From the Year Infinity

From the Year Infinity

by Lewis Feinland


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From the Year Infinity by Lewis Feinland

Open skies not opposed, what gates must remain closed? Zenith Infinity,saga of destiny, I bring Olympus Mount. No man lived to climb you; no one to tell the tale. Your call of gods I count,
amongst us we so few. Muses, I shall not fail. On journey I tower.
I come to save the Hour.. To do it all again. Now I've come by God's
Pen. Lunar eclipse of fate; Sunspots change Time's own rate. Where goes the light we find; which the Sun leaves behind? The sacred flame flickers, as Sabbath candle burns. Dancing shadow snickers;
from lost realms, as tide turns. Times walked weary world, through time and space as hurled. As the grand illusion is only confusion:
of Time's own eddies shifts.. From the year infinity: isle that floats in lost drifts: the temporal city. My grand moves peace discerns. Book of Joel, High Council: in space allied we fill. My story renounced still. As the Wheel of Life turns. Loves and slaughters Time learns.
Swift hand of Fate sublime, extends to Father Time. Nigh my Dreamland's Falls nods: chariot of the gods: space tech secretly saves: dreadnought tachyon waves: with quantum fluxing pods. From Rock of Ages Fort, Riders by Wind, report. Long past different place; our realm bereaved this space.. to save time of mention, reaching tenth dimension... The song of Messiah, deliveries stria. Peace mission throughout ages - we immortal sages. Stardust boat - Life realms done. Who's in the arena?
Love for Celestina. Treadmill of same season, Pray the Sun pass this one... She dared leave Lan' reason. So I paddled beyond charted waters
(Time's Bond). Muses' own Languid Strings, interplay with all things..
into my conception; into Time's reflection. Time ever silent asks..
And now what be our tasks? Blurry light comes to me.. Whispered vision that be divine valor so bold. Sacred the torch I hold - burning - casting light free upon the shadows of dreams - in hone of what Life seems - and my reason and rhyme - past Father Time's own reams - left to the barrows of time. Ichor in my veins surge. Doth my answer emerge:
To my destination. Waves of emotion crash, ever so slight to dash shores of desolation - Find Muses from such blight... I return to Earth's Race. All of these children fight - Primitive Man's warfare.
Man searches his soul's place... seen beyond the rafter... unto the hereafter... seen and for his welfare... Indulges Lion's share. Leaves his foundations bare - very last stitch sublime - that binds all - even Time! Time is still distorted. Through time I'm escorted. Atop
Olympus Mount; estranged fate now to count. Of Planets Joint River, from vortex deliver. Pull the iron curtain. Nothing is for certain.
I've finally found her. Blessed be the meek blur. I'm back from the portal. And I am immortal. And now is justice served? Still as the Moon observed.. as his heart never bled.. stone cold, he learned instead. Black Moon first sign I see - Depth of reality. I-King returned for dead. And dead men tell no tales.. Truth - highest of entails... for whom Heaven's bells toll... Hidden Moon plays it's role.. Glass menagerie scheme - minds lost in a Moon Beam... With pixies I bargain. Sweet nothings sung again, to my princess of ole; to the stone of her soul... slipping past Time's dance whole. The sands of despair are -
beneath my walk as far. Darkness suspended space - common grounds ended place. Dust to field of mild core... comic flight fate restore.

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ISBN-13: 9781432796778
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/19/2012
Pages: 112
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