From the Ground Up: Art Museum Design and Construction

From the Ground Up: Art Museum Design and Construction

by James C. Snyder, Joan Darragh


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Building an art museum represents a pinnacle of achievement in the careers of many museum professionals, architects, planners, engineers, builders, and design consultants. This comprehensive, accessible book—the first to be written from the point of view of the owner as client—introduces this important but intimidating process, covering all aspects of the planning, design, and construction of new museums and the renovation or expansion of existing facilities.
Developed from a survey of 30 museums throughout the United States by leading museum professionals, this richly illustrated volume offers insights not available from any other source. It provides first-hand information on all facets of the building experience, culled from interviews with trustees, staff, patrons, and civic leaders in the museum community, as well as clients, architects, designers, and construction professionals. It examines in detail pre-architectural planning and the creation of an architectural program; selecting and hiring architects and other professionals and designing the museum; the economics of bidding, contracting, and construction, managing construction, and landscaping; and the realities of completion, moving in, and ongoing operations.
By covering the conceptual, psychological and emotional, as well as procedural and technical, issues of the museum architectural process, Museum Design provides a complete context for building art museums and other once-in-a-generation institutional projects. Museum professionals, trustees, and volunteers, architects, consultants, and others interested in arts administration and institutional management conceptual, technical, and practical knowledge previously available only to those with years of building experience.
Published in association with The American Federation of Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Publication date: 05/27/1993
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