From One Mom to a Mother: Poetry & Momisms

From One Mom to a Mother: Poetry & Momisms

by Jessica Urlichs
From One Mom to a Mother: Poetry & Momisms

From One Mom to a Mother: Poetry & Momisms

by Jessica Urlichs


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"I want to tell you everything I know

carry you and guide you

yet somehow, as your tiny finger points to things in wonder

and your eyes meet mine

the paradigm shifts

I once thought I was to show you the world

when all along you came to show me.

"Poignant, raw and beautifully honest pieces on motherhood. This book comprises 55 poems and prose including viral pieces, 'Dear Mama' & 'I Would Tell Her'. Jessica Urlichs shares her truths from a vulnerable place of becoming a new Mother. Written from the heart, Jessica's words are inspirational and relatable. 'From One Mom to a Mother' is written in a refreshingly honest tone that will touch the soul of so many on this same beautiful, yet challenging journey. Whether you laugh or cry you will put it down feeling less alone and having made a friend in a book .

Jessica shares her passion and love for her children on this tale of self discovery, that two people were born that day.

"Your writing can bring a tear to my eyes or a smile to my face, it really helps me feel less alone".

"You put words to feelings I didn't know I had".

"I've never read such incredible words like you write to describe becoming a mother and being a mother"

"Your book and words have saved me over and over again"

'From One Mom to a Mother' is the first book in Jess's collection of poetry with 'All I See is You' being her second, and her third and final in the series 'My After All'.

Jessica is also a best selling author of 'The Rainbow In My Heart', a picture book on emotions.

Jess's poems can also be found on Etsy!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789514596940
Publisher: Jessica Urlichs
Publication date: 07/30/2020
Series: Jessica Urlichs: Early Motherhood Poetry and Prose Collection , #1
Pages: 104
Sales rank: 154,653
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Jess is a writer and poet based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 'From One Mom to a Mother', is the first in her poetry series on early motherhood. Jessica is also a children's book author, and her writing has been featured worldwide.

Table of Contents

1 My Everything 6

2 Mama You're Beautiful 7

3 Rebirth 9

4 Dear Mama, 10

5 I'm Your Safe Place 12

6 Sleep Will Come 14

7 Lessons of Breastfeeding 16

8 Unseen 18

9 From One Mom to a Mother 20

10 My Resume 22

11 Finding Me with You 25

12 Daddy Daughter 27

13 Carrying You 28

14 First Birthday Poem 29

15 Two 31

16 Marriage 33

17 Stay with Me 35

18 Mothers Skin 36

19 That First Smile 37

20 He wasn't Breastfed 39

21 One Tired Mama 41

22 What Did You Do All Day? 42

23 Baby Blues 46

24 Love at First Sight 48

25 Pieces of Me 50

26 Welcome to Motherhood 50

27 Thanks for the Advice 53

28 Mum, I Understand Everything Now 55

29 My World 57

30 The Battle 58

31 I Love You All the Same 60

32 Here's to Us 62

33 My Sensitive Child 64

34 Take the Picture 65

35 I Will Always Need You 66

36 Finding Us 67

37 Hello Old Friend 69

38 Today I… 71

39 Well Done You 72

40 Until We Meet Again 74

41 Here's the Truth 75

42 Dear Second Child 77

43 Stay at Home Mum 79

44 Growing Up 81

45 Motherhood for Me 82

46 Me Before You 84

47 Looking for Her 86

48 You're So Lucky 88

49 Thank You 90

50 My Little Lady 92

51 Colouring Me in 94

52 Two Under Two 95

53 Neither You, Nor I 97

54 Our Bubble 98

55 Dear Husband (The Future Can Wait) 99

56 My Love Letter 101

57 I Do Not Know Everything 102

58 I Think of Her 103

59 One Day I'll Tell Them 104

60 I Miss You Friend 106

61 Memory Making 107

62 My Life 108

63 Everything That Matters 110

64 You're Doing It 111

65 Do You Remember? 113

66 The Longest and Shortest Time 115

67 Some Truths I've Learnt Postpartum 117

68 When You Fall In Love 119

69 I Would Tell Her 121

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