From war to Rock n Roll: from the guerrilla warfare in Cuba to the greatest Rock and Roll bands of the world

From war to Rock n Roll: from the guerrilla warfare in Cuba to the greatest Rock and Roll bands of the world

by Guillermo Antonio Rodiles, Giorgio Sferra (Artist)


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The material used in this book deals with Cuba before and after the revolution which placed Fidel Castro Ruz in power at the head of the government in the office of Prime Minister. The information given on the activities of the war and of the people involved was taken from my own life experiences and those of others as told to me by them.

The first part of the book deals with Castro’s revolution for the people to end the Batista dictatorship and the take over of the government of the island by Castro. The second part of the book tells how the Socialists Republic, constructed by the people under the authority of Fidel Castro came to be. The last part of the book is of my escape from Cuba and my life in the United States.

My first introduction to the politics of Cuba came to me when I was only eight years old. My whole family was very much involved in the activities of the revolution and dedicated to the ending of Batista’s dictatorship regime. Influenced by my family’s convictions that what they were fighting for was right for all the people of the island, I too soon became involved in the movement. I was introduced to the war while making deliveries to the rebels in the mountains with my mother who was in charge of supplying the rebels in certain areas with the needed ammunitions, medicines, bandages, and anything that she could get to them. Later on I stayed in the mountains in the area called, Baracoa, where my father was stationed. After the victory of the revolution I voluntarily joined the governmental army but, after being in the service for three years became very disillusioned with the strict military life and the great loss of personal freedom, and regretted my enlistment. I had wanted to become a pilot in the Cuban Air Force but, was refused due to my disciplinary records from the army and so decided to make music my career because of my love of music. Since there is almost no professional music in Cuba I knew that I would have to leave the island to achieve this goal. With the idea of escaping the island in mind I joined the Merchant Marine Corps, gaining the opportunity to travel off the island.

This book is a collection of my life in Cuba, growing up during a time of war, a war that took the place of my childhood. I go on to explain how I progressed in music once in the United States.

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Table of Contents


Authors Preface 1.

Introduction 2.

Part 1. - Castro’s revolution – 1952 to 1959

My introduction to the revolution 6.

Deliveries to the rebels in the mountains 17.

In the mountains with the rebels 21.

Part 2. – Construction of Cuba’s Socialist Republic

Creation of Cuba’s new government 28.

Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis 32.

My enlistment in the Cuban army 34.

Traveling with the Merchant Marine Corpse 42.

My escape from Cuba 49.

Part 3. – Guillermo, living in the United States

My arrival to the United States

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