From Nightmares To Reality

From Nightmares To Reality

by E.J. Edwards


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ISBN-13: 9781452028538
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/01/2010
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

First Chapter

From Nightmares to Reality

By E.J. Edwards


Copyright © 2010 E.J. Edwards
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-2853-8

Chapter One

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, The alarm went off at 8a.m., on a cloudy and cold Monday morning in November, waking Allen Rice from a good night's sleep. He rolled over to the clock and turned off the alarm. With a big yawn, Allen stretched his arms and legs before crawling out of bed. He walked over to the window, and parted the curtains revealing his backyard, covered in snow.

Allen lives in the small, rural town of Cinder grove, Ohio, so it didn't surprise him to see three to five inches or more on the ground this time of year.

He was hoping the weather would be better today, seeing as how the town was having its yearly auction down at the stonewall theatre. Allen made it a ritual to attend it every year in hopes to find new things to decorate his home with. His home is a brick, one story house with big windows in every room, perfect for letting just the right amount of sunlight to come through and illuminate his fine collection of antique sculptures and fancy paintings from previous auctions. Allen had a tropical theme for his living room and a ceramic mask collection in his bathroom. The bedroom had Celtic sun and moon paintings pressed against dark blue wallpaper to bring out the gold and silver colors.

As usual every morning, Allen performs his routine of a hot shower, hot coffee and hot breakfast before going to work. He requested the day off to head to the auction but, he still had to go pick up his weekly paycheck. Before heading out, he poured the remaining coffee into a thermos to take with him on the road. He slipped on his boots and leather jacket, and went to reach for his keys when the telephone rang.

Allen walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. "Hello", he said waiting to be answered. He listened for a moment.

"Hey man, what's up"? It was his friend Kyle Moss.

"Hey, Kyle ... I'm just about ready to head out the door." He could tell that Kyle was standing outside somewhere due to the sounds of the wind coming through.

"Where are you going in this weather?" Kyle asked in a surprised manner.

Allen held the receiver between his shoulder and neck as he tried to zip up his jacket, "I'm heading down to the auction in town".

Kyle laughed a bit, "Dude, you still go to that thing to buy other peoples junk?"

Allen snapped back at him, "it's not junk, man, some of the stuff they have is invaluable".

Kyle stopped him, "hey, man I'm just messing with you," He continued "Look, since you are heading out anyway, why don't you swing by work I want to talk to you about something."

Allen zipped up his jacket and grabbed the receiver, "Alright, man I got to stop by there anyway to get my check."

"Cool" Kyle replied, "Talk to you when you get here," He continued, "oh, and try not to wreck; it's pretty bad out here."

"Awww, I didn't know you cared," Allen replied in a sarcastic manner.

"Whatever, man," Kyle replied "just get your ass down here," Allen Laughed, and hung up the phone.

He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out two leather gloves, and slipped them forcefully on his hands. Allen remembered buying them at a thrift store years ago, and they barely fit, but for some reason he had trouble parting with them. He made a quick stop into the bathroom, and looked into the mirror, making the final adjustments to his short dark brown hair. He was never any good at shaving, so he usually cut himself once or twice, and he would have to tear off small pieces of tissue paper into little squares and stick them on the wounds. He reached up and removed them one by one and threw them in the trash.

Allen turned his attention back to the mirror, staring at his reflection, His blue eyes searching for any imperfection as thorough as airport security. Allen was a confident man, who stayed pretty well groomed. He stayed in shape, spending seven hours a week working out to the sound of old and new rock music in his fitness room. It was a pretty good idea since he worked as a metal fabricator at Patterson scrap co., where he did a lot of heavy lifting, despite the fact that the job was kind of like a workout in and of itself. "Let's get it done," he said smiling at his reflection before turning and walking out of the bathroom. He grabbed his coffee and made his way out the front door locking it behind him.

He felt the cold brisk air hitting his warm face as he tracked through three inches of freezing snow, making a trail of footprints toward his pickup truck. Even though his door was unlocked, Allen had to pull hard to open it due to ice freezing it closed. He reached into the cab, pulling out his ice scraper to clear the remaining snow off the windows. He was half frozen by the time he climbed into his truck. "Man, its cold," he said to himself turning on his engine, and reaching down quickly to turn his heater on. Allen waited a few minutes for the car to warm up before pulling out of the driveway.

As he made his way down the road he noticed the trees hanging down due to the weight of the thick ice covering their branches. It gave the illusion that they were reaching out for him each time he passed one. The wind howled through the cracks of the windows making it sound like they were calling to him. The roads were completely covered with snow, and Allen could feel the truck wanting to slide underneath. "I'd better take it slow," he thought to himself letting off of the gas pedal.

As he arrived on the main road; it was evident that the salt and plow trucks had already been through there, clearing all snow off of the road. It didn't take long for Allen to arrive at Patterson scrap co. He pulled in, noticing that they didn't clear the parking lot of snow, making it hard to park evenly. As he turned off the engine, the truck came to rest next to two expensive looking cars. Allen opened the door, feeling the instant rush of cold air collide with the warm air escaping out of the truck, as if they were fighting over him. He shut the door and made his way through the thick white snow to the front door entrance.

It was a big, dirty, brown five story building with tall windows attached with steel bars all around the building. Just looking at it always put Allen in mind of a prison. It was an eyesore next to everything else, and the snow didn't help make it any better, it just made it more apparent. Allen kicked the snow off of his boots as he entered the building, feeling another refreshing rush of warm air hitting his body. At that moment, his nose caught the overwhelming scent of lavender and jasmine. Only one person he knew emitted that sensual odor, and that was his girlfriend and front desk secretary, Susan Archer.

Susan was a tall and thin bombshell of a woman. She had hazel eyes, and long brunette hair that flowed like a steady river, and legs that went on for miles. She was wearing a short brown skirt with a vanilla sweater. She had on panty hose that turned her legs a golden brown color and black stiletto heels on her feet. Her face was complimented with light colors of pink and tan makeup, light pink lipstick and just a touch of light blue eye shadow. Alan and Susan have been dating for about a year or so, and get along really well. Before that, the men at the factory tried their luck with her, but after a few dates with them, it was apparent as to what they were after. So she swore off dating for awhile, until she and Allen ran into each other at a local restaurant and decided to give it one more try, and they hit it off nicely.

Allen watched as Susan came through the office doorway behind her desk carrying a big pile of documents. "Hey, gorgeous," Allen called out as he made his way over to her. "Hey, I didn't hear you come in," She replied excitedly. She quickly sat the documents on her desk and ran over to him wrapping him in a warm embrace. Allen breathed her in smelling the strong alluring scent of her perfume, sending him into a brief emotional nirvana.

"God, you smell good baby, and look good too", Exclaimed Allen, looking at her from head to toe. "Yeah, right," she said playfully, "you just want your check."

Allen pulled her close to him wrapping his arms around her waist, "Baby, you know I will always tell you the truth." "Besides, I have special plans for that money." Susan smiled as she looked into his eyes "And just what would that be Mr. Rice?"

Allen took a deep breath, "well I'm taking this sexy, hard working woman out for dinner at the Moonlight Garden restaurant on oh, let's say.... Friday night?"

Susan's eyes lit up with excitement, "Oh, my god, you got reservations?"

"Of course I did," Allen said, releasing her from his arms, "I reserved it two weeks ago."

Susan licked her lips as she looked up at him, "Well, I just might have a little surprise for you that night as well". She turned and walked, slowly back to her desk, her hips swaying from side to side. Before she got to the end, she slowly turned her head and gave a slight wink and a smile.

Allen's heart races like electricity through a circuit as her words hit his ears, and the anticipation of what's to come fills his mind like an overflowing champagne glass. Susan opens up a filing drawer and pulls out his check.

"So, is it as bad as they say it is outside?"

Allen collects his composure and replays the question in his head before answering. "Umm ... uh, yeah it's the worst I've seen in a long time." Susan walks over to him with her arm extended, "here you go, handsome". Allen grabs the thin piece of paper and examines it.

The check reads $1400.00 dollars even.

Allen smiles, folding it up neatly, and placing it in his wallet, "looks like all of that overtime paid off."

Susan directs her attention past him, and looks through the door to the outside parking lot. She has a slight feeling of worry as she gazes upon the snow falling fiercely from the sky, distorting everything like a fuzzy television screen, "are you planning on going anywhere else today?"

Allen walks up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. "I'm going to head down to the town auction today, why?" her voice changes to the pitch of that of a worried child,

"Just, promise me you will be careful when you drive, ok?" She turns to him showing her concerned expression on her face. Allen brushes it off as if the whole world is under his control.

"Oh, I'll be fine; besides, I've made deliveries in worse weather than this." His confidence and reassuring attitude makes Susan feel a little bit more at ease, but her mind filled with the potential outcome of Allen's fate if she hadn't warned him ahead of time.

"Well, just be careful anyway, you big headed man," her tone changing back to normal, "I don't' want to see you become the news!"

Her words echoed into his head. "That's funny, Kyle said the same thing to me before I left the house this morning." Allen turned his head and looked around the room. "Say, where is he anyway?"

Susan brought her hand up towards her face, brushing her hair back behind her ears. "Last time I saw him, he was clocking out to go on break."

"Well, I'd better go find him," Allen replied preparing himself to go out into the blizzard. "He said he wanted to talk to me about something." Just then the telephone on her desk rang.

"Okay, I'd better get back to work." Susan grabbed his coat, "Please, be careful out there."

"Don't worry, I will," Allen said reassuring her before walking out the door. She kissed him quickly, before running over to answer the phone.

Once he stepped outside, the comfort of the warm air disappeared and once again the stinging, frostlike air quickly consumed his body. He looked around peering through the heavy falling snow, when he noticed Kyle's van pulling in the parking lot, plowing through the fresh, deep blanket of snow before it. It stopped next to an old beat up rust bucket of a car. Allen quickly raced towards the van kicking large amounts of cold wet powder in his wake. When he reached the passenger side, He saw Kyle inside leaning over to open the door for him.

Allen quickly jumped in, feeling another blast of heat surrounding him like a mothers loving embrace.

"Didn't think you'd show up in time before my break ended," Kyle said. Allen removed his gloves and stuffed them in his coat pocket.

'Yeah, well I was inside getting my check, and I stopped to talk to Susan for a second." Kyle reached down and turned off the engine,

"Yeah, she is looking pretty good today."

Allen was startled when he heard a voice coming from the back seat. "Please, that girl is looking fine every day ha, ha, ha." Allen turned his attention to the back to find Carl Snyder, Another one of Allen's good friends that works with him and Kyle on the assembly and packing line. To look at them, you would think they were brothers; they are about the same height, with black hair, and dark brown eyes. The only exception to the fact is that Carl is of Hispanic decent, and they are not related.

Kyle followed in on the laughter as expected, "Yeah, I mean, it's colder than a snowman's ass in an ice cream parlor outside, but when I walked out to go on my break and saw her sitting there in that sweater and skirt, mmmm, mmmm, I got warm real fast, ha, ha, ha."

They both continued in wild laughter as Allen grew agitated at their blatant comments. "Hey, guys come on; have some fucking respect for my girl alright." The two men's laughter slowly died down. "Aww, come on man, we're just messing with you," Kyle said, smacking Allen on his shoulder, reassuring him that they were merely trying to get a rise out of him.

"Yeah, man," Carl interrupted, "you know we respect Susan, right?"

Allen sighed as he unzipped his coat and adjusted himself in the seat trying to get comfortable. He looked over to Kyle still grinning from the previous comedic remarks. "So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Kyle turned towards him putting his back to the door, "Oh, yeah, we were just wondering what you were doing later."

Allen raises his eyebrows in curious manner, "Why do you ask?"

Carl leans to the front as Kyle continues. "Well, we were planning on going out later on after our shift ends to knock back a few drinks at Stanley's bar, and we wanted to know if you wanted to come party with us.

"What's the occasion?"

Carl reaches into his pocket and pulls something out, "I received this advertisement in the mail saying that Monday night is half off pitchers of beer, and we're jumping on it, man."

Allen thought to himself for a second. He remembered going out last time with them a couple of weeks ago. They all three went out on a Wednesday night, when the bar was serving chicken wings for twenty five cents each and it got pretty messy mixing all those wings with about a half a gallon of straight vodka and beer. Allen promised himself never to do that again. But, he really didn't have much to do after the auction house, "Okay, I'll go, just promise me we're not going to do any more eating competitions like last time."

"Nah, Carl and I are going to eat before we head over there so we can drink all night long, ha, ha, ha."

Kyle raises his hand in the air giving Carl an enthusiastic high five followed by loud hoots, and hollers, the kind of excessive noise you would expect at a college frat party.

"What's your wife going to think about you staying out all night, drinking with us?" Allen asks crossing his arms.

Kyle gives a slight wave of his right hand into the air as if he doesn't care, "pssh, I'm not worried about it, besides she is always going out with her friends to play canasta or some other crap that they do."

"She's probably out with her friends at some male strip club getting a lap dance from a big oily muscle guy," Carl said, while performing a vaguer animation to the fact.

Kyle gave a brief sigh, "to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me, "She's been pretty frigid recently, and she keeps going on and on about this and that, and She drives me crazy."

Allen interrupts, "well, maybe if you weren't such an asshole, and really listen to what she is saying, she might calm down a bit."

"I'd listen to the man, Kyle," Carl replies, hitting him slightly on the shoulder, "I mean look how well he's doing with Susan."

Kyle quickly looks down at his watch pretending like nothing was ever said. "Well, I got to get back to work."


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