From the Inside: Short Stories that Voice the Misrepresented

From the Inside: Short Stories that Voice the Misrepresented

by Natalie Browne


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'From the Inside' explores the minds of fictional characters in order to subvert the way in which they are interpreted.

The Shark from 'Jaws'
The dog from 'Lassie'
A Raptor from 'Jurassic Park'.

I think it is important to put things into certain contexts and this is the foundation of this collection. I had an idea that evolved into three stories, essentially creating three protagonists.

Initially, I ruminated on the shark from 'Jaws' and how he may be misconceived as an individual. I decided that I wanted to delineate a 'personality' for him in order to foster some understanding or engender a sort of allegiance to him. I ultimately hoped that my story would engage with people in order for them to see this shark in a different light. I was offering him redemption. Additionally, I am offering readers an alternative perception and a chance to look with new eyes. Constructing 'I Surf this Beach' was the starting point. Once I had told one story, I started pondering the lives of other fictional characters...

Clearly, I carried out my necessary research and watched films, TV series and read as prolifically as possible. I then thought about the character of Lassie and wondered how that typically docile and obedient collie might actually feel and possibly be thinking. Would that dog be pleased at having to work or would it resent not having a cushy life? As a result, I wrote a story, 'Beyond the Mine Shaft', based on a different type of 'Lassie' (who is in fact a male dog - I checked) and this dog is fed up of his owners who are useless and reliant upon the fortitude of their family pet. This dog longs to be released from the shackles of servitude to his imbecilic owners who aren't worth their weight in anything.

The third story is focused on a raptor from 'Jurassic Park', which I entitled 'A World Re-Found'. I won't delve too deeply as I would rather you, fair reader, peruse the text yourself. However, I wanted to give a voice to this particular character. The terms 'goody' and 'baddy' are bandied about too much for my liking and I aim to show the merits and notable strengths in individuals and I hope this translates. No one is perfect or ultimately 'all good' as we all have flaws, yet in writing these stories I have delved into the complexity of humans and other creatures; of all of us.

The title 'From the Inside' is due to the fact that the experiences of the three protagonists is the basis of the three stories; moreover, their tales come from within themselves. It is also relative to a favourite musician of mine, Alice Cooper, and I like to link things and make connections.

My inspiration came from an arbitrary conversation and I eventually put thoughts into action. I hope that people will read and re-think. Questioning is a vital component in everyday life and if I have been a part of that, then I will feel worthwhile.

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About the Author

My name is Natalie Browne and I live in the Midlands, UK, with my husband and our beautiful dog, a Staffy Labrador cross.
I think the word I would use to describe myself is 'colourful'. I obviously enjoy writing, however, I am predominantly an artist. I paint and sketch in my spare time and I like to scrapbook and make cards. I love music and appreciate several genres of music and I collect postcards.

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