From the 13th Sun [Bonus Tracks]

From the 13th Sun [Bonus Tracks]

by CandlemassCandlemass


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Having recklessly disfigured the iconic Candlemass doom sound on 1998's Dactylis Glomerata -- an album originally slated for release by Leif Edling's side band Abstrakt Algebra -- both bands' bassist and songwriter-in-chief set about trying to cover his tracks with the following year's back-to-basics From the 13th Sun, which was fittingly dedicated to Black Sabbath. A lingering affection for synthesizers and atypical science fiction lyrics (as opposed to the religious themes of yore) could not disguise the fact that new offerings like "Droid," the urgent "Elephant Star," and "Arx/NG 891" (a galaxy in the Andromeda constellation, in case you were wondering) ultimately harked back to Candlemass' trustworthy doom rudiments. Others, like the deluge-soundtracked "Tot," snail-paced "Blumma Apt," and ogre-slaying "Galatea," didn't even chance foreign sonic ingredients, while the mandatory ten-minute monument "Cyclo-F" dabbled here and there before succumbing to the cheapest possible time-filling gimmick: the drum solo. Which is to say that, despite its commendable re-dedication to Candlemass' core values, From the 13th Sun was no unqualified return to greatness, and the lack of fan endorsement where it counts -- in record stores -- pretty much said it all. And so Edling would eventually feel compelled to reconvene the classic Candlemass lineup several years later (albeit briefly) for a career-revitalizing eponymous LP -- only to once again part ways in familiarly acrimonious fashion with difficult frontman Messiah Marcolin before too long. [Peaceville Records' 2008 reissue of From the 13th Sun featured a trio of more uncharacteristic session outtakes in "Oil," "Nimis," and the notably energized "Rock 'n' Roll."]

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  1. Droid
  2. Tot
  3. Elephant Star
  4. Blumma Apt
  5. Arx/NG 891
  6. Zog
  7. Galatea
  8. Cyclo-F
  9. Mythos
  10. Oil
  11. Nimis
  12. Rock 'n' Roll

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