From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light

From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light

by Kandace Jones


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From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light by Kandace Jones

Is it possible to experience unshakable peace, regardless of the situations and people that come your way? Kandace Jones was desperate to find out. From the outside, she seemed to have it all together – a successful career, a loving husband, two children, a great group of friends, and a lovely house. Internally, she was filled with stress and insecurity. She relentlessly worked to maintain the appearance of perfection in her personal and professional life, leaving no down time and very little room for self – until she was forced to slow down. Pneumonia, depression, and anxiety abruptly interrupted the high-speed life she was living, igniting a quest for something far greater to enter: Peace. From Stress to Peace takes readers on a journey to peace and direct connection with the Divine. Through intimate journal entries and short stories, the reader will experience Jones’s journey – the thoughts, words and very actions that led her to self-discovery, unexpected encounters with realms unseen by the human eye and ultimately, a higher level of spiritual awakening. Readers will not only peer into Jones’s journey, but will be left with many ‘Selah’ moments to pause and simply reflect on their journey to spiritual elevation and fulfillment. From Stress to Peace leaves readers with nuggets of truth and wisdom that – when applied – can facilitate a constant state of inner peace and eternal bliss.

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ISBN-13: 9781782796046
Publisher: Hunt, John Publishing
Publication date: 09/26/2014
Pages: 323
Sales rank: 979,831
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kandace Jones is the founder of Living in the Light, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals in releasing stress and returning to the peace that lies within. Her messages of inspiration reach tens of thousands across over 20 countries daily via her Living in the Light blog and social media fan pages. She lives in Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents

Part I From Darkness to Light 1

1 Living in Darkness 3

2 Break of Dawn 18

3 Seeing the Light 43

4 A Vision from the Spirit 61

Part II Living in the Light 69

5 Breaking Old Habits 71

6 Walking the Talk 84

7 Redefining Self 100

8 Shift in Perception 112

9 Detaching from the Ego 143

10 Peace is on the Horizon 175

Part III Revelation 187

11 Revelation 189

12 Into the Silence 276

Epilogue 286

Acknowledgements 291

About the Author 293

Book Discussion Guide 295

From Stress to Peace 21-Day Challenge 297

Living in the Light Community 299

Notes 301

What People are Saying About This

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Jones is a compassionate and skillful doctor of the heart, showing us how forgiveness of oneself and others births authentic inner peace. This wise and practical book has the power to radically change lives. --Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

Terrie M. Williams

The outer layer of people's lives often mask what is going on inside. No matter how deep the inner pain, many individuals go to great lengths to put on the happy face as they go out in the world. From Stress to Peace takes us on a journey through one woman's courage to take off the mask and reveal her true self. Jones so generously shares her process of overcoming depression and anxiety, and is open about the struggles she faced along the way to finding peace. I believe many lives will be touched by this book! --Terrie M. Williams, author of Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting

Gary Renard

With her excellent book, From Stress to Peace, Kandace Jones gives all seekers of the truth a way to practice a kind of forgiveness that will enable them to release the anxiety of the world we seem to live in, and progress to the sanctuary of a tranquil mind. And as A Course in Miracles says, 'A tranquil mind is not a little gift.' I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to move into the realm of inner peace. --Gary Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy

Nouk Sanchez

From Stress to Peace is a brilliant and candid book that relates to the wisdom of A Course in Miracles, the Bible and other valuable wisdom teachings. Kandace has mapped out her own path of Self-discovery, one that will help to illuminate the Light of God within us all. --Nouk Sanchez, author of The End of Death,

John Mark Stroud

We are all on a deeply intimate and personal journey from darkness to Light. Kandace shares her journey with a openness and honesty that is both powerful and refreshing. While 'From Stress to Peace,' chronicles her unique pathway of awakening as Christ Consciousness it contains within it the universal map that we all walk. Her mastery of the willingness to learn and apply authentic forgiveness is inspiring. Kandace opens her heart and mind to Love in a way that invites us to do the same within ourself. --John Mark Stroud,

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From Stress to Peace: An Intimate Journal on the Journey from Living in Darkness to Living in the Light 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book gets my highest recommendation – I loved it. “From Stress to Peace” is a five-star comprehensive guide for self-transformation and spiritual healing that can benefit anyone on any path. Kandace Jones’ courageous personal sharing touched me deeply, and I felt blessed and privileged to enter the story of her suffering and nervous breakdown, her long, painful process of self-exploration, and her ultimate healing through spirituality. I walked with her through the fires of sexual addiction and chronic negativity, and emerged with her unscathed and blossomed into wholeness, and I benefited greatly from the journey. And I relished each of the quotes she shared from numerous wise authors, such as this gem from Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr.: “Depression is reinforced every time a negative thought goes unchallenged and is accepted as truth.” It can be so difficult to learn to truly love and care for ourselves – but isn’t that the core lesson we’re here on Earth to learn? And how wonderful it was to hear again the teachings of “A Course in Miracles,” which are generously sprinkled throughout the book, reminding us that all of our guilt and fear is baseless: “Your sinlessness is guaranteed by God.” I’ll take it! (I even got out a pen and paper and put this one up on my mirror: “The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength.”) Since I have personally found marriage to be both a sweet and very challenging blessing indeed, I totally related to Jones’ marital difficulties, and all the teachings she shares in that regard, such as this one from Marianne Williamson: “The only thing missing in any relationship is what you are not giving.” Powerful!   But as Jones points out, our ultimate healing can only come from the rediscovery of our oneness with God.  As the Course says: “A sense of separation from God is the only lack you really need correct.”  And it is Jones’ dedicated quest for union with God, and her discovery of interfaith harmony – and the exquisite teachings and spiritual practices which together form the essence of spirituality – which make this book so special. I found myself deeply inspired by her whole-hearted commitment for self-transformation, her determination “that total non-judgment, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, unconditional love would have to replace all of my judgment, resentment, inauthenticity, doubt, fear, and any other habits that were not serving me.” I also love her focus on gratitude as a way to overcome negativity… and I could go on and on, because this book is worth studying and meditating with for years. It is filled with liberating affirmations, healing concepts and beneficial practices that, to truly bear fruit for us, must be practiced, not only daily but moment to moment. So by all means, dive into this deep and blissful book, and learn how to let go of stress, and swim effortlessly in the light and love of God. Thank you, Kandace Jones, this book is a precious gift! ~Ram Das Batchelder, author of “RISING IN LOVE: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint”