Frontiers of WWW Research and Development -- APWeb 2006: 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Harbin, China, January 16-18, 2006, Proceedings / Edition 1

Frontiers of WWW Research and Development -- APWeb 2006: 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Harbin, China, January 16-18, 2006, Proceedings / Edition 1

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg

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Frontiers of WWW Research and Development -- APWeb 2006: 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Harbin, China, January 16-18, 2006, Proceedings / Edition 1

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2006. More than 100 papers cover all current issues on WWW-related technologies and new advanced applications for researchers and practitioners from both academic and industry.

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ISBN-13: 9783540311423
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 03/03/2006
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series , #3841
Edition description: 2006
Pages: 1224
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Keynote Papers.- Applications Development for the Computational Grid.- Strongly Connected Dominating Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks with Unidirectional Links.- Mobile Web and Location-Based Services.- The Case of the Duplicate Documents Measurement, Search, and Science.- Regular Papers.- An Effective System for Mining Web Log.- Adapting K-Means Algorithm for Discovering Clusters in Subspaces.- Sample Sizes for Query Probing in Uncooperative Distributed Information Retrieval.- The Probability of Success of Mobile Agents When Routing in Faulty Networks.- Clustering Web Documents Based on Knowledge Granularity.- XFlat: Query Friendly Encrypted XML View Publishing.- Distributed Energy Efficient Data Gathering with Intra-cluster Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks.- QoS-Driven Web Service Composition with Inter Service Conflicts.- An Agent-Based Approach for Cooperative Data Management.- Transforming Heterogeneous Messages Automatically in Web Service Composition.- User-Perceived Web QoS Measurement and Evaluation System.- An RDF Storage and Query Framework with Flexible Inference Strategy.- An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Declarative Access Control for Web Applications.- A Statistical Study of Today’s Gnutella.- Automatically Constructing Descriptive Site Maps.- TWStream: Finding Correlated Data Streams Under Time Warping.- Supplier Categorization with K-Means Type Subspace Clustering.- Classifying Web Data in Directory Structures.- Semantic Similarity Based Ontology Cache.- In-Network Join Processing for Sensor Networks.- Transform BPEL Workflow into Hierarchical CP-Nets to Make Tool Support for Verification.- Identifying Agitators as Important Blogger Based on Analyzing Blog Threads.- Detecting Collusion Attacks in Security Protocols.- Role-Based Delegation with Negative Authorization.- Approximate Top-k Structural Similarity Search over XML Documents.- Towards Enhancing Trust on Chinese E-Commerce.- Flexible Deployment Models for Location-Aware Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Diachronic Analysis of Gender-Related Web Communities Using a HITS-Based Mining Tool.- W3 Trust-Profiling Framework (W3TF) to Assess Trust and Transitivity of Trust of Web-Based Services in a Heterogeneous Web Environment.- Image Description Mining and Hierarchical Clustering on Data Records Using HR-Tree.- Personalized News Categorization Through Scalable Text Classification.- The Adaptability of English Based Web Search Algorithms to Chinese Search Engines.- A Feedback Based Framework for Semi-automic Composition of Web Services.- Fast Approximate Matching Between XML Documents and Schemata.- Mining Query Log to Assist Ontology Learning from Relational Database.- An Area-Based Collaborative Sleeping Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- F@: A Framework of Group Awareness in Synchronous Distributed Groupware.- Adaptive User Profile Model and Collaborative Filtering for Personalized News.- Context Matcher: Improved Web Search Using Query Term Context in Source Document and in Search Results.- Weighted Ontology-Based Search Exploiting Semantic Similarity.- Determinants of Groupware Usability for Community Care Collaboration.- Automated Discovering of What is Hindering the Learning Performance of a Student.- Sharing Protected Web Resources Using Distributed Role-Based Modeling.- Concept Map Model for Web Ontology Exploration.- A Resource-Adaptive Transcoding Proxy Caching Strategy.- Optimizing Collaborative Filtering by Interpolating the Individual and Group Behaviors.- Extracting Semantic Relationships Between Terms from PC Documents and Its Applications to Web Search Personalization.- Detecting Implicit Dependencies Between Tasks from Event Logs.- Implementing Privacy Negotiations in E-Commerce.- A Community-Based, Agent-Driven, P2P Overlay Architecture for Personalized Web.- Providing an Uncertainty Reasoning Service for Semantic Web Application.- Indexing XML Documents Using Self Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for Better Retreival.- GCC: A Knowledge Management Environment for Research Centers and Universities.- Towards More Personalized Web: Extraction and Integration of Dynamic Content from the Web.- Supporting Relative Workflows with Web Services.- Text Based Knowledge Discovery with Information Flow Analysis.- Short Papers.- Study on QoS Driven Web Services Composition.- Optimizing the Data Intensive Mediator-Based Web Services Composition.- Role of Triple Space Computing in Semantic Web Services.- Modified ID-Based Threshold Decryption and Its Application to Mediated ID-Based Encryption.- Materialized View Maintenance in Peer Data Management Systems.- Cubic Analysis of Social Bookmarking for Personalized Recommendation.- MAGMS: Mobile Agent-Based Grid Monitoring System.- A Computational Trust Model for Semantic Web Based on Bayesian Decision Theory.- Efficient Dynamic Traffic Navigation with Hierarchical Aggregation Tree.- A Color Bar Based Affective Annotation Method for Media Player.- Robin: Extracting Visual and Textual Features from Web Pages.- Generalized Projected Clustering in High-Dimensional Data Streams.- An Effective Web Page Layout Adaptation for Various Resolutions.- XMine: A Methodology for Mining XML Structure.- Multiple Join Processing in Data Grid.- A Novel Architecture for Realizing Grid Workflow Using Pi-Calculus Technology.- A Chord-Based Novel Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Protocol.- Web-Based Genomic Information Integration with Gene Ontology.- Table Detection from Plain Text Using Machine Learning and Document Structure.- Efficient Mining Strategy for Frequent Serial Episodes in Temporal Database.- Efficient and Provably Secure Client-to-Client Password-Based Key Exchange Protocol.- Effective Criteria for Web Page Changes.- WordRank-Based Lexical Signatures for Finding Lost or Related Web Pages.- A Scalable Update Management Mechanism for Query Result Caching Systems at Database-Driven Web Sites.- Building Content Clusters Based on Modelling Page Pairs.- IRFCF: Iterative Rating Filling Collaborative Filtering Algorithm.- A Method to Select the Optimum Web Services.- A New Methodology for Information Presentations on the Web.- Integration of Single Sign-On and Role-Based Access Control Profiles for Grid Computing.- An Effective Service Discovery Model for Highly Reliable Web Services Composition in a Specific Domain.- Using Web Archive for Improving Search Engine Results.- Closed Queueing Network Model for Multi-tier Data Stream Processing Center.- Optimal Task Scheduling Algorithm for Non-preemptive Processing System.- A Multi-agent Based Grid Service Discovery Framework Using Fuzzy Petri Net and Ontology.- Modeling Identity Management Architecture Within a Social Setting.- Ontological Engineering in Data Warehousing.- Mapping Ontology Relations: An Approach Based on Best Approximations.- Building a Semantic P2P Scientific References Sharing System with JXTA.- Named Graphs as a Mechanism for Reasoning About Provenance.- Discovery of Spatiotemporal Patterns in Mobile Environment.- Visual Description Conversion for Enhancing Search Engines and Navigational Systems.- Reusing Experiences for an Effective Learning in a Web-Based Context.- Special Sessions on e-Water.- Collaboration Between China and Australia: An e-Water Workshop Report.- On Sensor Network Segmentation for Urban Water Distribution Monitoring.- Using the Shuffled Complex Evolution Global Optimization Method to Solve Groundwater Management Models.- Integrating Hydrological Data of Yellow River for Efficient Information Services.- Application and Integration of Information Technology in Water Resources Informatization.- An Empirical Study on Groupware Support for Water Resources Ontology Integration.- Ontology Mapping Approach Based on OCL.- Object Storage System for Mass Geographic Information.- The Service-Oriented Data Integration Platform for Water Resources Management.- Construction of Yellow River Digital Project Management System.- Study on the Construction and Application of 3D Visualization Platform for the Yellow River Basin.- Industry Papers.- A Light-Weighted Approach to Workflow View Implementation.- RSS Feed Generation from Legacy HTML Pages.- Ontology Driven Securities Data Management and Analysis.- Context Gallery: A Service-Oriented Framework to Facilitate Context Information Sharing.- A Service-Oriented Architecture Based Macroeconomic Analysis & Forecasting System.- A Web-Based Method for Building Company Name Knowledge Base.- Demo Sessions.- Healthy Waterways: Healthy Catchments – An Integrated Research/Management Program to Understand and Reduce Impacts of Sediments and Nutrients on Waterways in Queensland, Australia.- Groundwater Monitoring in China.- The Digital Yellow River Programme.- Web Services Based State of the Environment Reporting.- COEDIG: Collaborative Editor in Grid Computing.- HVEM Grid: Experiences in Constructing an Electron Microscopy Grid.- WISE: A Prototype for Ontology Driven Development of Web Information Systems.- DSEC: A Data Stream Engine Based Clinical Information System.- SESQ: A Novel System for Building Domain Specific Web Search Engines.- Digital Map: Animated Mode.- Dynamic Voice User Interface Using VoiceXML and Active Server Pages.- WebVine Suite: A Web Services Based BPMS.- Adaptive Mobile Cooperation Model Based on Context Awareness.- An Integrated Network Management System.- Ichigen-San: An Ontology-Based Information Retrieval System.- A Database Monitoring and Disaster Recovery System.- IPVita: An Intelligent Platform of Virtual Travel Agency.- LocalRank: A Prototype for Ranking Web Pages with Database Considering Geographical Locality.- Automated Content Transformation with Adjustment for Visual Presentation Related to Terminal Types.

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