Frommer's South Pacific

Frommer's South Pacific

by Bill Goodwin


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ISBN-13: 9780470189870
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/04/2008
Series: Frommer's Complete Series , #438
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in North Carolina near Hampton Roads, Bill Goodwin has lived in northern Virginia since 1979. He was an award-winning newspaper reporter for the Atlanta Journal before becoming a legal counsel and speechwriter for two U.S. Senators, Sam Nunn of Georgia and the late Sam J. Ervin Jr. of North Carolina. Now a full-time travel writer, Goodwin also is the author of Frommer’s Virginia and Frommer's Tahiti.

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Table of Contents

List of Mapsvii
What's New in the South Pacific1
1The Best of the South Pacific5
1The Most Beautiful Islands5
2The Best Beaches7
3The Best Honeymoon Destinations8
4The Best Family Vacations11
5The Best Cultural Experiences11
6The Best of the Old South Seas12
7The Best Dining Experiences13
8The Best Island Nights15
9The Best Buys16
10The Best Diving & Snorkeling17
11The Best Sailing17
12The Best Offbeat Travel Experiences18
2Planning Your Trip to the South Pacific19
1The Islands in Brief19
2Visitor Information24
3Entry Requirements & Customs25
5When to Go30
Island Time30
6Travel Insurance32
7Health & Safety33
Insects & Other Critters35
8Specialized Travel Resources35
9Planning Your Trip Online39 The Complete Travel Resource40
10Getting There & Getting Around40
Internet Access in the Islands41
How to Have an (Almost) First Class Experience in Coach44
11Packages for the Independent Traveler47
Flying with Film & Video50
12The Active Traveler50
13Tips on Accommodations52
Using Cellphones in the Islands53
14Suggested Itineraries55
15Recommended Reading56
3Introducing French Polynesia60
1French Polynesia Today60
2History 10163
Sexy Skin67
3The Islanders68
Sex & the Single Polynesian70
5Visitor Information & Entry Requirements71
The CFP & the U.S. Dollar74
7When to Go--Climate, Holidays & Events74
French Polynesia Calendar of Events75
8Getting There & Getting Around76
9Seeing the Islands by Cruise Ship & Yacht80
Getting Online81
Suggested Itineraries83
Fast Facts: French Polynesia84
1Arriving & Getting Around88
Fast Facts: Tahiti93
2Exploring Tahiti94
Walking Tour: Papeete98
The Moon & Six Million105
3Golf, Hiking & Watersports107
5Where to Stay111
6Where to Dine114
Don't Miss Les Roulottes115
Dining With a Belle View117
A Very Indecent Dance119
7Island Nights120
1Getting Around122
Fast Facts: Moorea123
2Exploring Moorea125
3Dolphin-Watching, Hiking, Watersports & Other Outdoor Activities130
5Where to Stay133
The Bali Hai Boys134
6Where to Dine138
7Island Nights141
6Bora Bora143
1Getting Around143
Fast Facts: Bora Bora146
2Exploring Bora Bora146
3Diving, Fishing & Watersports148
5Where to Stay150
6Where to Dine156
7Island Nights158
7Huahine & the Other Islands of French Polynesia159
Fast Facts: Huahine160
2Raiatea & Tahaa166
Fast Facts: Raiatea & Tahaa167
Fast Facts: Rangiroa173
8The Cook Islands179
1The Cook Islands Today179
2History 101181
All in the Family184
3The Islanders184
5Visitor Information & Entry Requirements186
The New Zealand Dollar & the U.S. Dollar187
7When to Go188
The Cook Islands Calendar of Events189
8Getting to Rarotonga & Getting Around189
Fast Facts: Rarotonga192
9Exploring Rarotonga196
10Fishing, Hiking, Diving & Other Outdoor Activities201
11Shopping on Rarotonga203
12Where to Stay on Rarotonga205
13Where to Dine on Rarotonga211
Don't Miss an Island Night Feast212
Food Stalls & the Best Burgers in Town215
14Island Nights on Rarotonga216
Cook Islands Dancing216
Fast Facts: Aitutaki219
9Introducing Fiji226
1Fiji Today226
2History 101228
3The Islanders232
A Holy Meal233
A Bowl of Grog234
5Planning Your Trip to Fiji238
Staying at One of Fiji's Offshore Resorts242
Suggested Itineraries242
6Visitor Information & Entry Requirements244
The Fiji Dollar & the U.S. Dollar246
8When to Go247
9Getting There & Getting Around248
Fast Facts: Fiji253
10Viti Levu258
Fast Facts: Nadi & Lautoka259
The Dreaded Degei263
A Side Trip to Lautoka264
Don't Miss a Meke276
2Island Escapes from Nadi280
3Resorts Offshore from Nadi282
4The Coral Coast292
Fast Facts: The Coral Coast292
5Pacific Harbour302
Fast Facts: Suva305
Walking Tour: Suva307
A Side Trip Back in Time to Levuka316
7Northern Viti Levu320
11Northern Fiji324
Fast Facts: Savusavu326
Fast Facts: Taveuni335
3Resorts Offshore from Taveuni341
1Samoa Today343
2History 101345
The Teller of Tales348
3The Samoan People349
4The Samoan Language352
5Visitor Information & Entry Requirements353
The Samoan Tala & U.S. Dollar355
7When to Go355
8Getting There & Getting Around356
Fast Facts: Samoa360
9Exploring Apia & the Rest of Upolu363
10Watersports, Golf & Other Outdoor Activities371
12Where to Stay on Upolu373
Hot Dogs & Hamburgers374
Beach Fales at Aleipata377
13Where to Dine in Apia378
Don't Miss a Fiafia379
14Island Nights on Upolu381
13American Samoa387
1American Samoa Today387
2History 101388
3Visitor Information & Entry Requirements389
5When to Go390
6Getting There & Getting Around390
Seeing American Samoa as a Day Trip from Apia392
Fast Facts: American Samoa392
7Exploring American Samoa395
8National Park of American Samoa399
9Where to Stay399
10Where to Dine400
14The Kingdom of Tonga402
1Tonga Today402
2History 101404
3The Tongans408
What Day Is It?409
5Visitor Information & Entry Requirements411
The Pa'anga & the U.S. Dollar412
7When to Go413
8Getting to Tonga & Getting Around414
Fast Facts: Tonga417
9Exploring Tongatapu420
10Island Excursions, Watersports & Other Outdoor Activities425
11Shopping on Tongatapu427
12Where to Stay on Tongatapu428
13Where to Dine on Tongatapu432
Dine Like a Tongan432
14Island Nights on Tongatapu434
Fast Facts: Vava'u436
AppendixThe South Pacific in Depth446
1A Shared History446
2The Islanders450
3The Islands & the Sea454
List of Maps
The South Pacific20
The Society Islands & the Northern Tuamotus61
Walking Tour: Papeete95
Bora Bora145
The Fiji Islands239
Viti Levu & Ovalau261
Walking Tour: Suva309
Northern Fiji325
The Samoa Islands359
Pago Pago397

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