From the G-Spot to Enlightenment

From the G-Spot to Enlightenment

by Flaviyake Flaviyake




"From the G-spot to Enlightenment" is a collection of Flaviyake's photos taken during the last 10 years in the United Kingdom, United States, Russia and Moldova, and original quotes about MUSIC, LOVE and LIFE she came up with as result of her music activities.Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and music producer. In this book, you can see how her style has changed during the years, and the wisdom she learnt from interacting with the world as an artist.

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ISBN-13: 9780692931844
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/14/2018
Pages: 204
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About the Author

Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and music producer known for reinventing herself in music videos.Her name is a hybrid of her Latin name Flavia (meaning ‘golden, blonde’) and Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, who became her favourite designer after she attended his exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London in 2010.Flaviyake was born during an earthquake in Chișinău, the largest city and capital of Moldova. As a child she believed that her real parents actually lived on a different planet and that they had sent her to Earth as a punishment. It is for this reason that celestial themes are commonly used in her songs.Flaviyake started her musical career by studying the flute and piano at the Sergey Rachmaninov School of Music in Chișinău at the age of six and she wrote her first song for vocal and piano at the age of ten.Her parents took note of Flaviyake’s passion and ability for composition and enrolled her in a music improvisation class. It was hoped that this ‘improvisation’ would encourage freedom and expression; however all Flaviyake experienced was an environment where she was expected to write music to clearly defined structures. This seriously undermined her desire to write songs based around a piano accompaniment for many years. Instead, Flaviyake found artistic solace in electronic music.She started performing her original Rap songs in clubs at the age of 16. After appearances at the small ‘Haos’ club in Chisinau, famous for its LGBT parties, Flaviyake graduated to teenage parties held in ‘Moscova’ (the biggest club in the city at that time).Flaviyake started writing erotic stories at the age of 17 and self-publishing them on the internet. The stories were discovered by a mobile phone company in Russia and Flaviyake was given a contract to write stories for a smartphone application. As a result of this she moved to Moscow, taking on a variety of assignments – such as writing articles for magazines and newspapers, working as a photomodel and appearing in different TV shows.Madonna, the American singer-songwriter, actress and entrepreneur, is a major influence on Flaviyake and in Flaviyake’s teenage years, she dreamed of Madonna taking her by the hand and showing her the direction that her career should take. That direction was clearly to move to Britain. In 2011, Flaviyake began performing live at hip and chic London venues and also at events with a strong Japanese influence, such as Hyper Japan which is the biggest Japanese event in the United Kingdom. All of her singles were played on British online radio stations and ‘Because I’m a Doll’ was aired for the first time on BBC6 Music Radio by Tom Robinson in February, 2014.In 2017, Flaviyake released her debut album "Bad in Bed" that hit #1 on Indie Chart, NewshineFM radio, with the album opening song "So Hard to Say". The album was covered on HaffingtonPost, HypeMachine and 50 cent's blog.

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