From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter: Ancestral Writing as a Pedagogy of Hope

From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter: Ancestral Writing as a Pedagogy of Hope

by Marva McClean


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In this narrative rooted in autoethnography, the author juxtaposes her personal story with that of international stories of resistance to oppression and calls on educators to include children’s personal stories as critical pedagogy to honor their funds of knowledge and foster their historical consciousness. With a focus on eighteenth-century freedom fighter Nanny of the Maroons, From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter emphasizes the historical connections between Indigenous people worldwide who have harnessed their ancestral roots to disrupt cultural hegemony. The book emphasizes the imaginative and radical assertions of the enduring resistance of the formerly colonized, going back to the era of slavery through to the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter, and calls for a radical shift in the global curriculum to include these stories.

Storytelling is acknowledged as an intergenerational teaching methodology rooted in Indigenous Epistemology which serves to honor our common humanity. The essential message of the text is conveyed through the socio-educational and cultural interventions that are asserted as transformational pedagogy that will serve to elevate students’ voices and promote their academic achievement. This book bears witness to the ways in which the history and sociocultural background of Indigenous people have been ignored and at times rendered invisible or inconsequential, and offers innovative strategies to correct history and write Indigenous people into the literature with creativity and sensitivity. From the Middle Passage to Black Lives Matter is a narrative of social justice that seeks to raise the reader’s historical consciousness and provide authentic strategies to decolonize the global curriculum.

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ISBN-13: 9781433155475
Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
Publication date: 04/25/2019
Edition description: New
Pages: 160
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About the Author

Marva McClean is a public school educator and teacher-researcher who utilizes a social justice platform to engage teachers and students in collaborative inquiry that creates spaces of empowerment and transformation. Dr. McClean’s research focuses on social justice and equity in education, the sociology of middle school, transnationalism and post-colonial studies, and Indigenous/Aboriginal cultures and Marronage. She engages in collaborative inquiry with international scholars to explore Indigeneity across the globe and create strategies to build the historical consciousness of youth in schools. She advocates for the conscientization of curriculum and pedagogy to foster students’ ability to become agents of change.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments - Introduction - Preamble to Part I: Reading the Curriculum Through a Post-Colonial Lens - Rooting Identity: Individual Memory and the Collective Narrative - Fostering the Indigenous Spirit - Gazing Inward: The Efficacy of Communal Research - Preamble to Part II: Reading the Curriculum Through Global Inquiry - Narratives From the Classroom - Creating Cultural Spaces in the Classroom - Reading the World: A Praxis of Global Citizenship - From the Field to the Classroom: Celebrating the Heroes of the Black Atlantic - Correcting History: Indigenous Children Writing Their Cultural Narratives -Preamble to Part III: Viewing the Curriculum Through an Anti-Colonial Lens - From Africa to the New World: The Sustainable Maroon Communities of Jamaica - African Cultural Retentions - Postscript: Writing Truth into History - Index.

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