From Frazzled to Fantastic! You're One Thought Away From Feeling Better

From Frazzled to Fantastic! You're One Thought Away From Feeling Better

by Lynn Durham


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Did you know that 5 minutes of remembered anger can depress your immune function for up to 6 hours? That your platelets get sticky with stress? That the telomeres on your DNA shorten and you age faster? This book is filled with stories, comments, suggestions, quotes and references to medical research rich in proving the psychological and physical benefits in healthy thinking and feeling good. You can look over the "new thoughts" at the end of each segment with an open mind and see if there are any you want to "test drive" in your life to change your heart variability pattern from jagged and erratic to a more coherent rhythm as you move From Frazzled To Fantastic!

Foreword by Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert, author of POP! and the upcoming SerenDestiny and Eyebrow Test


"I picked up From Frazzled to Fantastic with the intention of flipping through it. Two hours later I'd read it cover to cover. I will read it again and again-next time slower, to savor. Lynn Durham is a gifted teacher, writer, and philosopher. She combines wit, charm, and the wisdom of Yoda, moving you from ha-ha to a-ha at the speed of laughter. Heart touching, entertaining, and powerfully effective: You're just one thought away from entertainment and inspiration."
-Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE
Publisher, Journal of Nursing Jocularity

"I usually loathe cheery little self-help books and groaned to myself when I saw how it started, but it captivated me in spite of myself. Refreshingly free of the usual platitudes, or when there are any, they are expressed freshly with a nice twist. Glad I took the time for it today."
-Wendie Howland, RN, MN, CRRN, CCM, CNLCP
Editor, AANLCP Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning

"Lynn has written a power packed manual for living un-encumbered by anxiety, doubt and the million negative thoughts that hold us captive. Read just a page or many pages and unlock the truth of who you truly are. In From Frazzled to Fantastic, Lynn reveals practical advice on how to stay present. She and what she has written are a blessing.
Ronald Piro, Retired General Manager CBS radio and Nassau Broadcasting

"This beautiful book contains page after page of uplifting thoughts and suggestions to make your day more positive, productive and fruitful! Her personal experiences bring authenticity and light to this gem of a book!"
-Dolores Wilkie, Sykesville, MD

"The content is joyful and sensitive yet practical and powerful. I can just imagine the positive outcomes readers will have as a result of experiencing and integrating this goldmine of inspiration."
-Brian Jud, Host of the TV show "The Book Authority"

"I read this beautiful book on an airplane and could not put it down. The wisdom, the practical advice, and the deep love Lynn brings to us are a welcome and refreshing tonic for the negativity, fear, and hopelessness in today's world. Thank you, Lynn, for reminding us of God's grace, our own choices, and the many blessings of this precious life."
-Barbara Glanz, Speaker and author of 9 books including CARE Packages for the Workplace,

"Feeling stressed? A tad frazzled? Want a solution? It's in your hands... Lynn Durham's From Frazzled to Fantastic will soothe your soul and celebrate your successes. Woven with wonderful humor and ahas ... this is just what the savvy doctor would order!"
-Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, author of 28 books including Show Me About Book Publishing

"How can anyone not leap into a book called 'From Frazzled to Fantastic!' -- it's for everyone who's ready to dive into vibrant living."
-Soleira Green author of The Alchemical Coach

"We all have days when things "should be" better or days when we are exhausted and the end doesn't seem to be in sight. Pick up this book! You will probably see yourself here and you will learn how to change your thoughts to get the kind of positive results you want."
- Ivan Burnell, author of The Power of Positive Doing

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ISBN-13: 9781467978644
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2011
Pages: 198
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About the Author

A registered nurse and mother of three sons, Lynn Durham focuses on wellness. She has been, or presently is, an adjunct professor, columnist, speaker, consultant, retreat leader and personal well-being coach. Lynn blends the knowledge of a professor of nursing education, the wisdom gained at the Harvard Deaconess Mind Body Medical Institute and mixes it with life experiences, optimism and obvious joy.

Through her writing, speaking, TV or radio appearances, individuals at companies, associations, and schools are changing the way they see their world. Lynn has been called "a creative antidote to the challenges of day to day business ...and... life." After connecting with Lynn and her light-hearted approach people never see things quite the same again and feel better for it.

Lynn grew up along the Connecticut shore, raised her boys in the New Hampshire seacoast area and now lives near the mountains and lakes. She writes from her story filled eighteenth century home located near "Golden Pond," the same house where it's said Kate Douglas Wiggin wrote Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as a guest when it was open to tourists.

Also by Lynn: the audio book Dancing Gracefully with Life, and the booklet Welcome Wellness. She is contributing author to several books including Touched By Angels of Mercy a book about caregivers.

For more information about Lynn's speaking, writing, or programs please email, call 603-926-9700, or sign up for a newsletter on her website:

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