From Trap Houses To Penthouses

From Trap Houses To Penthouses

by Jared Rice Sr

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From Trap Houses To Penthouses by Jared Rice Sr

Only the Lord knows the crazy predicaments in my life over the last decade, were all placed there for me to overcome. From a young age, something within my soul told me that I was not only meant to lead the pack but I was placed here to change things and make the world a better place. I continued to fight for that right, even through the worst of circumstances. Over the years, as new ideas continued to stream their way through my mind, I realized God was giving me the material to serve my purpose and to keep me motivated. To remind me that the door wasn’t closed and that he hadn’t opened anything for me yet. He simply had me in training.

Even around some of the worst kinds of individuals that the world had to offer, I stayed focus and I figured out a way to make it out. This was something very few had ever accomplished who walked in the same shoes I found myself in. But I knew one thing, no one had ever done what I was attempting to do in the tech industry. I was truly the first software developer to walk in these boots and that alone, pushed me through the marathon of not only business and the challenges that come with running one but life itself. I knew I had to draw a custom pathway to find a way out and through that journey, came many failures, that led to many successes. It was my journey from traphouses where loads of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs were sold, to luxury penthouses where I found my groove. Skipping up the ladder of an industry filled with amazing and God-gifted talents. Something I felt blessed to be a part of. It was a place I knew I belonged. In the end, both places had something in common with each other. That handy, yet important internet connection was always there, that I would sometimes sleep under a bridge, skip from hotel-to-hotel or sleep in drug houses to utilize over the years. It was my most important tool, so I could continue down the pathway God had planned for me 28 years ago.

Even through my years of being homeless and being in dangerous areas to simply find an internet connection, I never once sold drugs, pimped girls or took part in any gang activity. I was the white kid in the back room, that everyone let do his own thing. But I witnessed a ton of crazy lifestyles, events and pretty much learned the life of crime from the ground up. Life was a movie for me. Weird enough, I think many of the people I was surrounded by, admired what I did. They saw me as their way out of the hood. Some of them simply wanted to watch me work and then some of them were waiting on that ticket to San Francisco. Either way, I appreciated the love many of them showed me over the years to get to this point and as of today, I have given many of those same guys an opportunity to find a way out as well. In my free time, I work with many organizations, like The Urban Specialists, who do the same. That’s what makes my journey so unique. It wasn’t just the fact that I made it out, it’s the fact I took the many who gave me a chance over the years - with me. I was determined to bless their life as well. To this day, I still work with kids and others who I see myself within. Kids who dream of bigger things and find themselves in those same shoes. It makes me feel good to relive those days sometimes, and I will do it until the day I die.

This is my life, the first 28 years at least, on paper. Everything I have written in here is a true story, there are no fabrications. Some situations in my come-up, I truly wish were fiction, but some of this stuff you simply can’t make up. My life has truly been a movie, from top to bottom and if you have watched the documentary, you can see that what you’re about to read WAS my life, it WAS my come-up and in some weird way, I’m proud of it. I wouldn’t change a thing. This is a story from nothing to something. If it can help or motivate someone who is in the same positions I was in life, I feel like I have won and this book has served its purpose.

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