in her family and the very last chapter brought tears to my eyes.
sifu-hotman More than 1 year ago
I want to pretend like this book never happened. It was like someone else entirely had written this installment. Sookie was nothing but an utter b**ch for most of the book; nothing like what she was in the previous ones. She brakes up with Quinn cause she wants someone who puts her before anyone else. But all he did was try and protect his family (like she would do herself if her grandmother was still alive and needing her) - completely unreasonable. And she's flippant with Eric when he's nothing but nice to her. And what's up with her great-grandfather being a fairy, and on top of that also a Prince? I liked it better when she was just a simple girl with a gift.
Jay-Fer More than 1 year ago
I've really enjoyed the other books in this series: a little fantasy, a little romance, a little humor, a little horror. In this book, however, I found Sookie a little self-centered, a little sulky, a little unsympathetic, and more than a little unlikable. If Harris' objective is to broaden or deepen the character, there are better ways to do it than turning her into the Ice Maiden. Not a bad read, but not on a par with the others in the series.
KendraB More than 1 year ago
For a long time now, Sookie has been pushed and pulled into various and dangerous events that go on in the Supe world, with those characters showing little regard for her. This book starts off much the same, but soon you see a Darker Sookie - one with just as little regard for some of them. I'm glad to finally see Sookie show a little of the callousness, which was inevitable, from the horrific things she seen... and done. While keeping some of her core values, Sookie is also able to realize that she will never be the same wide-grinning fool for whom she was taken.

Overall, the book is a fast read (literally, took about 5 or 6hours) but really jumps in its pace compared to the other books. What would have once been a short book in the series, became merely a few chapters, like the 'war scenes.' With that, a lof of drama was lost and time seemed to almost stand still (in the Sookie 'verse), but the book does move rapidly. While I'll miss some of the characters we said good-bye to in this book, this book really feels like a primer to the next one, which I'm *anxiously* awaiting and which sounds like will drastically alter the Sookie 'verse. Realize that there is a lot going on and, like the True Blood series, this books isn't all about Sookie the way the books have been in the past.

For those of you who adore the love scenes, you won't be finding that in this book, but I'm thinking that it might get made-up to you in the coming book. Plus, our favourite Vamp and were-animal boys are to be found, and you are not lacking in the drama department there. I would say that this book really is a different feel for all the Sookie fans out there who love to see our gal always come out with a smile; be prepared to learn that Sookie's no saint. But, as my father would say, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future - and we'll see Sookie's future in May- are you ready for The Revelation?
pvm More than 1 year ago
This series is wonderful. You will be saying, the two main male vamps, can bite you after you start reading the books. I can't say enough great things about this series. I'm a member of some message boards and most people agree they can't get enough of the books. Charlaine, did super job at bringing a new light to the world of super nautrals. These are not your normal Vampir books.If you do a search, I'm sure you will find great statments about this series as well. I would say they make for easy reading and are very addicting! I was given books 1-7 for x-mas. I started the first book Jan.6th 2009 and completed book#7 Jan 24th 2009.I enjoy reading but, it's rare when I come across a series I can't put down!

Ok I have a few things I don't care about this series. I feel there is to much time in refreshing your mind, about events from other books.Maybe she was wanted to recall events in case you didn't have the book before. I only have one more complaint. This is that I have the box set and some of my pages were very light, I almost couldn't read the some pages. I'm aware this is nothing to do with Charlaine, its her printing companies fault.

I found out about this series from HBO. They started a mini series called "True Blood". HBO has done a pretty good job about keeping on track with the books. The first season of "True Blood" started last fall.You would be able to watch season one, read the books and be informed before next season starts. "True Blood" is the only reason we have HBO! I hope I was able to help you decide to read the books!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to read this book. I thought the readers would finally get all the answers we have been waiting for. I was also excited to see if Sookie's and Eric's relationship would progress. Every time they started to discuss their relationship it got put off for another time and eventually dropped. I also wonder if the author even realizes who her most important characters even are? There were so many characters and situations going on it got confusing and boring. I think leaving Eric to such a limited role was a mistake.

What really disappoints me, is this book could have been great. It has characters who are masterpieces and a storyline that goes beyond creative. Every little scrap of passion was abruptly sizzled out. I felt very let down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I remember when the Sookie books were captivating in a can't-put-it-down way. The previous book seemed to recapture some of the old spark and left me with high hopes, but the newest in the series was dead dull! Ms. Harris plods along from one tepid scene to the next, the only semi-exciting scene in the book dealt with in a get-it-over-and-done-with manner. The suspense and charm of the first few books is altogether missing here, not to mention the wit and grace that Sookie normally possesses. This is one to check out of the library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How disappointing! I waited with baited breath for this book to come out. I found it overshadowed completely by a foul-mood Sookie. I've never seen her in such a bad mood for so long. there was only one part that I even laughed out loud at. The characters did not seem themselves. 'Eric' did not sound/seem like Eric until almost the end and then the promise of a conversation about their time together never happened. I don't know why it seems the author wants us to like bill again. I felt the Quinn-Vegas-Vampire thing was hurried -- almost as if the author rushed to get that story line closed. I hope this book is merely a bridge --- tying up loose ends and introducing characters to make the NEXT book as fabulous as 'some'of the others were. The pattern seems to be one phenomenal, 2 OK, then back to phenomenal. 1, 4 & 7 are by far my faves. Hoping this was just a burp.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say that I was disappointed in this, the latest sequel to Charlaine Harris' 'Sookie Stackhouse' series. There were too many sub plots, and not enough interaction with all the characters we have come to know and love. The great grandfather plot was strange from the start. I kept waiting for the real Sookie to stand up, but it never happened. I noticed the same thing in her last Harper/Grave series. Please return to your original format - I love Ms. Harris' books, but I felt that I had waited a year for a book written by someone else.
cloggiedownunder More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars From Dead to Worse is the eighth full-length novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series by popular American author, Charlaine Harris. Sookie attends the society wedding of the year, expecting to go as a guest, but ending up as a bridesmaid and a barmaid. Enlisted for her telepathic powers, Sookie’s efforts to reconcile opposing factions of the Shreveport weres deteriorate into a battle that sees many dead. She also finds herself in the middle of a hostile takeover of the Louisiana vampires, a takeover that results in several of her vampire friends permanently dead. Spells are cast, a killer exposed and a fledgling relationship ends. Sookie breaks a finger (but not one of hers), does a bit of mediating and saves quite a few lives. There are several attempts on her life by the end of this instalment, so Sookie is surprised and rather satisfied to find herself now under the protection of three powerful individuals. And after her brother Jason’s disappointing behaviour, Sookie is pleased to learn she has two more living relatives of whom she was unaware. Questions remain unanswered so there’s plenty to be going on with in the next book, Dead and Gone, but the last few pages will warm the heart of the most cynical reader. Another entertaining read.
gabby1202 More than 1 year ago
I have read the series up to this book so far in about 2 weeks, and I found this book is on of my favorite from the series. There is non-stop action in it and just when you think thats all the action your gonna get, here comes some more in a different way. I think that Sookie has had so much going on in the since she met her first Vamp that she is starting to think things through a little better before jumping on her feelings like she has in the past about some of the other characters. She is still mad at Bill and I don't blame her, he has done her wrong in more than one way. Eric regains his memory of his time in Sookie's house and I think that that plays a part in his easy decision with the new king. IDK, I could be wrong about that but that was what I was thinking. Everytime he calls her "lover" I melt and I most look forward to parts that have Eric in them.
brjunkie More than 1 year ago
It's been six years since the Great Revelation, when the vampires of the world made themselves known to humans. Sookie's boyfriend Quinn, the were-tiger, is missing. The big Bon Temps event, the double wedding of Portia Bellefleur to Glen Vick and Andy Bellefleur to Halleigh, is finally happening. So far things are going perfectly and without a hitch. Well there is one hitch. Sookie is asked to be one of Halliegh's bridesmaids, when one faints and is riding an ambulance to the hospital. Sookie feels better being in the wedding, but she still has to work the bar with Sam at the reception. Bill pleads to Sookie to accept his apology and explanation of what happened because of the Queen of Louisiana orders. He asks that she give him a chance and take him back. How could she? Who is the beautiful withered man that Sookie sees at the wedding? Eric takes Sookie to a very fancy restaurant to meet her great-grandfather, face-to-face. It turns out that he is the fairy prince! But more dramatic than that, on their (Eric and Sookie) drive home, they are pulled over by a cop. Only it's not a cop, but a Were shooting to kill Sookie. Eric takes a bullet for Sookie, saving her life. To complicate matters more between Sookie and Eric, there is the blood bond between the couple. Eric confesses to Sookie that he remembers everything from the time that he lost his memory and was staying (hiding out) at her house. The next morning, Sookie reads in the newspaper that Maria-Star was murdered. Who would have a motive to murder the Were photographer? Octavia finally shows at the Sookie's front door for Amelia. Her roomie rushes to the shocking awakening to meet her punishment, and expecting the worst. There is a war brewing in the Were community between Alcide and Furnan. With the help of Octavia and Amelia, Sookie finds out that one of Furnan's men are responsible for Maria-Star's death. Furnan's wife has been kidnapped, and the only one he believes to have the motive is Alcide. In one of the most tense and exciting fight scenes since the packmaster competition, Sookie is wounded (bitten) by Priscilla, the homeless female Were packmaster, responsible for the killings. With the Queen of Louisiana incapacitated for the time, (she's in the painful process of growing her legs back), the weakened territory of Louisiana is ripe for the taking. The answer to who would take the opportunity could lay behind the identity of the new Asian vampire Jonathan, who Sookie meets at the double wedding reception. When Frannie shows up at Sookie's door, will she be able to save Quinn from the trap that the vamps have waiting? My opinion is that Sookie will not settle with Quinn. The blood bond between her and Eric, and her hatred towards Bill lessening, confuses her decision on who she wants to be with. I believe that she will finally end up with Bill Compton or Eric Northman. But who will she choose?
Jocey9 More than 1 year ago
This book felt like a filler to me. I adore the Sookie Stackhouse books, and found myself so disapointed by this one. Sookie has a bad attitude most of the book, swearing and using language that didn't seem genuine to her character. She breaks up with Quinn, the one person who selflessly cared for her the most, for a BS reason, but is willing to accept mistreatment doled out by all other characters. So much stuff was jammed into this single book, yet it feels like nothing happened - like the purpose was just to tie up loose ends. I'm not happy with any of the turns this book took, most of all I'm not happy with the changes to Sookie's character. I'm going to take a break before venturing on to the next installment. :-(
Jessi-21 More than 1 year ago
Not quite as great as the others, but it at least keeps you updated with your favorite characters. Love the series. Love it on HBO. Love the humor too.
DraMommy More than 1 year ago
I have been looking for a book series to get into since reading harry potter and I am so happy to have found Charlaine Harris' books. I enjoy reading Sookie Stackhouse stories and try tounfold the misteries. This is an engaging series worth of reading. I have read 8 books on the past 7 days and i cant wait for more.
Book_Geek82 More than 1 year ago
I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels but it seems with each new book, the more Harris tries to pack into it. My only guess for it is she wants Sookie to feel more and more over her head with the sups but it is becoming too much. I felt exausted after reading it. I still liked the book but I wish some of the plot lines were spread over two books instead of cramed into one.