From Nowhere/Trogglodynamite

From Nowhere/Trogglodynamite

by The Troggs The Troggs




The first two British Troggs LPs are combined onto one disc on this 26-track CD, with the addition of historical liner notes. Four of the cuts off From Nowhere, and more than half of Trogglodynamite, never came out in the U.S., and collectors have sometimes wondered why Trogglodynamite in particular was not more heavily represented on compilations or reissues. Now it can be told (and heard): these tracks, off Trogglodynamite in particular, were not very good. From Nowhere was substantially different, and distinctly inferior to, their first American long-player (Wild Thing), although eight of the songs appear on both records. The tracks unique to the British edition are all covers: "Ride Your Pony" and the obscure "The Kitty Cat Song" (both taken from Lee Dorsey), "Louie Louie," and Chuck Berry's "Jaguar and Thunderbird." And none of them are so hot. "Wild Thing" is the highlight of the disc, and the rest of the set is a mixed bag, peaks being the primordial power of "From Home" and "I Just Sing," as well "Jingle Jangle," the first of Reg Presley's tuneful ballads. The vaudevillian "Hi Hi Hazel," on the other hand, is a lowlight. There's no "Lost Girl," "With a Girl Like You," or "I Want You," all of which made the U.S. Wild Thing a better counterpart to this release, although this didn't prevent From Nowhere from rising to number six in the British charts. Trogglodynamite bore the hallmarks of a rushed affair, comprised largely of substandard original material and covers, and not even including a hit to stand out from the crowd. Only one of the tracks ("Cousin Jane") was even issued in the U.S. in the 1960s, a shocking state of affairs for a British group that had recently topped the American charts, although a few would appear on later compilations (Archeology has five of the songs). Part of the problem was that the group didn't have enough good original compositions to merit an album's worth of material, necessitating the enlistment of other songwriters (including Albert Hammond for "Meet Jacqueline" and their manager, Larry Page) who largely weren't up to the task. Most of the disc is surprisingly tame, with little of the crunch or roar that motored their best classics, or (with the exception of the lovely "Cousin Jane") the left-field delicate balladry they were wont to have up their sleeve. The terrific cover of Them's "I Can Only Give You Everything" is, other than "Cousin Jane," the album's lone first-rate track. Both, along with the best tracks from From Nowhere, are available on Archeology, putting this two-fer into the "only for completists" bin.

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Release Date: 03/09/2002
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes On
UPC: 5017261203403
catalogNumber: 340
Rank: 64883


  1. Wild Thing
  2. The Kitty Cat Song
  3. Ride Your Pony
  4. Hi Hi Hazel
  5. I Just Sing
  6. Evil
  7. Our Love Will Still Be There
  8. Louie, Louie
  9. Jingle Jangle
  10. When I'm With You
  11. From Home
  12. Jaguar and Thunderbird
  13. I Can Only Give You Everything
  14. Last Summer
  15. Meet Jacqueline
  16. Oh No
  17. It's Too Late
  18. No. 10 Downing Street
  19. Mona
  20. I Want You to Come into My Life
  21. Let Me Tell You Baby
  22. Little Queenie
  23. Cousin Jane
  24. You Can't Beat It
  25. Baby Come Closer
  26. It's Over

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Troggs   Primary Artist
Reg Presley   Bass,Ocarina

Technical Credits

Chuck Berry   Composer
Richard Berry   Composer
Albert Hammond   Composer
Chip Taylor   Composer
Larry Page   Composer
Phil Coulter   Composer
Bo Diddley   Composer
Ronnie Bond   Composer
Terry Dwyer   Composer
Reg Presley   Composer
Jimmy Roach   Composer
Joe Sherman   Composer
Peter Staples   Composer
George David Weiss   Composer
Jack Price   Composer
Keith Altham   Liner Notes
Naomi Neville   Composer
Sean Singleton   Composer
David Matthews   Composer
Tommy Scott   Composer
N.E. Fulcanwright   Liner Notes
Joe Spendel   Composer

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