FrontPage Web Publishing & Design for Dummies

FrontPage Web Publishing & Design for Dummies

by Asha Dornfest



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FrontPage Web Publishing & Design for Dummies by Asha Dornfest

Highly acclaimed by industry experts and users alike, Microsoft FrontPage 97 lets you create professional Web sites without knowing HTML. With FrontPage™ Web Publishing & Design For Dummies®, you're ready to publish a sophisticated Web site today! This fun and friendly reference demystifies the powerful features of FrontPage while sharing the pros' Web design secrets. Whether you're building a business site on a corporate intranet or creating a personal home page, turn to this book for down-to-earth, real-world help.

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

  • Use FrontPage to create beautiful and useful Web pages right away
  • Convert Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and other popular file formats into Web pages
  • Take advantage of Web publishing effects, such as tables, frames, forms, and multimedia
  • Understand the fundamentals of Web design to ensure a successful Web presence
  • Save time and add interactive features to your site with FrontPage WebBots
  • Keep your site-building team on track with the help of the FrontPage To Do List and other group features
  • Visit sites on the Web for free software and more information about FrontPage and Web publishing
  • Plus, Asha's Top Ten Lists that introduce you to useful Internet shareware tools, hot Web resources, and more

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764500572
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/1996
Series: For Dummies Series
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.23(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents


Why This Book Is for You
Who You Are and What You Already Know
What's Inside
Part I: Getting Friendly with FrontPage
Part II: Creating Web Pages That Make You Look Like a Genius
Part III: Nifty Web Site Additions
Part IV: Taking Your Web Site to a New Level
Part V: The Part of Tens
The Appendixes
The Bonus CD!
How to Use This Book
Icons Used in This Book
System Requirements
Part I: Getting Friendly with FrontPage

Chapter 1: Weaving a Web with FrontPage Explorer
What Is Web Publishing, Exactly?
Creating a New Web Site
By using a template
By using a Wizard
By starting from scratch
Importing an Existing Web Site into FrontPage
Open, Sesame!
Deleting a Web

Chapter 2: Explorer Essentials
Taking in the Views
Hyperlink View
Tinkering with the Hyperlink View
Hyperlink View housekeeping
Folder View
Working with Web Site Files
Opening files
Importing files and folders
Exporting files
Renaming files
Deleting files
Working with a Web
Creating new folders
Renaming a Web site
Copying Web sites

Chapter 3: Playing with Pages in the FrontPage Editor
What Does the FrontPage Editor Do?
Creating a New Web Page
By using a template
By using a Wizard
Creating pages from scratch
Opening a Page
In the current Web site
From a file
From another Web server
Converting Other Documents into Web Pages
Word-processing documents
Microsoft Excel worksheets
RTF documents
Text documents
Previewing a Page in a Web Browser
Printing a Page
Saving a Page
As a page in your Web site
As a file
As a template
Part II: Creating Web Pages That Make You Look Like a Genius

Chapter 4: Web Design Fundamentals
Clients and Servers 101
Cross-Platform Mania
Web truism #1: Your visitors use different computers
Web truism #2: Your visitors use different browsers
Web truism #3: Your visitors connect to the Internet at different speeds
Web truism #4: Your visitors come from diverse cultures
Five Steps to a Brilliant Web Site
Give your site a purpose
Remember your visitors
Cultivate an image
Make your site easy to navigate
Plan for the future
Irrefutable Evidence That HTML Is Easy

Chapter 5: Tweaking Your Text
Getting Started
Adding text
Sanity-saving Editor shortcuts
Foolin' with Fonts
Using font tools
The Font dialog box
The Format toolbar
Changing text font
Be bold (or italic or underlined)!
Changing text size
Changing text color
Defining custom colors
Setting body text color
What's so special about special styles?
Making text superscript or subscript
Creating Stylish Paragraphs
Adding Headings
The List of Lists
Bulleted lists
Numbered lists
Changing the list's starting number
Changing numeral style
Definition list
Aligning Paragraphs
Indenting Paragraphs
Inserting Comments
Inserting Symbols
Creating a Marquee
Working with Horizontal Lines

Chapter 6: Hyperlinks: Your Web's Ticket to Ride
The Hyperlink Two-Step
Linking to an open page
Linking to a page in the same Web site
Linking to a page in another FrontPage Web site
Linking to a page on the World Wide Web
Linking to a new page
Using Bookmarks
Creating bookmarks
Linking to a bookmark
Linking to a bookmark in the same page
Linking to a bookmark in an open page
Linking to a bookmark in another page in your Web site
Linking to a bookmark in a page on the World Wide Web
Visiting bookmarks
Dismantling bookmarks
Editing Hyperlinks
Changing hyperlink text
Changing hyperlink color
Selecting unique hyperlink colors
Basing hyperlink colors on another page
Changing the destination of a hyperlink
Do-It-Yourself Hyperlink Repair
Verifying and fixing hyperlinks in the Explorer
Verifying hyperlinks
Fixing broken hyperlinks
Checking individual hyperlinks in the Editor
Unlinking Hyperlinks

Chapter 7: You Oughta Be in Pictures
Understanding the Quirks of Web Graphics
Getting to know GIF and JPEG
Picky palettes
Keeping graphics zippy
Practicing graphic restraint
Adding an Image to Your Page
From the current Web site
From a file
From the World Wide Web
From the FrontPage clip-art collection
Customizing GIFs
Creating a transparent GIF
Creating an interlaced GIF
Converting a JPEG to a GIF (and Vice Versa)
Altering an Image's Appearance
Aligning an image with surrounding text
Controlling how text wraps around the image
Controlling the amount of space surrounding the image
Border patrol
Setting image dimensions
Editing the image itself
Giving Your Images Multiple Identities
Including a low-resolution version of the image
Setting alternative text
Creating a Background Image
Deleting an Image

Chapter 8: Creating an Image Map
What Is an Image Map?
Choosing an Image Map Style
Choosing the Best Image
Creating Hotspots
Drawing hotspots
Moving hotspots
Resizing hotspots
Deleting hotspots
Setting the Default Hyperlink

Chapter 9: You Don't Have to Take Wood Shop to Build a Table
What's a Table Good For?
Creating an Empty Table
Inserting Stuff into a Table (Including Another Table)
Table Tinkering
Aligning a table on the page
Setting border thickness
Padded cells
Adding space between cells
Setting table width
Fiddling with Cells, Columns, and Rows
Selecting table parts
Adding new columns
Adding new rows
Deleting columns and rows
Adding new cells
Deleting cells
Aligning cell contents
Changing cell and column width
Merging and splitting cells
Adding a Caption
Adding Color to a Table
Changing the background
Adding background color
Adding a background image
Changing border color
Changing table border color
Changing cell border color
Deleting a Table

Chapter 10: Forms Aren't Only for the IRS
How Do Forms Work?
Creating a Form
Using a template
Using the Form Page Wizard
Adding a form to an existing page
Using the Form Page Wizard
Building your own form
Working with Form Fields
One-line text boxes
Creating a text box
Validating information entered into a text box
Scrolling text boxes
Check boxes
Radio buttons
Drop-down menus
Hidden fields
Submitting Form Results
Inserting Submit and Reset buttons
Inserting a Submit button
Inserting an image field
Inserting a Reset button
Choosing a form handler
The Save Results WebBot
WebBot discussion component
WebBot registration component
Custom ISAPI, NSAPI, or CGI script
Internet database connector
Creating a Confirmation Page
Using the Confirmation Form template
Adding confirmation fields to an existing page

Chapter 11: I've Been Framed!
What Are Frames?
Creating a Framed Web Site: The Game Plan
Using the Frames Wizard
Choosing a frame set template
Building your own frame set
Working with Content Pages
Editing pages created by the Frames Wizard
Changing the default target frame
Changing the target frame for individual hyperlinks
Editing your own pages to work inside frames
Setting the target frame for form results
Setting the default target frame for image maps
Previewing a Framed Web Site
Tweaking the Frame Set

Chapter 12: Those Lovable WebBots
WebBot Mechanics
Setting WebBots Loose in Your Web Site
Include WebBot
Inserting the Include WebBot in a page
Updating included pages
Scheduled Include WebBot
Scheduled Image WebBot
Search WebBot
Substitution WebBot
Displaying standard configuration variables
Creating and displaying your own configuration variables
Table of Contents WebBot
Timestamp WebBot

Chapter 13: Eye-Popping Extras: Multimedia, Components, and Scripts
Multimedia Madness
Music to your ears
Fun with video
Working with Components
Adding an ActiveX control
Jammin' with Java applets
Partnering with plug-ins
Adding a PowerPoint animation
Adding Web Page Scripts
Part III: Nifty Web Site Additions

Chapter 14: Membership Has Its Privileges
How Does a Registration System Work?
Creating a Registration System
Adjusting the protected Web site's permissions
Adding a registration form to the Root Web
Configuring the registration system
Linking the registration form to the rest of your Web site
Testing the Registration System

Chapter 15: Can We Talk?
What Exactly Is a Discussion Group?
Creating a Discussion Group
Firing up the Discussion Web Wizard
Customizing the discussion group's pages
Adjusting how the discussion group works
Linking the discussion group to your Web site
Talking to Yourself
Part IV: Taking Your Web Site to a New Level

Chapter 16: Staying Organized By Using the FrontPage To Do List
The To Do List Tour
Using the To Do List
Adding tasks
Modifying tasks
Completing tasks
Viewing completed tasks

Chapter 17: Bossing Around Your Web
What Are Permissions?
Authorizing Access to Your Web Site
Adjusting Permissions
Changing Passwords

Chapter 18: Making Your Worldwide Debut
What "Publishing Your Web Site" Means
The Skinny on FrontPage Server Extensions
Going Public
If your Web server has FrontPage Server Extensions installed
If your Web server doesn't have FrontPage Server Extensions installed
Using the Web Publishing Wizard
Using an FTP program
You're Live!
Keeping Your Web Site Fresh
Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 19: Ten Things You Can Do with Your Web Site
Make a Million Bucks
Keep in Touch
Impress Potential Employers
Impress Geeky Friends
"Wire" Your Company
Spread the Word about a Good Cause
Indulge Your Artistic Side
Incite World Revolution
Erect a Personal Monument

Chapter 20: Ten Must-Have Free Internet Tools
Microsoft Office Viewers
Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Publisher and Player
Paint Shop Pro
GIF Construction Set
This Isn't Shareware, But It's Helpful Anyway

Chapter 21: Ten Net Spots You Don't Want to Miss
The Microsoft FrontPage Home Page
The Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
The Microsoft Knowledge Base
The Netscape Home Page
The Beginner's Guide to HTML
The World Wide Web FAQ
The Web Style Manual

Appendix A: The FrontPage Bonus Pack
Microsoft Internet Explorer with Mail and News
Microsoft Image Composer
Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard
Microsoft Personal Web Server

Appendix B: Installing FrontPage

Appendix C: Using the Stuff on the CD-ROM
Custom-Designed Web Page Templates
Internet Launch Pad
Paint Shop Pro

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