From the Inside-Out: Concrete Steps to Transforming Education Today

From the Inside-Out: Concrete Steps to Transforming Education Today


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If we want our students to be prepared for a life involved with artificial intelligence, global awareness, cultural understanding, racial, religious and lifestyle diversity, and changing economic and political realities, then we have to change what we are doing in our schools from pre-school to graduate school. We can no longer wait for large-scale reforms to develop, because those reforms will only occur due to some kind of tragedy. If schools are going to reform proactively, educators in each school and in each district have to lead the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781475853773
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 07/02/2020
Pages: 180
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About the Author

Richard A. Andrusiak is a mathematics professor and department chair at River Valley Community College in Claremont, NH. He is certified as an elementary mathematics specialist, 7–12 mathematics educator, and curriculum coordinator. His work and research in mathematics education focuses on curriculum development, students’ attitudes toward mathematics, and equity and access issues. Dr. Andrusiak is a former NH State Supervisor of K–12 mathematics, where he worked with professors, public school teachers, and other mathematics specialists around the nation on improving mathematics education.

Amanda Bastoni is an award winning author, grant writer, educational leader, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Director in the Nashua School District, NH. She is certified as a CTE teacher, principal, vice-principal, and CTE Director. She has developed new pathways and programs targeted to meet the needs of English Language Learners and non-traditional students, created interdisciplinary courses, organized fundraising campaigns, developed educational publicity programs, and written educational articles for local and national outlets. In 2019, Dr. Bastoni was named NH CTE State Leader of the Year. 
Carlton J. Fitzgerald has been an educator since 1971. He was a classroom teacher for 12 years, working mostly with reluctant or struggling students. He was a public school administrator for 24 years, working at all levels for his school district. In 2007, he began his fulltime work at New England College, where he served as an associate professor of education, Director of the MED program, and Associate Dean of Education. Dr. Fitzgerald presently is retired from full-time work and lives in Romania, serving as an adjunct faculty member both at NEC and the University of Oradea (Romania).

Christopher Geraghty is a social studies educator and department chair at Kearsarge Regional High School located in North Sutton, NH. He is certified as a 5–12 Social Studies Educator and a school Principal by the state of New Hampshire. Dr. Geraghty also serves as a social studies instructional coach for the Center for Secondary School Redesign, and guest lecturer at New England College, teaching graduate courses with a focus on inquiry-based education and the integration of STEAM across the curriculum.

Simona Laurian-Fitzgerald is an associate professor at the University of Oradea (Romania). Her specialty areas include children’s literature, education, and English. Prior to her work at the university, she was an elementary teacher for five years. Dr. Laurian-Fitzgerald’s research interests include cooperative learning and other student-centered teaching and learning strategies. She has experience working with students online, in hybrid classes, as well as her face-to-face classes. She also works with teachers to help them develop their skills for advancement in their careers.

Ruthann Petruno-Goguen is currently the superintendent of schools for the Webster Public Schools; a “turnaround” district in Massachusetts. Dr. Petruno-Goguen is an experienced educator and change-agent, with over twenty years of experience serving children and teachers in rural, urban, and suburban school districts.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gavin Henning Preface Introduction I. Reform before it is Too Late Carlton J. Fitzgerald and Simona Laurian-Fitzgerald II. A Call for Change from Within the Classroom Christopher Geraghty III. Eliminating Exams from Gateway College Mathematics Courses: Going Beyond Corequisite Mathematics Richard A. Andrusiak IV. Every Child Must Be Valued Amanda Bastoni V. Challenging Status Quo from One Superintendent's Perspective Ruthann Petruno-Goguen VI. What Next: Boom or Bust Carlton J. Fitzgerald and Simona Laurian-Fitzgerald References About the Authors

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