From Warriors to Warrior Writers: Journeys to Healing

From Warriors to Warrior Writers: Journeys to Healing

From Warriors to Warrior Writers: Journeys to Healing

From Warriors to Warrior Writers: Journeys to Healing


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Nebraska Warrior Writers began as an idea and became a family. Since 2014, veterans, active duty military, and their support partners have entered the halls of the Veteran's Administration building in Lincoln or library meeting rooms in Omaha and Grand Island to see what this program is about. They listen to speakers who inspire them through writing prompts. They discuss and explore aspects of writing and publishing. They separate into small groups to read their own writing for feedback and inspiration from other writers. They listen to each other, learn about each other, support each other, and become a family. From Warriors to Warrior Writers is an anthology of poems, essays, fiction and nonfiction written by and selected by them to share with you, the reader.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736002308
Publisher: Humanities Nebraska
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

In the Beginning ... ix

Warrior Writers ... xiii

Acknowledgments ... xv

Work-shopping During the Time of Corona ... 1

"Ode to 2020" by Sharon Robino-West ... 3

"Saying Goodbye" by John Achor ... 5

"Hankies" by Sara Hollcroft ... 9

"Over the Hindu Kush" by Jack Pryor ... 13

"The Rat" by Andy Gueck ... 17

"Mermaid's Castle" by John Petelle ... 21

"Don't Cage This Heart" by Cynthia Douglas-Ybarra ... 27

"Ceiling Tiles" by Jennifer Barrett ... 29

"Backyard Heroes" by Joel Elwell ... 31

"They Are Doing It Down There - Football" by Dean Hyde ... 45

"The Joint" by Fred Snowardt ... 49

"Forever Missing You (A Song)" by Mary Baker ... 53

"I Am a Christian Warrior" by Mary Baker ... 55

"Adrift" by Mary Baker ... 59

"Chocolate" by Cindy Cronn ... 61

"For Such a Time as This; How Living with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Mother Prepared Me for a Pandemic" by Robrenna Redl ... 65

"Thorazine Zombie" by Cynthia Douglas-Ybarra ... 69

"Poems from an Army Medic 1969-70" by Guadalupe J. Mier ... 73

"The Wallet" by Cynthia Douglas-Ybarra ... 113

"The Story of Me" by Joe Vaverka ... 117

"Murder in D Major and D Minor (Two Sharps and a Flat)"

by John Achor ... 119

"The Storm, the Demons, and Love" by Donald Dingman ... 125

"Gifts" by Jen Stastny ... 135

"Through my Teammate's Eyes" by Mary Baker ... 139

"Awards and Other Stuff" by John Achor ... 141

"My Religion of These Days" by John Petelle ... 145

"From Omaha to Da Nang - My Search for a Spiritual Home in Vietnam"

by John Costello ... 149

"Da Nang Sunsets" by John F. Costello ... 159

"On Writing" by Sara Hollcroft ... 161

"April 2, 2017: Our Truth Today" by Jen Stastny ... 165

"Under the Desk" by Mandy Kottas ... 167

"Morning in the Sandhills" by Andy Gueck ... 169

"The River" by Sharon Robino-West ... 173

"Dinner at Chez Basement" by John Petelle ... 175

"Time of War" by Beverly Hoistad ... 183

"From Here to There and Back Again" by Jim Carlton

(Eight Poems Compiled During the Journey) ... 187

"American Dream" by Steven DeLair

(First Published in Torch Magazine Fall 2015) ... 195

"Plymouth Adventure; Our 400 Mile Road Trip for a Hot Roast Beef Sandwich"

by Raymond Bates ... 205

"Going Up Under a Parachute" by Donald Dingman ... 209

"Listen to the Wind" by Tom Seib ... 211

"The Final Storm" by Tom Seib ... 213

"A Feather Merchant's Tale" by William (Bill) Smutko ... 215

"The Cabin" by Joel Elwell ... 229

"The Station" by Mary Baker ... 231

"Flight Home" by Andy Gueck ... 235

"The Healing Wall" by Andy Gueck ... 243

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