From the Corner of the Oval

From the Corner of the Oval

by Beck Dorey-Stein


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ISBN-13: 9780525509127
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/10/2018
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 69,429
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.40(h) x 1.30(d)

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Beck Dorey-Stein is a native of Narberth, Pennsylvania, and a graduate of Wesleyan University. Prior to her five years in the White House, she taught high school English in Hightstown, New Jersey; Washington, D.C.; and Seoul, South Korea. This is her first book.

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From the Corner of the Oval 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Somewhat more “love story” than I expected, the background of the Obama administration was fascinating!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beck Dorey-Stein told her personal story as a White House Stenographer during the Presidency of Barack Obama. Because she clearly wrote about her authentic experiences and her own responses, I valued her book--even when I disagreed with a couple of her broader analyses. I highly recommend this book, without reservation. Best wishes, Beck!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author does insightful writing as an outsider at the White House who interacts with Obama's second circle of staffers and learns how to survive the experience. Looking back at the Obama years, nostalgia for 44 reminds of the time when progressives thought our body politic had permanently changed to be accepting, diverse and welcoming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed hearing about her life working in Obamas white house she is easy to read and the story is personal
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The ongoing Jason saga got to be a bit much but then again it was her reality and obviously a huge impact on this point in her life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oh how I long for the greatness of the Obama sadly we have an abomination in the interesting read about a young woman's pursuit of "Living The Dream"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bookchickdi More than 1 year ago
For those who prefer nonfiction, Beck Dorey-Stein’s memoir From the Corner of the Oval begins with Beck answering a Craigslist ad for a stenographer in Washington DC. It turns out that the job is at the White House, and Beck would be one of a few people who record President Obama’s public remarks and then type them up for official transcriptions. Beck has a boyfriend who works on various political campaigns (including both of Obama’s) so he frequently travels. It takes her awhile, but Beck makes good friends, and even plays basketball on Tuesday nights with the guys. She also finds herself in love with Jason, a man who works closely with the President. Jason is a womanizer, and he is engaged to a young socialite who lives in Los Angeles. That doesn’t stop him from pursuing Beck and, unbeknownst to her, several other women simultaneously. They have an on-again, off-again secret affair that leaves Beck desperately unhappy with own dishonesty toward her boyfriend and other friends. From the Corner of the Oval is a true story that reads like a terrific novel. Beck Dorey-Stein perfectly blends a young woman’s doomed romance with a fascinating workplace study where the workplace is the Oval Office. As she travels with President Obama, we get a seat on Air Force One as they go to Europe, Asia, Africa and on an exciting visit to Cuba. We see Secretary Clinton as she spends an hour shaking hands and speaking with the kitchen staff in Myanmar, run next to President Obama on the treadmill as he teases Beck about her speed, and fear the sound of the Rattler, a mean woman who dislikes Beck and gets her nickname from the jangle of the ever-present bangle bracelets warning of her approach. Beck Dorey-Stein is a fantastic writer and, for anyone who would love a peek at being close to the highest office in the land, this is a must-read.
Mary_F More than 1 year ago
I was not 100% sure what to expect when I started this book. The title was promising and sounded like the book should be both fun and interesting to read and I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. The author neatly chapters her story into consecutive time segments so that you are not floundering trying to figure out when things happened. Although her years were during the Obama administration and she clearly admires him, I don’t look at this book as being “political” and to be avoided by anyone who is not one of his fans. I found some of her personal observations of him insightful, but this story is more about her life and work experiences during those years than it is about the President. The story is well written, and I love how the author takes us aboard Air Force One when she travels to exotic locations and brings us back down to earth with discussion on her personal relationships. While living what to many seems a glamorous lifestyle, she finds that real and honest friendships are what really matter. I agree with her friends who tell her that she is a natural writer. I hope that this one is just the first of many books we will see from her. I received an ARC through a giveaway at A review was not required or promised and the opinion given here is my own.
Piney10 More than 1 year ago
The premise for this book was great—a young, naive White House stenographer (wannabe writer) experiencing the Washington scene. Loved the first 10 pages or so but then it crashed as instead of primarily focusing on the work and experiences she had, it went into the young woman’s search for love in all the wrong places. The main character was totally unlikeable and set the women’s movement back years. Disappointing read.
oldwarden More than 1 year ago
Dorey-Stein has written an engaging story. She finds herself hired as a stenographer for President Obama. As a political junkie, I was immediately jealous. Just think of having the opportunity to be a literal "fly-on-the-wall", and witness to history in the making! What I didn't realize was the hard work and sacrifices that go along with the position (although, I would still be willing to try). The drop everything and go expectations. The constant travel. The political infighting among the other staff members. The author does a great job describing the experience. Her obvious admiration of President Obama is evident. She provides an inner look into his personality that most of us will never have. I wish she could have shared more, like what it was like being there when the President met with other world leaders, but I understand that is not possible. Lest you think this book is just a dry rehash of her job, think again! Dorey-Stein lays bare her soul, as she describes her tumultuous personal life. Her personal growth, while it takes awhile, is admirable. She experiences the ups and downs many of us went through at her age....the crazy romances, the drinking, the struggles with money. As a father, I ached reading of these experiences. I found myself wishing I could talk to her, and give her advice. On the other hand, I realize the importance of her handling them herself, in order to grow. BUT!!!!! Not to spoil the book, but there is a man (and I use the term loosely), "Jason", who ran amuck in the administration, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Again, as a father, I would like to meet this guy and punch him squarely in the nose! I can only hope that this book will expose him, and that he gets what he has coming to him. What a jerk! Dorey-Stein is a great writer. She expresses doubt of that throughout the book. I hope the success of the book helps her to realize her gift. I look forward to hopefully reading much more from her!
B-loNY More than 1 year ago
Reads like a sappy novel.
SherreyM More than 1 year ago
"[C]ompulsively readable" describes From the Corner of the Oval so well. Once I started reading this memoir I couldn't put it down.   Beck Dorey-Stein writes with the pen of a former English teacher. She writes descriptive scenes and characters. Her authenticity shines through and seeds of humor drop along the way.   Unlike Dorey-Stein, I'd never think of using Craig's List to find a job. Dorey-Stein thought nothing of it. And she ends up working as a stenographer in the Obama White House. Work days include trips around the world and across the country on Air Force One.    Eager to make friends and fit in, Dorey-Stein finds herself tangled up in a romance. She shares stories of love, heartbreak, and sadness. Not overlooked are work-related stories from the White House. I found the romance somewhat distracting. Yet I accepted it as part of life for any 20-something no matter where she worked.   This is not a tell-all book from behind closed doors in the White House. It is Dorey-Stein's story of landing the job and learning the ins and outs of the White House. She also meets famous people and travels the globe. Dorey-Stein lives the stories we read and watch in the media.   I applaud Dorey-Stein's first published work as well-written and engaging. For this reason, and the humor woven throughout, I highly recommend From the Corner of the Oval.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book provides a fascinating (and really fun) look inside the workings of the White House. Beck Dorey-Stein is a fantastic writer! I can't wait to read her next book.
CharityRowell-Stansbury More than 1 year ago
If this was a work of fiction, I'd say Stein is an endearing character. She's young, intelligent, enthusiastic, and it's clear that she treasured the time she spent with the 44th President of the United States. ** I received a free copy of this book and opted to post a review ** However, the memoir isn't all about work; Stein discusses, in great detail, her love life during her time as a stenographer. I admire her courage in admitting the mistakes she made along the way, it goes to show that a young woman can be intelligent and still make the same mistakes that most young women do. I enjoyed reading about the different locations she visited and her infrequent encounters with former-president Obama. These are described in clear, stunning detail and her boundless enthusiasm for traveling to different countries is contagious. Her insights and inner dialogue are described to readers in a chatty, conversational tone that I found irresistible. Readers looking for a conventional political memoir should steer clear. You will be disappointed because this isn't another person's insights about the 44th President of the U.S.; however, readers who are looking for an unconventional glimpse of what the world of politics is life from somebody who is low on the totem-pole will love From the Corner of the Oval.
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
Very interesting viewpoint of behind the scenes of the Whitehouse. I never thought of a stenographer as one of the presidents staff. This book will keep you reading long after bedtime. It has heart, friends and heartbreak. I received this book from Net Has for an honest review and no compensation otherwise.