From Making a Living to Having a Life

From Making a Living to Having a Life



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ISBN-13: 9780966086751
Publisher: Violin Publishing Company
Publication date: 03/28/1999
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.07(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface: The Day I Ran Away From Homexiii
Chapter 1.Work Is More Than a Paycheck1
The Myth of Security6
The Revolution for Meaning8
Chapter 2.How Core Beliefs Keep Us Struck in the Wrong Job11
What Are Some of Your Core Beliefs?20
What You Can Do to Change Your Core Beliefs21
Step 1Observe22
Step 2Evaluate26
Step 3Change Your Mind-Set31
Autobiography in Five Short Chapters35
Chapter 3.Stress and the Workplace--Managing Fallout from Frazzled Lives37
The Impact41
The Heart41
The Brain43
Anxiety Producers You Can Work On44
What Does the Future Hold?60
How to Manage Stress62
What You Can Do to Reduce Stress on a Personal Level72
Chapter 4.Finding Time to Find Wise Work75
The Right Place at the Right Time77
Do You Have to Give Up Your Job to Find Wise Work?79
How Much Time Do You Have?81
How to Get Time for Yourself82
How to Use Free Time85
How to Make It All Happen--Use the PEP Method92
Chapter 5.When Quiting is the Best Option95
Good Reasons to Stay Put96
Should You Stay?97
How Bad Is It?--Some Preliminary Questions99
Is Quitting the Right Answer?101
Reasons to Quit that Make Sense102
Should You Actually Leave?114
Take Action115
Characteristics to Cultivate so You Can Leave116
Chapter 6.What To Do Before You Lose Or Leave Your Job121
Moving Onward and Upward at the Same Company123
Acquire the Habit of Lifelong Learning129
Prepare Mentally for an Upcoming Transition130
Become Actively Involved in the Job Search Process133
How to Stay Visible and Build a Good Image143
Activate the Search146
Pick up Free Information from the Internet148
Continue Being an Effective Employee150
Chapter 7.What To Do After You've Lost Your Job155
Downsizing Can Be a Gift159
The Real Payoff160
Where to Use Your Talents161
What to Do as You Prepare for Your Next Move161
Guard Against Fall-Out Behaviors173
Chapter 8.Managing Change179
Stage 1Your Building Gets Dynamited180
Stage 2Standing in the Rubble187
Stage 3You Find a New Building to Work In190
Final Thoughts194
Chapter 9.Purpose--The Heart of Wise Work199
What Is Purpose and Why Is It a Good Thing?203
The Purpose Statement204
Let Intuition Be Your Guide207
To Find More Clues, Search Your Own Past210
To Make Your Higher Purpose a Reality, Visualize It212
Form a Purpose Group214
Final Thoughts216
Chapter 10.Balance--Working and Having a Life219
Work Has Its Own Special Niche220
Wise Work Is Different223
It's As Personal As Fingerprints225
Do What Works for You227
Work as a Facilitator for Life Balance231
AppendixThe Wisdom of Life's Lessons235
In One of the Author's Poetic Moments240
About the Author243

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I was immediately attracted to this trade paperback by the gorgeous cover and the subtitle ¿A Book For The Working Challenged.¿ Who hasn¿t been ¿working challenged¿ at some point in their life? This valuable and practical book is particularly appropriate now more than ever. We've been downsized, rightsized, laid off and demoralized over and over again. Many companies are using our recent tragic events and the economy as excuses for bad choices and equally bad behavior. In my opinion it's about time we took back control of our careers and our life. ¿From Making A Living To Having A life¿ will help us do just that. The book begins with a story that tells how the author decided one day to 'run away' and follows her through her own discovery of her perfect work and her fulfilling life. The author, Gloria Dunn, has been there and done that and offers in her book the nuggets of wisdom she discovered along the way. Ms. Dunn is an organizational behavior specialist, professional speaker, consultant and president of Wiser Ways To Work®. The many topics covered in this book include: how to find the work of your dreams, how to make your current job more fulfilling, how to determine whether to leave or to stay, what to do if you're laid off or fired and how to have a more fulfilling life that is enhanced by your work and not dominated by it. The material in the book is presented logically and illustrated by true stories of the working challenged. The book is fully interactive with quizzes, lists and cartoons along with an overall summary of important wisdom learned at the end of the book. Anyone who works will benefit from reading this book. It is particularly recommended for those who have recently lost their job or who have a job they can¿t leave but wish they could.