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CSIRO Publishing
Frontiers of Population Ecology

Frontiers of Population Ecology


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ISBN-13: 9780643057814
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Pages: 652

Table of Contents

Evolutionary theory and the foundations of population ecology: the work of A.J. Nicholson (1895-1969) Sharon Kingsland

Section 1 Population regulation in theory and practise

Frontiers of population ecology William W. Murdoch and Roger M. Nisbet Detecting density dependence David R. Fox and T.J. Ridsdill-Smith Density-perturbation experiments for understanding population regulation Naomi Cappuccino and Susan Harrison Is long-term persistence of harvested populations evidence of density dependence? Richard McGarvey Interaction of temperature and resources in population dynamics: An experimental test of theory Mark Ritchie Forest-insect defoliator interaction in Canada's forests in a warming climate Richard A. Fleming Population regulation in aphids A.F.G. Dixon, P. Kindlmann and R. Sequeira Population dynamics beyond two species: hosts, parasitoids and pathogens Michael Begon, Roger G. Bowers, Steven M. Sait and David J. Thompson Mammal populations: Fluctuation, regulation, life history theory and their implications for conservation A.R.E. Sinclair Vertebrate community dynamics in the boreal forest of north-western Canada C.J. Krebs, A.R.E. Sinclair and S. Boutin Natal dispersal distance under the influence of competition Michael McCarthy The population biology of marine mammals John Harwood and Pejman Rohani The balance of plant populations Michael J. Crawley and Mark Rees Section 2 Two species interactions Ecology of predator-prey and parasitoid-host systems: Progress since Nicholson Nigel D. Barlow and Steve D. Wratten Parasitoid foraging: the importance of variation in individual behaviour for population dynamics Louise E.M. Vet Sources of stability in host-parasitoid dynamics Andrew D. Taylor Comparative transmission dynamics of two insect pathogens Robert J. Knell, Michael Begon, David J. Thompson Comparative transmission dynamics of two insect pathogens Robert J. Knell, Michael Begon, David J. Thompson Population regulation in insects used to control thistles: can this predict effectiveness? Andy Sheppard and Tim Woodburn The dynamics of disease in natural plant populations Jeremy J. Burdon The role of mutualism in plant population dynamics Andrew R. Watkinson, Kevin K. Newsham and Alastair H. Fitter Ecological constraints to the deployment of arthropod resistant crop plants: a cautionary tale Joanne C. Daly and Paul W. Wellings Influence of variable qualities of Eucalyptus and other host trees on sap-feeding insects Roger A. Farrow and Robert B. Floyd Indirect effects of grazing gastropods on recruitment of Sydney rock oysters Marti J. Anderson Section 3 Spatial processes in population dynamics Matters of scale in the dynamics of populations and communities Peter Chesson Spatial patterns of variance in density of intertidal populations A.J. Underwood Decision theory and biodiversity management: How to manage a metapopulation Hugh P. Possingham Population trajectories through space and time: a holistic approach to insect migration V.A. Drake and A.G. Gatehouse Simulating spatially distributed populations Murray G. Efford Spatial modelling and population ecology Paul A. Walker Section 4 Population evolution and molecular ecology Molecular ecology: contributions from molecular genetics to population ecology Craig Moritz and Shane Lavery Why do so many Australian birds cooperate: social evolution in the Corvida? Andrew Cockburn Assessing evolutionary hypotheses generated from mitochondrial DNA: inferences from Drosophila J.W.O Ballard and N.J. Galway Genetic structure of invading insects and the case of the knopper gallwasp Paul Sunnucks and Graham Stone The genetic and environmental components of host dependant stratiÞcation of herbivorous insect populations Paul De Barro, Thomas Sherratt and Norman Maclean Section 5 Managing populations Land management and population ecology Steve R. Morton Spatial variation in food limitation: the effects of foraging constraints on the distribution and abundance of feral pigs in the rangelands David Choquenot and Nick Dexter Responses of wild rabbit populations to imposed sterility C. Kent Williams and Laurie E. Twigg Frequency dependent competitiveness and the sterile insect release method Rod J. Mahon The balance of weed populations W. Mark Lonsdale The population ecology of the invasive tropical shrubs Cryptostegia grandiflora and Ziziphus mauritiana in relation to fire A.C. Grice and J.R. Brown Some recent developments in the management of marine living resources W.K. de la Mare Bifurcations, structural stability and persistent populations; new insights into classical models with harvesting and stocking Mary R. Myerscough

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