From Language to Multimodality: New Developments in the Study of Ideational Meaning

From Language to Multimodality: New Developments in the Study of Ideational Meaning


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This volume's principal face is how we use language to make meaning of the world, on how the systems and structures of the ideational function of language represent the realisation of our experiences of the world around us. It captures the endeavors of scholars working in different context, disciplines and languages around the world. Their contributions explore what underlies experiential and logical meaning-making through specific analyses of recently created, contextually diverse single text or collections of text, both monomodal and multimodal. The issues addressed are layers of meaning through the transitivity system; agency and subjectivity; what kinds of participants and circumstances are associated with various processes and how these vary across languages; new ways of researching and capturing the interaction of the experiential function with the other functions of language-interpersonal, factual and logical - in communicative contexts; and how multimodality and new ways of modeling experience semiotically influence the work of linguists, linguistic description and application.

From Language to Multimodality displays the dynamic dialogue on theoretical and applied interests of scholars interested in functional linguistics and working in a range of academic contexts. At post-graduate level, advanced students will benefit from this collection's new perspectives, innovative thinking and research accounts. These papers highlight the flexibility of the systemic functional linguistic approach and exemplify how it can offer deeper and further insights into potential way of exploring meaning-making by drawing on recent seminal developments in ideation.

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ISBN-13: 9781845539115
Publisher: Equinox Publishing
Publication date: 05/24/2010
Series: Functional Linguistics Series
Pages: 353
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About the Author

Carys Jones is currently Materials Developer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. She holds a University of London doctorate in Linguistics in Education and has many publications around issues to do with how language helps learning: the focus of her main research interests. She promotes an SFL approach across different subject disciplines, for teaching and research purposes, in Higher Education Institutions within the UK and beyond. Eija Ventola is Professor of International Business Communication at Aalto University, School of Economics, in Helsinki. Her published work on systemic functional linguistics, discourse analysis and text linguistics includes studies on casual conversations, chats and service encounters of various kinds, as well as developing dynamic modelling of interactional discourse. Her current research and teaching interests include theoretical and applied issues of multisemiotics, for example videoconferencing and internetting, museums and tourism in multimodal and multimedial contexts, and research on globalised language of marketing and business.

Table of Contents

Information about the authors vii

Introduction Carys Jones Eija Ventola 1

Part I Theoretical developments in representation: Experiential issues 15

1 From process to pattern: methodological considerations in analyzing transitivity in text Geoff Thompson 17

2 Using corpus data to have a closer look at the Experiential function Lynne Flowerdew 35

3 A survey of process type classification over difficult cases Mick O'Donnell Michele Zappavigna Casey Whitelaw 47

Part II Interactions among Ideational, Interpersonal and Textual meanings 65

4 The grammar of emotion in English and Spanish: a systemic-functional approach Julia Lavid 67

5 Construing attitude and experience in discourse - the interaction of the transitivity and appraisal systems Claire Scott 87

6 Bridging the metafunctions: tracking participants through taxonomies Nick Moore 111

7 Tactic augmentation and circumstantial augmentation in the creation of field meanings Sridevi Sriniwass 131

Part III Applications of the theory to academic contexts 153

8 Instantial and conventional representations in scientific knowledge construction Ann Montemayor-Borsinger 155

9 Mapping Ideational meaning in a corpus of student writing Sheena Gardner 169

10 The role of the Nominal group in undergraduate academic writing Anne McCabe Christopher Gallagher 189

11 The expression of Experiential meaning in EFL students' texts: an analysis of secondary school recounts Ana Martín-Úriz Rachel Whittaker Susana Murcia Karina Vidal 209

Part IV Exploring the Ideational function in multi-semiotic representation 229

12 Inter-semiotic expansion of Experiential meaning: hierarchical scales and metaphor in mathematics discourse Kay L. O'Halloran 231

13 Representations of individual and mass: modelling Experience through multiple modes in digital art Birgit Huemer 255

14 Movies 'reloaded' into commercial reality: representational structures in 'The Matrix' trilogy promotional posters Arianna Maiorani 275

15 Representing Experience: the co-articulation of verbiage and image in multimodal text Dai Fei Yang 297

16 Decoding meaning in political cartoons Maria J. Pinar Sanz 313

Index of names 335

Index of subjects 338

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