From Punk To Pastor

From Punk To Pastor

by Anderson


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From an early age Joey had a tough childhood, by the time he was a teen, he had endured years of sickness, abuse, confusion and some good times. At thirteen, he ran away from home to look for a better life but found only trouble. Not long after, he began to drink and use drugs.
At sixteen he lived on the streets full time and hitchhiked around the United States. For a decade he wandered aimlessly. Joe recalled a time when he took a hit of purple microdot LSD and tripped all night long. He saw an uninterrupted stream of pictures and shapes with a beautiful, kaleidoscopic play of colors which streamed on the walls and ceiling in a circular motion around the room. It was a long slow bad trip. He felt dirty, in need of a shower, and bad about the general direction of his life. About eight hours later the trip faded away and he finally passed out.
When Joe revived his body early the next day, he squinted and pulled back the curtains. The world was covered in ice from the storm; there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the morning sun reflected off everything. It hurt his eyes but it was a beautiful sight. He opened the window to get some air. It was cold and crisp and it felt good as the freshness filled his lungs.
"A new day had dawned."
After seventeen years of drug and self-inflicted abuse Joe cried out to Jesus Christ for help. He asked Him, if he was real, then come down from heaven and set him free. He did! A few weeks later on Palm Sunday Joe attended a church service and it was on that day that God revealed himself to him even more.
At the end of the service as everyone was leaving, the church prophet made a loud statement;
"If you have not been baptize with the Holy Ghost you're missing out on everything good God has for you!"
As Joe was almost at the church exit he heard the words of the prophet. He walked back to the altar, stood in front of the man of God, held out his right hand, and said;
"I'll take me a Holy Ghost!"
The prophet poured oil on Joe's head and prayed for him. He heard and felt powerful waves of energy rip through his body and felt as if he floated. Time seemed to have paused. He felt darkness leave his body. After a while the wonderful experience lifted. Joe felt a sense of awe and pureness. He took a few minutes to regain his composure, then slowly walked down the aisle, opened the church doors and stood at the entrance. The atmosphere was illuminated and he felt pure and peaceful.
"A new day had dawned."
Later that night when Joe went back for the evening service, he saw the church filled-up with a see through golden fog.

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