From Mom with Love: Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining

From Mom with Love: Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining

by Pushpa Bhargava


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From Mom with Love, fondly written by a loving mother for her children, is perhaps the only cookbook that contains recipes for everyday cooking in typical Indian households in addition to fancy food such as Goan Shrimp Curry and Tandoori Chicken. The book includes sixty-eight clearly marked Vegan recipes, a complete list of spices, legumes, beans, and the pots and pans you need to start cooking, and a pantry list for beginners and another one for more committed and experienced cooks in a format that you can take right to the store with you. The most special and unique feature of this book is the TLC tips-little shortcuts and secrets that will make your cooking easier, yet delicious. From Mom with Love is often the top seller at Amazon in Indian books and in the top two or three in Asian cooking, and is frequently in the top ten at Amazon in the Entertaining and Special Occasion Cooking Categories.

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ISBN-13: 9780976185123
Publisher: Crest Books, Inc.
Publication date: 07/01/2009
Pages: 185
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.69(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

The magical aroma of Pushpa Bhargava's gourmet and everyday cooking has welcomed innumerable guests to her beautiful home. The delectable taste of her cooking has enchanted even the most discerning of friends. The elegance and grace of her hospitality and the comfort of her food has warmed the hearts of many after a tiring, stressful day at work. Pushpa has offered her years of experience in the art of special and everyday cooking and entertaining to young people starting their own kitchens and to the young at heart wanting to add to their repertoire. She has been rewarded with truly heartwarming feedback from friends, family, and total strangers from around the globe.

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From Mom with Love: Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a first generation Indian in the United States and grew up eating daily the Indian food my mom prepared. As i went out on my own, and tried to cook the dishes i missed, i always would end up calling my mom as she tried to spend the next hour on the phone helping me make a dish that resembled hers. This book accurately spills out what an Indian mom would tell her kids when they try to make what they were used to, growing up. Its in simple to understand recipes with many illustrations. There are no crazy complicated steps that indian cooking many times has. It has most of my favorite dishes. A must have for any person trying to cook authentic indian food.
EATcookSLEEP More than 1 year ago
I like the bulk of this book but am disappointed that the cook has chosen to use Ricotta Cheese in lieu of the actual Indian ingredients in some recipes. I understand that she wanted to make it easy for Westerners but this is a big NO NO and it does impact the true flavor of a dish. Overall it is probably going to be a staple for simple home cooking in my Cook Book Collection. Enjoy~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Yogz More than 1 year ago
I have had this book for about two years now. It is my "go to" book on everything that is indian cooking. Her recipes are really easy to follow and the layout is superb. It is definately a complete guide to Indian cooking from great tips to info on spices to meal ideas for different types of parties. Pushpa has definately added something in these recipes which transforms you into a great indian chef. She will definately have all your guests thinking you're the best indian cook. Shabash Pushpaji
chefmader More than 1 year ago
I'd like to recommend this book called "From Mom with Love", by Pushpa Bhargava, a Complete Guide to Indian Cooking and Entertaining. This book is an amazing resource, and yet is not too complicated for the average American cook. Color photographs (that look like the real deal....meaning I don't think they've been staged at all) accompany each and every recipe, so you know what the recipe will really look like when you're finished.

Don't be put off by the long list of spices in the recipes. I went ahead and bought myself an Indian Masala Dabba - which is a a round stainless steel box with seven round compartments along with a small teaspoon measure which fits in the box. A good masala dabba will have a tight fitting lid in between the lid and the compartments of the box to ensure that the spices do not mix. Then fill it with the most common Indian spices - and you have them all at your fingertips. It makes the cooking so much quicker, and less daunting.

Also, if you're a pressure cooker fan - there are lots of ways to use yours in this book. But in most cases, alternate instructions are given if you don't have one.

Another great feature of this book is the pre-cooked masala that is used in a lot of recipes. You basically can make a big batch of it and stick it in the freezer in 1 cup servings. I'm going to spend 20 minutes making this for my Indian clients, and it will make future cookdates go so much faster for me.

This book is well written, easy to follow, and has traditional recipes that will impress your most discerning Indian client. Try the keema Matar for your low-carb or low-fat clients!

If you really want to get crazy - there are recipes for snacks, sweets and every kind of bread integral to an Indian meal including Bati, Bhature, Kachori (stufffed poori...OMG these are SOOOOdelicious!!), Makki ki Roti (roasted corn flour bread), Naan, Alu Prantha (potato bread), Gobhi Parantha (bread made with shredded cauliflower!) and my absolute favorite - Paneer Parantha which is of course Fried Cheese Bread! There are more but I won't name them all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am soooooo delighted with this book! I have used it every single day since I got it, and every recipe that I've tried has been so delicious, nutritious and easy too!

There are beautiful photos of every recipe, and easy to understand recipes which are simple to make. I especially love how she gives hints on how to prepare some items in advance (such as masala) to make for quicker cooking times, or how to freeze leftovers for quick dinners throughout the week. I've used these tips because I am very busy and don't have much time or energy to cook. This book has made my life so much easier and I and my husband are so happy with the delicious food that both of us have been making from it!

I can't recommend this book highly enough! Definitely buy it, you will love it!
GririshRishi-IndiaAbroad More than 1 year ago
My most recent pick titled From Mom with Love by Pushpa Bhargava is a different kind of book that deserves special mention. It is written by a mother who wants to preserve her recipes for posterity.

The best part is in the well over 100 recipes that Pushpa shares. There are simple recipes for a quick home meal as well as fancy recipes for parties. The book also has recipes for making both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as those decadent dessert preparations that top off Indian meals.

While perusing through the book, I came across preparations long lost to me as a result of my self induced exile (in the US). Here is one--a good summer thirst quincher--Jal Jeera, which Pushpa translates to "cumin water." Also, unlike other cookbooks that one spends translating from Hindi to English or vice versa, Pushpa starts the book off with translations for common ingredients. You could literally walk into a grocery store with the translations and shop around.

Each recipe comes with a serving suggestion and a recommendation for kitchenware. The Kabab with chutney and onions in lemon, the Pachmel Dal with fresh lemon squeezed and the Kachori with Chatpate Alu. Dessert recipes come with quaint recommendations such as Sevain Kheer to be eaten on Raksha Bandhan.

The book is a treasure for amateurs like me and for seasoned cooks alike. The recipes are utilitarian, the photography makes it even more delectable and while the food cooks, one feels like re-reading the acknowledgements. At the end of the book, TLC tips provide guidance for safety, how to deal with cooking crisis, storing, and proven household medications.