From Huskie to Hottie - A Magical Gender Swap Story

From Huskie to Hottie - A Magical Gender Swap Story

by Sage Reamen

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Danny's sarcastic attitude has always gotten him into trouble. But when he falls victim to an old fortune-teller's curse, he's about to get his just desserts... because he's been transformed into a woman!

Now stuck in the body of a beautiful girl, Danny is desperate to undo the magic spell - until, that is, he gets his first taste of sexual freedom in his new, feminine body. And it's about to come at the hands of his two former friends, who know nothing of the transformation that Danny has undergone...


Danny stood in line at the burger joint, waiting for her turn. She fidgeted with her keys, impatiently waiting for the guy in front of her to place his order. Then, out of the blue, she squealed as she felt someone cupping her ass from behind! A hand, a rather large one at that, had grabbed her form behind and squeezed! She wheeled around, prepared to slap the cheeky bastard, only to see Rick standing there with a sly gleam in his eyes. "Hey, sugar."

Of all the luck. Here was one of her best friends hitting on him on the very first day! Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment at the unaccustomed intrusion.

Rick saw the pink flush to her cheeks and took it as a green light. He stepped in closer, brushing his pelvis against her hip, his hand on her waist. "Pretty girl like you shouldn't be here all alone. My buddy's out in the car, why don't you come with us?"

Danny wanted to protest, to tell Rick to fuck off, to slap him, push him away, call him a creep loud enough for everyone to hear. But she couldn't. Madam Lydia's words echoed through her mind - if she experienced what it is she used to be like from the other side, maybe it would free her from the curse! Besides, if she had to hook up with someone, it may as well be Rick, right? She looked up into his eyes and nodded, though she could tell she flushed even deeper as she did so.

Rick grinned, looking somewhat surprised, before leading Danny out to the parking lot, prattling all the way. "What's your name, sweet thing?"

"Da... Danielle."

"I'm Rick. There in the car is Salvatore." Suddenly Rick's hand was on her ass, rubbing and caressing. Danny started to push him away, but was shocked to find herself getting aroused...

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Publisher: Sage Reamen
Publication date: 12/30/2013
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